Man with Maggots in Nose – Gross Video of Maggot Removal

Man with Maggots in Nose - Gross Video of Maggot Removal

Just as you got to the point when you thought nothing could gross you out anymore, here comes the video of a guy with maggots in nose. This fellow (or a woman? Hard to tell) had his right nostril completely infested with maggots and had them all removed one by one by some skilled surgeon. It all went down without a scalpel, just with firm hand and some medical tweezers. Crap loads of pus from giant zit video has nothing on this one. Good thing is that whoever removed all those maggots from the nose, they had some handy cam mounted on their tools offering very “up close and personal” experience for the viewers. Awesome footage, pretty gross though.

About 20 maggots were removed from nose of the guy. How do you get to the point that you have so many maggots having a party inside your nose? You could see a handful of them from just outside the nostril but with each removed maggot, the surgeon had to go deeper and deeper inside the nostril and maggots deep there were having themselves a nice, cozy lifestyle inside soft tissue of nasal membranes.

Judging by the person’s skin and the caption at the beginning of the video, this was filmed in India. And if you do some research on India, you may find out that it’s actually not that rare there to have maggots in one’s nose. The condition, as the caption suggests is called Nasal Myiasis. Indian flies lay eggs in you through open wounds or directly in your nose by sending the larvae adrift (oestrusovis infestation) and those eventually hatch and grow into maggots (kind of like Bot Flies in South America). Nasal Myiasis treatment consists of application of turpentine nasal douche followed by manual removal of maggots one by one. Grossed out yet? How does your nose feel right about now?

I do not actually know whether the person was dead or alive when he had these maggots pulled out of his nose, but presence of fresh blood build up and mucus as nasal tissues were being ruptured would suggest that may he have been alive. If that’s the case, then I am amazed over his ability to stay still while he’s having surgical steel equipment shoved down his nostril. I’m sure that if he was alive, they would use some local anesthetic otherwise that would be too torturous to endure. Ether is mentioned at the beginning of the video though – perhaps that’s something used by doctors to knock you out unconscious?

Another reason why I think this guy was not dead is that they wouldn’t go through hassle of removing the maggots through his nostrils. They would just get to them through incision on top of the skull. It’s not like corpses don’t get manhandled during autopsies. The only question now remains – given that he had some 20 full grown maggots up his nose, what would happen if he didn’t have them removed? Would they eventually turn into flies and fly out of your fucking nose like it’s an organic beehive for flies?

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33 thoughts on “Man with Maggots in Nose – Gross Video of Maggot Removal”

  1. OMG, that is insane! I can’t believe how many maggots were up there. After awhile it became a game of finding the maggots in the nose cavity. I was getting excited when I spotted a maggot before the doctor. The music of the video really brought everything together

  2. seriously how the fuck does one, even in a place where it is ever so slightly normal, allow such a thing to happen to yourself. And would anesthetic stop you from gagging, chocking, sneezing etc? Still thought, brill upload…

  3. That was awesome. I’m gonna go look at some botfly removal videos now.
    I think those tweezers may have had an electrical charge the doctor could use to cut through and separate tissue with to get at the mags.

  4. Nice footage. The man/woman most likely had some dead flesh up in there. Maggots thrive on dead flesh (of both human and animal), which is probably why maggots were in this person’s nose. But to get so many, How the hell did that happen? Freaky shit, man. Freaky shit. Nice work, doc, in removing them useful little things. (Yes. I say useful because maggots ((cleaned)) can be used for medical purposes.)

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