Manthrie Dewage Karunawathi – Woman with Flesh Eating Disease

Manthrie Dewage Karunawathi - Woman with Flesh Eating Disease

Manthrie Dewage Karunawathi is a 59 year old woman from Galewela in Sri Lanka. In local dialect, the meaning of Karunawathi is “The Compassionate Woman”. Manthrie Dewage Karunawathi suffers from rare type of flesh eating disease which ate half of her face away down to the bone. Not even the nigh indestructible eye survived the invasion of Necrotising Fasciitis.

The disease also deprived the woman of her left ear and lips. The former greatly limits her ability to hear, while the latter exposes her teeth giving the poor woman an unpleasant, zombie like appearance. Some people called her the real life two face.

Manthrie Dewage Karunawathi became a widow in 2008, however at that time she was still a healthy woman who was able to retain her job in a quarry which earned her enough for food and schooling for the only son she had with her husband. Then on September 28, 2010 her face started to fall apart and with it her life.

Coming from a poor neighborhood in an impoverished country, Manthrie Dewage Karunawathi could not afford to seek professional treatment for her worsening condition. And the conditioned kept getting worse and worse by the day. Once healthy woman became a freak of nature within a span of months.

Luckily, she was noticed by foreigners visiting Sri Lanka who took pictures and filmed videos of the woman and passed it around the interweb along with banking info for people to send donations to. While nothing could bring her affected side of the face back after all muscle tissue has been eaten away, near half a dozen surgeries stopped the spread of the disease and replaced missing facial tissue with skin grafts from other parts of body. The Karunawathi Needs Your Help website is currently inaccessible due to overusage of bandwidth, but that’s where her road to recovery started.

Video of Mrs. Manthrie Dewage Karunawathi with flesh eating disease having eaten half of her face is below:

And a couple of photos, including of photo post 2012 surgery:

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    1. Well , most of us are so insulated in our own lives and we sweat the little things and don’t realize just how good we have it but it’s refreshing to know that there are still a few human beings out there that give a shit about people that don’t have it so good !!!! I make jokes about the pics of mangled bodies and shit but they’re all dead and beyond help.

    2. @cogluoto o.o I think when your face starts to break out and it begins to burn like crazy you want to scratch your face to make it better but it actually makes it worse I think that’s how it feels like but 100 times worse DX

      1. Your right the necrosis probably has eaten away all the flesh including the nerves and tendons so she probably doesn’t feel any thing at all in the areas where flesh Is totally absent in fact she probably doesn’t even feels numbness either…it would be comparable to your fingernails that have no nerves what’s so ever, there are nerves directly below your finger nail which is why it hurts when you cut them too short but as for the finger nail it self its basically just a nail made of calcium so there are no nerves in it and thats why I’m comparing it to the rawest side of her face where only bone is visible, now I’m not sure if bones themselves have nerves but they might since you do feel pain when you break them, but as far as the pain being caused by the nerves which surround the bone on the outside or whether it be nerves on inside the bone it self which is causing the pain I don’t know. Also just because she doesn’t feel anything doesn’t mean that, that’s a good thing many times numbness and lack of feeling in a certain area is very annoying and troublesome…could you imagine not being able to feel or move your face? It would drive you crazy with discomfort…Poor lady.

    3. and yet people with much less problems and issues kill themselves
      get a Dremel tool and round of those edges, everything is getting stuck on her face damn it
      Nice face for upcoming halloween

    4. You would hope the fucking nerves all died really early on in the process and that you were numb where the shit was going on. Me personally would have used the donations to go to Switzerland and book a date with that clinic where you drink the magic syrup, fall asleep and never wake up again!

    1. brokeback what is your picture?? why can i not make it out?lol man…my brain nor my eyes are working today!! btw your pic of yourself (im assuming that was who that was) was a great pic…you should keep it up 🙂

        1. omg thanks katz…lolol…seriously have you ever looked at something and couldnt see it for the life of you?? lolol…seriously…i started thinking it was some side profile of him in his gotchies…but the top bit was throwing me off…i was saying to myself…pleassssse let it not be him in some fragile pose…and im sitting there questioning him as to what the bejeebers it is..hahahha!! yes…yes…i am a wee bit mental….shake your head ali!!

        1. @brokeback
          thats good…good you change your undies!! i liked the one i think was you…it looked like you had just gotten out of a shower or were wearing a white robe or sumpin…oh hell i prolly saw it wrong was prolly stewie from family guy……..i need my eyes checked

          1. who razzed you for that?? punch em in the nose! haha! was that you though? i think its neat to see how people look….after talking to your scar for so long its neat to put a face to the nickname….anyways…thats all i wanted to say….lol..onward and upward!

  1. just shoot her in the head before she doesn`t have one left,
    all she will ever become is a burden to someone that will have to take care of her,not to mention the medical costs ,
    she had her 9:30 min of fame.
    make sure it`s posted on Best Gore so she can have another 30 seconds of fame.

  2. Dude, this is fucking sad. How in the world does this happen? I mean seriously…we can’t help someone like this before it gets this worse. Why did HALF her face have to disappear before people gave a fuck about her and TRY to help her? All she needed was fucking antibiotics!

  3. i’m glad that there were people willing to donate for her surgery. i’d love to see pics of her face after the healing process, though i imagine she would still look disturbing with half her face being just a blank canvas of skin :/

    1. That is very true, but when she is receiving her medical treatment outside in the open air next to the fucking jungle and not in a steralized operating theatre, you kind of overlook the minor details such as smearing more of the virus about.

  4. I believe that’s half of her ass she now has on her face there but its a much better improvement than having nothing there at all. The cleaning process had me flinching here an there especially how dude was threading the gauze through her zygomatic arch right by the eye… very disturbing

  5. I wonder if she could feel anything when they were cleaning her face?

    Well she may have had her ass on her face, but that was probably the first stage; one that heaed, the moved on to the cosmetics of it. It’s amazing what they can do now.

  6. I look in the mirror and go crazy when I realize there is a skeleton inside of me, no joke. the palms of my hands turns to faces with mouths, they never shut up, one day I will cut them off.

    1. Sometimes I think shit like this happens to good people(at least from the given info she seems like a pleasant women) for a reason. Maybe it’s an early admission to a better place. I’ve always said I care more for animals than I do people, which I still do, but innocent people like this women who work hard and don’t try to fuck up anyone else’s life deserve better.

      1. @UG
        There’s really no answer for the shitty stuff that happens. But I wish more people would care about each other. I don’t hate on animals. But I value human life over an animal any day and wish more people were compassionate towards one another. Our greed is what makes us such a shitty plague.

        1. That’s some truth right there @Killa. I will return the same respect I am given, regardless of race, religion, etc. It’s the fuckers that piss on honesty, respect, responsibility, all the qualities that make it as clear as ghost jizz that harming another living human/animal/whatever for no reason isn’t acceptable. The older I get, the more I realize most people aren’t half bad, but like you said, the greedy ones fuck it up for the whole. The saddest part is we could change it, but don’t. As for this woman with the shitty deal, ……….damn, I hope in her afterlife she gets to ride around the universe on the bigass flying dog from the Neverending Story.

  7. as fked up as i am i have to say that these types of diseases should be obliterated. Id rather get some virus that kills you within days or weeks not this that takes years

  8. While I feel badly that this women has a horrific disfiguring disease, there is part of me that would LOVE for her to hand out my Halloween candy this year. It would certainly give the kids in my neighborhood something to talk about. After they cleaned up from pissing/shitting in their Halloween outfits.

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