Mass Circumcision Event in Indonesia

Mass Circumcision Event in Indonesia

Are you fucking kidding me? Is this how circumcision is done in Indonesia? A fucking circus comes to town and all school boys show up with their pants down to get their foreskin chopped off by some teenage muslimas without a hijab? Way to scar a boy for life – having young bitches play with your pee pee and mutilate it beyond repair as you start approaching puberty. It’s worse than getting ass raped over and over by a stepdad as you grow up.

If I were Indonesian, I’d show up and tell them: “Just fucking kill me instead!” I’d never let any fucking ho have a chuckle at my expense as she’s violating my dong to cripple me for the rest of my miserable life.

Here’s a video of circumcision in the Philippines and a video of genital mutilation of infants by Jews for comparison. Fuck Indonesia!

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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    1. Smileeeeeeeeeee , maybe we could share it tooo , sorry im back i ahvent forgotton yopu been lurking a bit lol , well i did post on the magnotta case a while back , been on this site lurking for about a year , just thought ide rear my head again , and say hello to all you loverly non sheep bleating people 😀

    1. I mention in the pass that I myself am did not get my dick snipped.
      But I would perfer that all women should be circumcised, if they want a mans dick to look “Neater”, they themselves should get a Labiaplasty, get rid of all that exccess hanging roast beef.

      1. @hawk
        Youre a lucky man. I wish the doctors had not fooled my parents into fuckin up my precious cock lip.
        I dont mind the form of a lady’s vagina. Curtains and the like. I enjoy a pretty woman regardless. Haha.

          1. Nope it’s not true, a lot of Catholics get thier kids circumcised as well. My son’s father talked about getting my son circumsised when he was born and I said no way. It’s not a parents right to mutilate a childs body.

          2. wicked mama, I didn’t realise until recently to what extent circumcision is done in the US, I always thought it was restricted to religious groups (mainly jews and muslims) and medical reasons. It’s only because it was in the news last week that I learnt how widespread it actually is although the article did state that it’s on the decline as it appears more parents have the belief that they don’t have the right to do that to their child, which I have to agree with really, if the kid wants it done when he gets older he can choose for himself.

    2. 🙂 I’ve only ever been with one person, and I wonder what it would be like if he weren’t circumsized. I dont know.. we have a daughter & I told him if it were a boy, no circumcisions allowed xp

          1. I think it makes it less sensitive since you are literally removing a HUGE chuck of nerve endings from a sensitive area.
            They uses to circumcise for anti-masterbation purpose.

          2. I’m agreeing with Hawk here ‘cos I’m sure I’ve read it somewhere that it loses sensitivity over time – and you can count on it being religious groups that circumcise for less pleasure, you can trust those fuckers to stamp their jesus creepers all over something that is fun and pleasurable.

        1. Well i am circumcised , but wish i was not. As a baby my MOM had my dick (foreskin) chopped off because i was catholic W.T.F. When i asked her later in life , she said that it was healthier because pee&dirt would get caught inside, it would stink, and also cause many infections in women if not cleaned every time you pee. FUCK THAT i should have made that choice myself later in life.

          1. @thedre,

            sorry, I posted further up without reading the comments (i know, hanging my head in shame) So I posted pretty much what you said. Once again, a thousand apologies.

    1. 1.) Their the biggest muslim country…
      2.) They kidnap women they want to marriage
      3.) their muslims
      4.) their one of the most useless and degenerate of the FV

      I feel in my heart that the natural progress of history will have the indonesian exterminated and replaced with a better quality stock of FV.

  1. This is fucked up, the three grinning bitches are ‘this is great, getting to hurt and mutilate these horrible boys’ and the bitch in the first pic is pissed cos she just wants to cut the whole thing off. Funny that this has turned up as a post cos it was only on the news the other day about the German cicumcision row that took place after a muslim doctor appeared in court for circumcising a 4yr old boy. He was cleared of any wrongdoing but hospitals have have closed their doors to muslim and jewish patients until the matter is resolved. The conference of European rabbis held an emergency conference and rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt urged jews to uphold the commandment and not fear the law. (Here’s the best bit) He declared: ?I don?t think that 70 years after the Holocaust a German court would put a parent or a mohel in jail for performing a Jewish religious commandment.? HA!!! They just can’t fucking help themselves can they!!

    1. Honestly, my hubs is not snipped and it feels no different than one that is. Iv had plenty of snipped schlong in my day. The only time i notice it is when i am giving him head, it drives him nuts to get the skin pulled to the tip and just suck on the head of it… Lmao!!!

  2. For whatever reason, my parents waited until I was 6 to have mine done. While I had anesthesia, I do remember the recovery. Which was pure hell for a week. Think of the worst road rash burning sensation ever. Thats how it felt every time my tighty whiteys rubbed against my newly freed glans, which happened with just about every step. If you’re going to have it done to your son, have it done early enough so they dont remember.

    1. I had mine due to medical reasons. I had Phimosis and I discovered something is not right pretty early. So I asked my Mom( would have asked Dad but I grew up without one) and she told me I can have a simple operation to fix it. Went to the doctor he checked and they asked me If I want to do it so I said yes. I thought It would be normal like all the other little boys. lol Anyway it was a easy surgery I was asleep and after that I didn’t have any pain or other problems. Now that I know what is I wish I hadn’t done it but its not that big of a deal as people make it out to be.

  3. I wonder if they even bother using a local anesthetic on their patients, I wouldn’t trust these women with a plastic fork. They probably collect the foreskins like creepy little trophies and secretly stroke them when no one is looking.

  4. Those images really piss me off. I mean I am sure no kid asked for this and yet they are there having their cocks trimmed and not only that but its done massively with every little boy on a table with newspapers and the ones doing the trimming some young smiling bitches.

    I would just stand up and started to pee all over those cocksuckers and tell them I am the demon child and I am here to punish them for cutting peoples cocks. Than I would proceed with punching my parents for ever thinking of doing this to me and leave and never return…

  5. Not the kind of gore I had in mind on my way to work, but seriously if that was me under that smiling chick, pretty sure when I stood up, she’d taste how strong my pimp hand really is… fuckin’ indonesians if they ain’t lynchin’ their choppin’ cocks..

  6. So, another piece of the puzzle falls into place. My parents got me circumcised when I was a baby, therefore, removing my little head’s “hood”. So it only figures that as a grown man I like to wear a black leather gimp mask with a zipper for the mouth over my big head. It’s rooted in a childhood vulnerability complex. I’m one step closer to solving the mystery as to why I’m so kinky. Now, on to being forced to drink femdom pee. (No theories, please.)

  7. Awww, little bit sensitive about cut foreskin are we? 🙂 All muslim men are circumcized, Hell, a whole lot of Western men are too. My ex boyfriend was (I didn’t like it). Try telling them that it’s not right though…. It just seems to be one of those things that is accepted in most cultures, despite it being the sexual mutilation of children and babies.

  8. My understanding of circumcision where it originated out of, was during the biblical or pre biblical days when they didn’t have the same methods of hygiene as we have today. Hence a lot of infections. This is why it’s an elective procedure here, and done at birth, or shortly thereafter. I figured my son may want his foreskin when he was older, or if he wanted it removed he could also choose to do so. I elected not to.
    As such, doing this when boys have reached the age of puberty or beginning puberty, is cruel. Erection=split wound. Sad sad way to do this.

  9. Those bitches are wayyyy too happy.

    I had no idea that so many men do not want to be circumcised. I heard the same reasons as @thedre about the reason being because of a risk for infection and not being able to clean the skin probably which will also make it stink. I think most men in the US are circumcised.. but I could be wrong.

    My ex’s were all circumcised except for one, but he’s originally from Canada, so maybe that’s why he still had his hood.

  10. The guy on the 2nd pic seems so calm about it, if I were him I’d probably go jason bourne on em or whatnot depending on how freaked out I am. Maybe he doesn’t know the next few days ahead of him are gona be hell and he’ll never be the same again… poor sap… probably never even used the damn thing and they’re tearing it up already… considering it’s done in shithole indonesia I doubt the kid even knows what painkillers are

  11. In some areas they also make a small cut to baby girls’ clitorises – just a small one as a symbolic gesture, but enough to fuck with its function. I loved living in Indo, but the genital mutilation of both sexes makes me feel stabby and genocidal…

  12. Jeez !, I cannot believe the reactions I just read. I have paid good money for genital mutilation,and its the biggest rush I ever had,but besides all that,I strongly believe that a painful rite of passage that leaves a permanent scar,is way better than getting wasted on booze and throwing up in a shop doorway,as practised in the uk.

  13. I’m Indonesian and I’m muslim so I got mine circumcised when I was about 4 year old, I don’t understand why you all guys seems like so freak out when seeing those picts, in Indonesia, mass circumcision event is kind of one big good chance to poor muslim who has a kids that were not circumcised yet, circumcised in Indonesian muslim is like a gate that all boy have to pass before the puberty,

  14. Speaking as someone who was uncircumcised at 20 years of age (35 now) I can attest to the fact that the anti-circumcision crowd have blown the issue WAY out of proportion.

    First of all, having been circumcised now for 15 out of my 35 years here on Earth I can tell you I would choose to get it done again ASAP if I still had a penis resembling that of an ant eater.

    This notion that you lose “pleasure” is ludicrous for one. I mean unless the surgeon botched the operation there are absolutely no downsides that I can think of.

    On the contrary I can point to several advantages to being circumcised. For one, yes a circumcised penis is in fact less likely to contract sexual transmitted infections such as HIV.

    Two, sanitation. When I got my circumcision done I was in the U.S. Marines stationed in Okinawa, Japan. The Japanese surgeon did an amazing job by the way.

    Anyways, In the Marine Corps we are often deployed to stay out in the field for multiple weeks / months at a time. You go without showers for the duration much of the time you are deployed.

    An uncircumcised penis is obviously more prone to becoming infected while away from civilization. Yes you can clean it yourself if you have the necessary cleaning gear but this isn’t always available so its best to just have that bit of excess skin removed.

    Circumcision is NOT like having your goddamn right hand removed like the pro-anter’s try to make it out to be. The hyperbolic language these anti-circumcision fanatics use is ludicrous to say the least.

    There have been many uncircumcised Marines who have had to be medivaced / rushed to the ER for a sick dick.

    I’ve personally knew of 3 Marines who this happened to during my 4 years tour from 1998-2002′ 2 of the 3 Marines ended up requiring a circumcision.

    So this reality a long with the fact most women (American women and many others anyway) much prefer a circumcised genitalia. In fact if you’re not circumcised many women will refuse oral sex and even laugh / make fun of your ant eater thingy.

    So that’s definitely cruel but certainly the reality, at least back in 1998-1999 it was. So when you combine the benefits with absolutely no negative consequences to me it is a no brainier.

    I would agree it should be a “choice” but the anti-circumcision nuts blowing crap WAY out of proportion need to get a grip.

    No need to be hyperbolic when you’re trying to end infant circumcision making BS claims that don’t hold up to credible scrutiny.

    Sure you can find BS articles all of the internets claiming this and that but once you dig deeper and discover the motivations behind such articles you realize its BS.

    There is an awful lot of down right resentment directed at the pro-circumcision advocates (just do some research on the topic it gets extremely heated).

    I think a lot of it stems from the fact most porno’s feature men with circumcised dicks and this makes the anti-circumcision crowd feel a bit inadequate / a lone.

  15. That is not in Indonesia i can tell. Circumcision event in Indonesia is nothing like that. It’s more religious and proper with a licensed doctor and good hygiene. Men do the job, not women just like in the pictures. Please don’t say “f**k Indonesia” it is really offensive, you don’t know how is it like the event in real life in Indonesia. I know how it goes, because i am Indonesian and the event on the pictures above is not in Indonesia i am sure.

  16. Never let a extreme feminist touch a little boy. She will indeed ruin him and he will become a damaged or destroyed individual never being able to function normally. Never let a resntful sexually abused male touch a little boy as he harbors a grudge and more than likely do anything to corrupt the innocence. These pictures represent a double edged sword. On the positive side it appears to be an event in sexual hygienic reform, but the pictures suggest a mass destruction of innocent boys in attempts to turn the world into a bunch of man hating feminazis and confused ladyboys

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