Medics Flip Through Intestines of Person on Operating Table

Medics Flip Through Intestines of Person on Operating Table

This video is from a conflict zone in the Middle East, though I’m not sure from where exactly. I’m guessing Syria, though.

It shows a person with opened abdomen on an operating table, and medics flipping through his bloody intestines. It is possible that they are dealing with a gunshot wound, although it’s not very clear from the short video.

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      1. @mrspink

        What do embalmers actually do? Is that doing make up and stuff for open coffins? I don’t think we have embalmers in Australia because open coffin funerals are not acceptable practice here ( it’s thought of as being a tacky American thing)……..

        Why do embalmers cut bodies?

  1. Awakening thrill a soldiers blood did spill upon the soils of war that always thirst for more, squirming like a gutted swine he has death on his breath but just a taste like fancy wine and these twists and turns seem to have no resolution but his spilled guts seem to be a warriors final solution

  2. The worst feeling after having surgery isn’t trying to get up from bed, or the opening they just made on you, it’s the peeing part. First time I got up, ok not that bad, once I let the juices flow it was excruciating pain and blood coming out my penis. I asked the nurse what the fuck did you guys do to me in there? “Oh they put a catheter in your penis while they operated.” Well that explains it.

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