Metal Rod Implants Used to Fix Broken Elbow on Elderly Woman

Metal Rod Implants Used to Fix Broken Elbow on Elderly Woman

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @carborandom, whose elderly grandma underwent metal rod implants surgery to fix her broken elbow:

Hello all,

these pics are of my grandma’s elbow’s surgery. She slipped and ruptured her elbow. Doctor had to insert a metal rod to support her broken bone.

Thanks a lot for the pics @carborandom. We wish your grandma good and speedy recovery.

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37 thoughts on “Metal Rod Implants Used to Fix Broken Elbow on Elderly Woman”

  1. I am so pleased that Drs and surgeons still consider the very elderly to be worthy of these sort of operations, our elderly folks are very important in the community. I love old people, they are so interesting.

    1. I love old people too! My grandparents died when I was a child so I do enjoy spending time with a few local elderly neighbours.
      I know someone who has a few problems with sight and hearing and was basically told by the hospital that they weren’t gonna throw away the thirty something grand on an operation coz he is in his late sixties (which isn’t mega old anyway)….yet the op is available for younger people. Its such a shame…but I am glad for those like the lady in this article who do get treatment and deserved attention!!
      (btw, sorry I am not stalking you lmao…just logged in and happened to wanna reply to two of your comments I saw first!!)

    2. @tas-tiger I have a ton of respect for old folks and love to hear stories about what it was like when they were growing up. Most of the time I look at them and how happy they are and I feel honored to share the planet with someone so wise. I look at them as almost majestic mythical creatures who are just delightful….until I get in a vehicle. Where I live (Paducah, KY) we have the national quilt museum and an annual international quilt show. An international event that brings THOUSANDS of old women who are just old enough to be extremely dangerous in a motor vehicle, but not quite old enough to give away the independence associated with the ability to drive. So for one week out of the year our town is a fucking gigantic rental car bumper car ride. During this said week I lose all of my normal feelings for old people and see them as smiling blue haired Devils who should be hunted for sport. (Especially when I am almost hit head on by the SECOND, smiling blue haired old woman in gigantic black sunglasses, in a row.

  2. @carborandom, I am not sure if you’ve kept your granny informed of her metal rod implants surgery here on the Bestgore The reason being if she gets to know she might not like it .
    Here’s hoping she heals well speedily!
    Old people are a treasure to be with so just tend to her needs and the comfort she may need to endure all that pain.

    1. They have stories that are golden. Treasure the time you have with her. Help her turn pages in photo albums so she can tell you about your ancestors, what their lives were like. You may not have another occasion to share with her like this. I used to take care of old people, they rock.

    1. In all seriousness I hope your grandma heals up. I know how painful it is when you have any kind of hardware used to fix a bone. Although I feel for her because she will be in pain, especially when it’s about to rain, I’m thankful that it wasn’t her hip. It seems like once a hip is broken it’s a quick decline.

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