Meth Addict Cuts his Stomach Open and Pulls Intestines Out (pictures)

Photo of Meth Addict Who Survived Cutting Out His Own Intestines

Meth Addict Cuts his Stomach Open and Pulls Intestines Out

If you’re ever tempted to try Meth, look at this pictures and the temptation will go away. This is one sad case of a Meth Addict who thought it was cool to cut his own stomach open with a knife and start pulling his own intestines out while he’s at it. He was probably thinking to himself – “wow dude, look at this shit… real intestines. Fucking cool!” Being high on meth truly messes with your head, I don’t think I’d ever want to get this fucked up from drugs. Meth is bad for you kids, m’kay?

Shockingly enough, the man survived this whole ordeal. I wonder what he thinks of this venture of his now that he looks back. Of all drugs, meth has perhaps the worth reputation and seeing this pictures I can understand why. Laying there helpless with your intestines out, having blood all over your mid section that makes you look like you peed your pants and watching a guy with a camera circle around you to take a picture from every angle of your high on meth wasted body must feel like shit. He’s staring the cameraman down following him around with his eyes. So he’s clearly aware of the fact that he’s having pictures of himself taken, but can’t do shit about it.

I still wonder if he realized what pathetic situation he put himself into by the time he was found there. Or if he was still so high on meth he thought he was in heaven “keepin’ it real”. Either way, good for him he was found by people before magpies spread the message there’s fresh meat in the street among themselves and gathered round for a feast.

Gallery of insane pictures of a meth addict who cut his own stomach with knife ten pulled out his own intestines is below. Use for drug prevention anytime you can, just as Nikki Catsouras’ pictures should be used in drivers’ ed classes.

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82 thoughts on “Meth Addict Cuts his Stomach Open and Pulls Intestines Out (pictures)”

    1. Really?! THIS is the most fucked up thing you’ve seen? Did you skip the post where the guy was beheaded slowly in the plastic chair, or the guy who offed himself in the interrogation room, or one of the many other posts of people with pancaked heads, slashed throats, or grievous injuries. My guess… you have not viewed that many posts!

  1. Naw, I doubt that’s meth. Meth makes you paranoid. Cutting your intestines out is more something someone on PCP would do. Unless this guy was tweeking or some shit, which is quite possible because meth makes you tweek balls. So I guess I can believe it was meth. Still, more likely PCP.

  2. wouldnt there be a TON more blood than that? i mean… pretty skillfull for him to cut open the right size hole and not puncture anything, i mean… knowing to cut just deep enough… i dunno…

    drugs, man…

  3. Yes it certainly was very precision cut..I agree with the PCP Statement. Meth is a very horrible drug but I never heard of someone doing that while on it.

    Wait a second wait a second…It wasn’t PCP it was POT..DUNANANAH!!!

    lol fucking junkies.

    1. Glad someone finds this amusing… I for one do not… My sister overdosed on PCP and nearly died. It took 10-12 police officers to get her on the stretcher and in 4 point restraints just so that she could be transported to the hospital… Shame on me for not posting pics for you to laugh at as well…MyBad…

  4. @Bekk – “wouldnt there be a TON more blood than that? i”

    Look at his jeans, it is SOAKED in blood…maybe they absorbed the “TON” of blood…no, not maybe–look at his jeans! they are WATERLOGGED..err..BLOODLOGGED

  5. OHH and 10 points to whoever can find the pic of a person on PCP who took a razor to his face, then fed his face to his dogs — i saw it somewhere (thought it was but i couldnt find it there)

    someone MUST know what i’m talking about, i wish i knew where i saw that at…but its somewhere, and i’m sure someone has seen what i’m talking about…

    I agree he was prolly on PCP not meth…

  6. I’ve heard the story about the dude that cut up his face and fed it to the dog. Never saw the pics though. I always thought it was an urban legend. I know what you,re talking about none the less

  7. Obviously a FAKE and a laughable one at that. If this were real and the gentlemen still alive, he most certainly would not be concsious. His injury would have sustained blood-loss. Blood-loss results in passing out. Just saying.


  9. to me, this looks a bit fake. intestines are usually a different color. go watch some of the other videos and look at other pictures on this site. i dont know i could be wrong. but it just looks fake.

  10. I don’t know if the picture is real or not. It’s certainly possible a person could cut their abdomen open and pull out their intestines and/or other internal organs. I’m not an expert when it comes to drugs but I also, as some others have suggested, this was not meth. PCP is a more likely candidate. Another drug it could be is LSD. I almost lost my life while on an acid trip; I become totally psychotic. If it wasn’t for the paramedics I would have taken my own life. I took LSD another time and I didn’t become psychotic; I actually “enjoyed” the trip. But the one trip I took that almost killed me I took two hits and it was very strong LSD. Don’t do drugs; its not worth it and you potentially have alot to lose.

  11. Crystal meth does not make you do this kind
    of shit. This guy was off pcp or pcp.
    All crys makes you do is stay up for days, if
    you smoke enough. Pcp is hella more of a
    anesthetic. Crys is like cocaine it keeps you up.


    “don’t do drugs, drugs will lead to depression,
    Addiction and death and cutting yourself open”.

  12. Aren’t intestines usually a yellow colour?…Unless he bled all over his insides while they were outside…Indeed, he looks very much alive – and stoned out of his fukin tree…Which at this point, is probably a blessing, eh?

  13. one tough motherfucker make me jealous if you can rip off your own guts there is nothing that can stop you, you really gain control over your life after that … that’s some serious shit trust me 😛

  14. I’m a former meth user. I’ve seen some pretty messed up shit. But this just takes the cake. Damn this fucker was stupid. Hope he learns his lesson in drug use. If you use drugs, use small doses. Not saying you should do it. I quit doing meth. I had to. I got bored with it.

  15. It’s so cool that you can live with all your insides on the outside so long as the intestine aren’t punctured. Favorited form of torture around the world because you can keep the person alive for a long time while their mind is fighting against its self thinking they should be dead yet they are not until they literally go very, very insane.

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