MRSA Boil on a 19 Year Old Male – Close Up Pictures

Pus Oozing Out of Gnarly MRSA Boil

MRSA Boil on a 19 Year Old Male - Close Up Pictures

Turns out MRSA infections are much more common than I thought. After Graugeist shared his pictures with us, I had another Best Gore member contact me who was also hit with Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus and also took pictures – and he’s got nice close ups of it. The boil looks very painful even by looking at it. Suffering from it must have been horrid. I’ll let Best Gore member who sent these explain what the pictures are all about (the member asked to remain anonymous):

I saw the upload of MRSA and I myself have recently just gotten over MRSA for the first time and took a few pictures when I had it (it was just under my waist). I also in the past year have had hand foot and mouth disease. I’m a 19 year old male working in childcare, so I caught a bunch of crap I never had as a kid. Took photos and documented everything so thought I may as well send them your way to share with the community.

The boil was directly in the same position as the top of my pants reached – wearing a belt was agony. I never expected something like this could be so painful. Even just to sit down and have that part of my body bent or compressed in anyway was extremely painful. It lasted about 4 weeks before all the pus and blood had completely come out. A smaller boil started to appear about an inch below this boil but cleared up before it got anywhere close to this state.

Also, you can’t really tell because of the pus in the way but in the last photo there was a cavity in my flesh about 2 cm deep and I thought I may have had some sort of flesh eating bacteria. But after taking a prescribed course of antibiotics it stopped progressing and eventually has faded away now to a smallish purple scar.

Thanks a lot, Mr. Anonymous. Gallery of pictures is below:

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  1. most people actually carry’s simply a staph bacteria that lives on your skin like billions of other bacteria do. Studies link it to the inceased consumption of anti-biotics. Many people don’t realize how the misuse of a seemingly harmless drug (antibiotics) can have lasting consequences. When you don’t complete your antibiotic prescription or take a few that a friend gives you when you’re sick it causes the bacteria to grow stronger and stronger each time, creating powerful bacteria such as this. Thats a generalization for us all because it’s the antibiotic misuse, overuse, and use in cattle (oh and they’re now found in our treated drinking water, due to people pissing them out) We’ve all created this super-bug. With a weakened immune system and any small break in your skin..any of us can easily develop this infection.

    1. I also for got with all of my antibiotic rambling on the relationship between the 2(MRSA & antibiotics) that the proof is in the name Methicillin is an extremely powerful antibiotic, that’s why you have to take a cocktail of antibiotics to get rid of it (hopefully)

    2. If I were to try to harvest bacteria and expose them to limited samples of antibiotics they become stronger? Thats awesome! If I splice new bacteria I can expose them to limited capacities of antibiotics and they’ll be more likely to survive outside of my lab.

  2. I took MRSA myself once, when I was in hospital for my ileostomy. I may have caught it when my stoma was exposed to the open air in one of the hospital corridors; I had taken the soiled stoma-bag off to replace it with another. In the end, the infection got quite bad; I had to literally squeeze the pus out of my stoma-wound whenever I had the opportunity to change the stoma-bag. And it also took a long time to go away, because the doctors had refused to give me any antibiotics, saying that I would become immune if I took them (they had to give me a lot of antibiotics before all of this; to stop sepsis from taking my life). It’s not a comfortable condition to be in and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

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