MRSA Infection on Knee

Shin Bone Exposed Post Surgery

MRSA Infection on Knee

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought exclusively to you by Best Gore member @camp-snoopy, who underwent life-saving operation after an MRSA infected his knee. MRSA stands for “Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus”, which is a contagious and antibiotic-resistant staph bacteria:

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I’m from Florida in the USA. I had a run in with MRSA on my right knee. Before that I was a perfectly healthy 25 year old. Within 24 hours of the abcess showing up I was hostiptalized with a body temp exceeding 105°F. The infection was in the sweet spot of the knee between the joint and chewed straight through the cartilage and was aiming at the shin bone and bloodstream next.

I went into surgery less than 2 hours of being at the hospital and was told I would be loosing my leg and I was hours away from loosing my life. I feel so blessed to be here in America and have access to great medical care.

I ended up keeping my leg, they got the infection out just before it reached my bone. I was in the hospital for 3 weeks, and had a wound vaccume for another 3 months. Other than missing some of my knee it hasn’t affected me past that.

Thanks a lot for sharing your pics and story, @camp-snoopy. Some of the previous exclusive shares of MRSA can be found HERE or HERE:

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      1. Well…Florida that explains alot. Panda tattoo, knee pussy, full beard while living on a sand bar, Camp.snoopy where do you want me to start brother? How about a joke?

        A guy is sitting in a bar when he sees a jar full of $50 & $100 bills
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        “Fuck it” he says while putting a $50 in the jar. “What are my 3 tasks?”

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        “That’s easy!” The guy says. Finishes his beer and walks up to the bouncer and knees him square in the balls sending him to his knees.

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    1. And soon to be coming to a community near you: Malaria, and Ebola, staring a cast of hundreds of thousands. You’ll roar with laughter as primitive monkey fuckers take over your neighborhoods on tax payers dime, and squeal with delight as the crime waves overtake you.
      Brought to you by Liberal/Socialists Governments world wide.

      1. In America here… remember that time when we were supposed to be afraid of Ebola and they intentionally flew that infected doctor to Atlanta? Yeah, don’t worry. No one else does either. It’s amazing how deeply rooted the “what have you done for me lately” mentality has set in over recent years.

        It’s easier to control people when they are fearful of something that you have control over

      1. are you shitting me??? that really is crazy! hopefully it won’t keep you from enjoying life. i know that kinda thing could make you a little paranoid about the same thing happening again from such a seemingly small thing. glad you healed well!

  1. Risk factors for CA-MRSA:
    1. Participating in contact sports. MRSA can spread easily through cuts and abrasions and skin-to-skin contact.
    2. Living in crowded or unsanitary conditions. Outbreaks of MRSA have occurred in military training camps, child care centers and jails.
    3. Men having sex with men. Homosexual men have a higher risk of developing MRSA infections.
    4. Using intravenous drugs. People who inject drugs are an estimated 16.3 times more likely to develop invasive MRSA infections than others.

    I’m betting at number 3. No need to be ashamed, we’re in 21st century now. It’s Okay to be Gay. Pity that Superbugs doesn’t know that, those pesky homophobic critters.

  2. It ain’t gonna augur well ,as ya let the panda get butchered on your knees and now since an act of crime is committed ….. what’s it ? ya’re gonna do when the Chinks will turn up from the mainland China, right where ya’re on your hospital bed.?

    Now just take it easy , will ya? and stop snooping at the camps @camp-snoopy but only praying that your wound gets healed faster than a panda eating a bamboo shoot.
    Take care !

  3. @camp-snoopy

    Right-on brother glad you made-it through without losing your limb, or worse your life dude. The Big Guy upstairs i’m sure was looking out for you . I Hope you continue recovering well, and thanks for sharing your story with us here at best gore. 🙂

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