Myocardial Infarction Attacks Man in India

Myocardial Infarction Attacks Man in India

If you ever wondered to yourself what a man suffering from myocardial infarction looks like, then look no further than this video. In what appears to be an outside station of sorts, man is seating on a bench shooting the breeze, within a blink of an eye starts to die. A quick and painless death is what we all would want; this man apparently prayed that day. The dead man gestures final salute with his arm extended in the air; final fuck you to his fellow Earth leechers.

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          1. Myocardial Infarction. Sounds like what happened to liar Lucia Evans‘s sexual assault case against Harvey Weinstein. It died out slowly till the life was completely squeeze out of it and then thrown out of court.

            I hope the bitch gets sued

          2. @hopingfornemesis Typical of blue states like NY… life goes on indeed..
            That’s a clear example that Liberals already took over the system with their fictimhood politics. When she pressed charges last year, Harvey Weinstein was portrayed in NY media as the monster out to rape everything with a pussy. NOW she has been proven to be a liar but no one is interested in portraying her as what she truly is, a gold-digging opportunistic MeToo snake

          3. @goritian. I hear you and agree with you in principle.

            This woman needs her hair pulled and slapped in public to aid in her humiliation. Maybe a public birching or two as well!

            Yet i do believe pig weinstein is a deviant horrible cunt. Not because he tried to fuck women. That is natural. What i detest is that he used his power to force many to fuck him.I would be ashamed to do that. Yes, I may have tried to pull it off once or twice yet not consistently like him. There is a diff. Note the pun?

            But hey ..noone forced these girls to become actresses,right??? They could have gone on to become sexy teachers,docs,engineers or librarians but you get my drift ?

          4. @hopingfornemesis
            Right! I catch your drift. I’m not a fan of Weinstein either but it’s a common trade in Hollywood. The guy with power, money and connections has all kinds of bitches like Rose McGowan coming to trade-in their sexuality for some acting role or fame. No one forced them. MeToo only chose Harvey as the main fall guy just because of his looks and lack of admirable personality. The bitches as usual regret that it was him who got the lion share of their sexuality. So, kill him. What an evil world.

            Imagine a MeToo idiot like Melissa Thompson also throwing a jab at the Mogul. She actually filmed her own stupidity 7 years ago. Then attempted to use it this year as evidence that Harvey Weinstein raped her. What a joke. Just watch through the video which she edited to make Harvey look as bad as possible… but even her best efforts only reveal a gold-digging bitch who obviously traded herself in for something… then decided to cry rape 7 years later. What a bitch! And another man dares to keep that useless idiot as a partner. I’m sorry for any human being who takes these kinds of women seriously. Such a person is only making this world worse

            I hope men wake up and very quickly

    1. Sandals. Indians wear sandals. The flip-flops are the work of brazilians, and methinks they are far better than sandals due to them being open in all sides meanwhile sandals are more closed. Gosh, these Indians with their filthy sandals must smell so bad I don’t even like to think about it.

      Edit: it seems this particular man indeed died with the sweet smell of abandoned flip-flops, just like you said it.

  1. in all honestly..
    if i was in there and that happened to someone around.
    i wouldnt have moved AT ALL..

    for simple reason that, from what i see here, that dude can easily be a drunk hobo sit on the bench and fall asleep completly passed out from alchool or someshit.

    must be a great fucking expert to figure that this guy is just dying from some kind of attack. i saw similar things like this wayyy too much all around and it always was some drunk or drugged fuckers passing out for a nap.

      1. well, i not live in a shit country ( well, not in the sens of some others countries) , but i see soo many peoples passed out from drugs and alchool that today i m like a chinese men after somone get stabbed multiples times, i mean, it look all natural todays.
        some days ago, i saw a woman, she was a hobo, but she was clean, all good and all… i even talked with her for a minute asking me for a cigarette. and then a minute later, she fall on the ground hardly, head first. i wanted to see if everything is ok, as she just fall like that from nowhere suddently. and then i saw that she was just sleeping and snorting ( or whatever the word in english).
        soo, yeah… in a way, i can understand that nobody around moved. you cant be sure.
        as for now if that guy was clear and ok before, we dont know.. it look like his shoes is near ( i guess its his own shoes) and a bottle of water.( or maybe soemthing else).
        we cant really know how he was, soo i guess its easy to understand why nobody moved. well at least, i can understand.
        it will be better to move and see if its ok. but fact is, if the guy was just drunk and passed out or else, he can always wake up violently and become dangerous.

        well, i dont know.. the only thing i know is that i probably shouldnt have moved too if i was there. unless i can clearly hear the guy doing some agony noises. ( but that, we dont know on the video)

        1. Man… Why so many thinkings..? If someone is into discomfort position, no matter what happened to person, someone can just go close and at least put man’s head on something and to see if he having some attack.
          -People rationalize everything instead to react with hart.

          No matter what excuses and understandings you find to not react, that is coward and selfish behavior. Empathy is in real trouble and humans without it are zombies.

      1. that also act , true.
        its sad but it seems that peoples dying is a everyday story in thoses countries.
        peopels dont give a damn when someone get run over by a truck, jump under a train and everything.
        its kind of life style in india XD

      1. I remember watching movies from HellyWeird where they often shows beggars and peoples without home on streets and nobody gives a shit. I saw few scenes where someone lying on concrete and others just pass like there’s nothing serious going on..That was in 80’s. Of course, we heard that those things happens in reality there..
        We were in shock because that was out of possibility here until occupation in 2000’s by UK and US who enforcing zionist laws and order of amorality.
        Now we heading into same direction of Liberal “Do What Thou Wilth” Satanic Orwellian World Order.

        1. You still live in Serbia?
          i have wanted to visit Serbia/Montenegro/Slovenia for a while. Maybe one day i will do it. i don’t think i will end up on Best Gore with one flip flop on in any of these places!

          1. No, of course. Many tourists flooded Serbia, Belgrade especial.
            Many are enthuse when find people being genuine and i heard many cases of removing into Serbia after.

    1. they are no way to die painless.
      its always painfull because whatever the way you die ( even a shot in the head that blast it off) , your body will always try to survive, its a natural reflex of the body. and for that, it always speed up the heart and boost the nerves sensibility and brain functionning. and this… this is fucking painfull as fuck.

  2. I can’t fucking believe no one even thought to ask the guy if he was okay. I swear. No compassion for anyone anymore. No one cares who lives or who dies. What is this world coming to? Disgusting and I’m embarrassed to be a part of this human race anymore.

  3. Yeah well, nobody’s givin’ a fuck about hin dying. Nothing new in India, we’ve seen that before. In India, they don’t give a shit’bout anything. That’s why India is the most filthiest country in the world. They should nuke that shithole down make those Indians dissapear. Filthy motherfuckers.

  4. Bitch thinks He is India’s version of Evita Peron, singing ‘Don’t Cry For Me Assam Pondicherry’ …. huummmm?!
    Well, I have news for you …. Go & Die Bitch!, Indians Smell like Unwashed stale sweaty Armpits mingled with Curry powder and curry Leaves and Star Anise and Cinnamon sticks and Dried Chilis and Black minty Peppers all other indian Weird Spices!

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