Nail to the Forehead Fired from Nail Gun

Nail to the Forehead Fired from Nail Gun

Hey, boys and gores, ever wonder what a nail gun could actually do to you? Well, wonder no more. Sadly, only a single image, but they say a picture is worth a thousand words.

A mans forehead was penetrated by a nail after an accident involving a nail gun. Look how far that shit punched into is skull. Hell, look at the piece of forehead they removed from the man as well, with the nail still embedded in it. That is some crazy shit. No word on the final condition of the man, although in the image he is alive.

Now, how the fuck did this happen? Goofing around on a home improvement project?

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          1. @LF

            Yea, I’ve had all kinds of issues being able to access the site. Another option is to use a TOR browser, which is what I’ve been doing. I haven’t known what to do with myself since I couldn’t check the site or banter with my favorite gang of misfits πŸ™‚

        1. Yup they have to be pushed in but you can just pull it back with your fingers and fire it away as long as you have it compressed. Have messed around with battery powered finish or brad nailers at work too many times to count. From a distance they’re not to dangerous unless you get one in the eye or another bad spot. You mess around with a framing or finishing nailer off a compressor with the psi up they can fuck you up. A hildegun for concrete is bad news as well one of those would of shot a nail at least halfway through his skull I would guess. I’m pretty sure that’s a finish nail for base board chair rail shoe and crown molding or quarter round that was in his head so they were probably using an air powered finish nailer messing around unless one of em pulled a simple jack move and nailed him right against his forehead with a battery powered one. I don’t see why they couldn’t make a small incision and grab it out with some dykes though. That’s perfect tool to get nails without heads like finish nails out. I would imagine surgeons have some type of instrument similar.

  2. I’m no surgeon, but it looks like they went a bit overboard cuntting his scalp all the way across. I’d be pissed if a I had a scar that big on my head just because of a nail in the head. The piece of skull reminds me of an olive on a toothpick in a cocktail.

      1. @BB, I said that down below, I was joking though because if the nail is in all the way, flush to the scalp, there would be nothing to ‘grip’ on, to start the pulling, unless someone grabbed a cold chisel and pried it up a bit – ouch!

      2. Maybe he was trying to replicate the guy from the hellraiser movies. I remember when I was a kid going to the video store (remeber those?) and on the case was the guy with nails sticking out of his skull in a grid pattern, it left quite an impression on my young mind. Looks like this nail literally left an impression in his.

      1. I wonder will any of his personality change from it? Like he might hate foods he loved before, music, sexual preference ect. “I got nailed once and loved it. Now I’m always getting guys to nail me, but it’s never as good as the first time”

          1. Ha yeah I’ve heard of people who’s accent changes, saw one woman get a smack on the head and she spoke English with a German accent afterwards. Weird stuff, the brain is a strange thing

        1. Damn it man… I’ve done a lot of fucked up shit to myself but the worst was stepping on a rusty nail… It went right through my foot… It actually didn’t hurt that bad when it happened but it got infected… Hurt like a motherfucker…

          I had to walk around with flip-flops on for two weeks… O_o

          1. Yep… Can you imagine a diesel mechanic showing up to work on your commercial generator wearing flip-flops @JD… :-\

            I dare anybody to put that on their bucket list – “Go to work rockin’ the flip-flops…”

          2. @Gnat, you would have had to have a tetanus shot for that one!? And ‘flip-flops’, ahaha we call them thongs in Australia, nearly everyone wears them during summer. You would never get away with wearing them at any worksite though.

          3. I got the thin top skin caught on a rusty nail when i was a little girl. I jumped on top of an old potato box my grandma had thrown outside.

          4. Yes… I definitely gotta tetanus shot but it still got infected @wreck…
            After that… That’s when I duct taped it… πŸ˜‰

    1. @Boozer.

      I use em all the time, mainly compressed air guns. Guy last year put one through his thumb nail but missed the bone.
      lucky for him as we use ring nails.

      I once nearly had what would have been a spectacularly stupid accident myself.

      Was standing in the workshop holding the gun at my side when my nose started itching. I started to lift the gun to my face in a bit of a daydream, luckily my brain woke me up.

  3. I remember seeing in the news a few years back about a dude who attempted suicide by shooting himself in the head with a nail gun, I think 12 times if I remember right. The guy even reloaded the gun before firing more nails into his head, he survived to.

      1. Apparently failed suicide attempts with nail guns are pretty common, I just googled it, though it’s not really surprising as we see a lot of failed gun shot suicide attempts on here

  4. Back when i was working as a construction Supervisor in Ottawa, one of my men shot himself in the corner of his eye with a nailer. I rushed him to the Hospital, and asked him, how the fuck he managed to do that with his safety glasses on? ” Is anybody listening,,, oh no o o,,, there,s no reply at all ll ” He was back at work two days later, with no compensation. Wear your safety goggles man!!! He was very lucky on this fateful day, and learned an important lesson. πŸ˜‰

  5. As someone who has worked in construction all my life, and have been using nail guns for years, I can tell you that it isn’t that hard for accidents to happen, especially when there is more than one person using a gun on a job site.
    Mostly it’s because many keep their finger on, or just over, the trigger when they are not nailing…so all that has to happen is for someone to just touch the tip of the gun lightly against something (sometimes a coworker),and the gun will fire.
    I can tell you that this was likely the result of direct contact with the tip of the gun. Even if you held the tip of the gun 1 or 2 inches away from a skull and fired it, this small finish nail wouldn’t have went all the way in as it did here. The guy was lucky the nail wasn’t a 3 1/2 inch framing nail.
    I had a friend shoot a framing nail through 3 of his fingers on a job we were doing. The 3 fingers were skewered together…it looked pretty funny, and got a few laughs in the emergency room. Luckily the nail didn’t damage any of the bones too bad.

  6. Why didn’t they just pull the nail out onsite with a claw hammer? Jokes aside why they pulled out so much skull around the nail seems unnecessary unless they’re going to put the bone back into his skull like a piece of puzzle? I’ve heard some people get hit in the head with a nail gun and are not even aware of it!

  7. Remains me of ice man Richard kuklisnki asked a man for directions from his car window when man put head through to answer he shot him in head with nail gun just to see if it would work wtf lol this guy be lucky to survive that wound but if it was suicide attempt he will be doubley pissed off he most be in amazing amount of pain and failing suicide that a bad fail just get gun put it to your head it aint hard num nuts lol

  8. Dr.: what happened?
    Idiot: I shot my self.
    Dr.: why?
    Idiot: my wife said that I needed a head shot for my passport.
    Dr.: I think she meant to take a picture.
    Idiot: then why did she give me this nail gun?
    Dr.: is your wife Brazilian?
    Idiot: no, she’s a carpenter.
    Dr.: well you’re lucky she’s not Brazilian, otherwise I would be stiching your dick back instead of your head.
    Idiot: what’s the difference? I hardly use either one.
    Dr.: here you go, I reloaded the nail gun.

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