Necrotic Foot Eaten Away by Swarming Maggots

Necrotic Foot Eaten Away by Swarming Maggots

The most disturbing part of this video is not the fact that the dude is video-taping a necrotic foot swarmed with countless maggots, but that he appears to be filming it in his home, where his wife and kids run around freely. Is this perhaps the foot of his dying/dead mother (father) whose limb can no longer be saved so he allows it to be eaten away by maggots? So many questions…

Given the apparent calmness of the man with the camera, we could assume that the maggots were introduced to the foot on purpose, as they’ve been used as a method of treatment for ages. There is a whole lot of putrid flesh on that foot but if the person whose foot that is is still alive, they’re better off living with a stump than having their limb rotting away. The smell in their house must be just wonderful, though.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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17 thoughts on “Necrotic Foot Eaten Away by Swarming Maggots”

    1. Maybe not since maggots only feast on dead flesh and this looks like “maggot therapy” to rid whom ever’s foot this is of the decaying tissue on their foot. I could be wrong but it looks like the only rotting and maggot infested part of this person’s body is their foot or feet

  1. theres nothing wrong here. Maggots are an ACTUAL medical tool when necrotic or dying tissues are involves, as they eat the DEAD flesh away reducing the chances for infection. He/She is not a freak and just lets maggots run amok. Check your medical journals regarding this and see for yourself.

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