Necrotic Foot on Patient with 4 Years of Uncontrolled Diabetes

Necrotic Foot on Patient with 4 Years of Uncontrolled Diabetes

This video from India has audio commentary by doctor who filmed it. The doctor calls the condition “Diabetic Foot“. According to the commentary, this Diabetic Foot is a result of 4 years of uncontrolled diabetes. The foot is necrotic, covered with dead tissue and pus. The patient probably doesn’t have any feelings in it. And as the doctors says in the video, the patient had his other foot treated for the same condition a year prior.

Diabetes is without a doubt a terrible disease. I don’t have anyone in my family who suffers from it so I don’t know much about it, but from what I gathered, diabetes can be controlled but the patient needs to check their blood glucose levels frequently and balance them out as necessary. If proper glucose/insulin levels are kept in reasonable balance, the patient can continue enjoying their life for many years to come. Don’t take my word for it, though. I’m not a doctor and don’t know nothing about diabetes. It’s just what I’ve heard. Correct me if I’m wrong.

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53 thoughts on “Necrotic Foot on Patient with 4 Years of Uncontrolled Diabetes”

  1. Why would ya let it get that bad, I guess some people just don’t give a fuck. And I imagine that shits gotta smell.
    I wanna use that feather duster on pic of the day like a bottle brush.

    1. @Luna, Unless you live in Canada or have some kind of insurance plan there are a lot of people who end up in this condition because they just can’t afford to seek medical help. It’s pretty sad and makes me appreciate where I live a hell of a lot more.
      And rotting flesh has a very gag worthy smell. Once you smell that shit you never forget it.

      1. Same with cancer patients. If you don’t have quality coverage, you are going to die, period; and getting a decent prescription plan is harder than a getting a sharpened hair up Mark’s ass while he watches resurfacing of penile gland videos. Some of these folks needs pills that cost a hundred plus dollars a day. Who could afford that? The state of America’s healthcare system is a crying shame.

      2. Even with proper healthcare, people still progress into this condition. Most of the time because it doesn’t seem very harmfull in the beginning, but when being diabetic (big) wounds should be monitorred properly as it can progress into necrotic tissue, and eventually gangrenic state, a lot faster than in ‘healthy’ people. As diabetici have polyneuropathies in extremeties, ie they lose feeling, they don’t feel when they are overburdening their wound(s).
        This foot still looks pretty good. His big toe might get amputated in the future because of progessive inflamation.

      3. @bidity…

        “Unless you live in Canada”?
        I don’t know what part of Canada you live in hun, but I can tell you out here VIHA (Vancouver Island Health Authority or as I call them Vile Inept Halfwitted Assholes) are completely incompetent.
        Even people who work for VIHA hate VIHA.
        Canada has outstanding health care?!
        What a crock.

        1. Try not to put words in my mouth ‘hun’. Exactly where did I say Canada had outstanding health care? I was talking about how we don’t have to pay out the ass just for 1 visit to our shitty doctors. Try to at least understand what I’m talking about before replying to me. smh

  2. This is terrible. My father has diabetes and continually growing bone infections, bone spurs and marrow deposits in one of his legs due to it. He is a veteran, and gets screwed over by the VA. Only now, after years of fighting with incompetent “practitioners” that have procrastinated and postponed, is he being granted an amputation so he can walk again. I am very lucky he did not end up like this man.

    1. I’m glad to hear your father is finally getting the help he deserves @Giblet.

      I don’t know what part of the world you are in, I’m in Canada and let me tell you that VA here are a bunch of c**ts.
      My father was also a veteran so when I was taking care of my parents I reached out to VA to get a little help (light house work).
      They refused for a reason I don’t want to get into here but then later came back with “We found a document from a doctor that states that your father suffers/ed from shell shock” (or as we call it today – post traumatic stress syndrome).
      They then went on to tell me that if I jumped threw several of their bureaucratic hoops I could fight the refusal decision.
      I wrote them back a rather scathing email reminding them that I was taking care of 2 people with alzheimers and hardly had time for their ludicrous games.
      Told them that my father was there for his country when they needed him (although he didn’t want to be but felt it was his civic duty) so why weren’t they their for him when he needed them?
      I finished with telling them they should all be ashamed of themselves.

      I was to say “don’t get me started” but too late for that.

      Cheers to you father GJ.

      1. It’s both good, and bad to know that others are experiencing the same thing. It’s a disgusting system, rewarding veterans with mediocre care and systematic denial. I hope they get what’s coming to them one day.

        Thank you. I hope your family is taken care of as well.

          1. Thanks @uli… I’m going to check out that movie.
            Free health care in Canada – another myth.
            Health care here sucks major ass… especially when it comes to our seniors.

  3. Damn, and I thought my husband had stinky feet.

    Being Native American, it seems everyone I know is affected by diabetes – my immediate family included. Complications can always arise, but diabetes (for the most part) can be “easily” managed. Some folks do give up/don’t care, I would suspect this person is one of those. Weight also plays a factor in helping keep it at bay.

  4. Can anything even be salvaged here or is the limb going to get chopped off? Even cutting away all that necrotic tissue would still leave stump behind and the possibility that it could spread to the rest of the leg. I can’t understand why someone would wait 4 years for this disease to go rampant within their body, was it poverty, denial or simply not cherishing one’s own body?

    1. Provided the patient has a better healthcare provider than the god damn VA, they can accurately test if the infection has spread further or not. The thing is, if it’s more than skin necrosis, the infection could’ve been carried in the bloodstream to other parts of the body. If it’s limited to just this foot, then they will likely perform a below-the-knee amputation.

      If it’s spread further, who knows. You might see this same guy get posted in a while if he continues to neglect his health.

    1. Probably couldn’t walk on it anymore. Perhaps the bones in his foot were beginning to slide around and it felt like he was walking on a banana peel. Of course, that’s just an uneducated guess on my part. 😛

  5. You are right Mark my dad has been living with diabetes for 20 years now and he has never been to the hospital for a glucose issue it can be controlled with a healthy diet + exercise

  6. A common myth with diabetes is that you have to be overweight to develop it… this is not true.
    For example my sushi chef friend (remember the one who lost some digits in the lawnmower) has recently been told he was dangerously close to developing diabetes (very high blood sugar levels).
    I said WTF dude… you have the healthiest cafe in town, you are in excellent physical condition, how is this possible?
    His wife answers by telling me that everyday when he goes shopping for the cafe he stops at the bakery and gets a sweet treat.
    Crazy hey… just that consistent intake of sugar.
    He has since cut out that daily treat and his blood sugar levels have come down.

  7. I know 3 people with diabetes and my bf has the worst type of diabetes due to the meds he has to be on from his transplant. Ive watched him easily maintain his blood sugar and never have any problems even with taking meds that makes it had to control. Knowing what i know from him it makes me think of anyone who has to get their foot amputated are a complete idiot! Its really not that much work to take to insulin before meals, take long acting insulin at morning and night to control it during the day/night, maintaining proper hygiene especially on your hands and feet, checking them daily for sores and any other potential problems, exercise daily so you don’t get poor blood circulation. Not to mention that if your diabetes gets bad enough or you have issues controlling it you can get a insulin pump.

    Not saying that everyone who has lost a foot due to diabetes is an idiot. I know that you could cut your foot and it could never heal, ect.
    It just bugs me when people make it seem like its the worst thing in the world when it really isn’t that bad. Controlling it is nothing but common sense.
    Done ranting.

  8. I guess very few people have seen the video of the necrosed foot with maggots crawling around inside of it. I think it was a diabetic’s foot being treated ? la maggot therapy. Some in the medical profession think it’s bad practice, but from what I have read, maggot therapy produces fine results. I think the person in this video would be an ideal maggot therapy candidate.

  9. What I can’t understand is Americans who have private/public health insurance and still let themselves get to this point. I have in-laws who get EVERYTHING paid for by the government and they can’t so much as check their blood sugar once a day, yet, tell their Dr they take care of themselves. Diabetes can be controlled, stupidity and ignorance cannot.

  10. I have diabetes, have had it for over 14 years now.. It’s so easy to control, i can’t imagine ever getting feet like that.. But they do warn me for it though, my feet get checked once a year for nerve reactions.

    So far so good, so hopefully no feet like that for me

  11. Yeah im a diabetic, and this is not a fun way to go, because if you are to the point that you are loosing limbs, your also at the point that your organs start to fail, and your heart is fucked you cant really do anything about it, bot to mention the constant tweak outs and seizures because your blood is so thick it cant get your brain… yeah, not fun at all… the fucked up part is that if you just fucking poke your finger twice a day, and take your fucking insulin you could live a long happy life. but i guess people in shit countries don’t have those options… knowing this makes me extremely humble, and thankful.

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