Neglected Injuries Lead to Rotting of Hand and Foot

Neglected Injuries Lead to Rotting of Hand and Foot

Video from an undisclosed location in the Middle East captures a man who had suffered traumatic injuries to his hands and feet. Despite the nature of the wounds, he either could not or would not have them treated and as a result they became so infected that necrosis has set in. Eating away most of one hand and foot.

Necrosis is a fascinating process to study although I imagine it’s not so interesting from the point of view of the one suffering from it. Once necrosis sets in, the affected areas must be removed or it will continue unabated until the entire host is consumed.

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          1. I know that men don’t like to go to the doctor and try to tough it out when injured but I hope that’s not the case here. If so, it was an incredibly stupid decision.

        1. Maybe he was kidnaped and torture, it looks like he got his hand and feet mashed with a hammer many many times. I think if so, the kidnappers probably left him to sufer for a wile then left him somewhere for dead! Till he got found and taken to the hospital.

          1. He is going to be dead soon. That red line all the way up his arm is the infection traveling. Some broke through at the elbow where he put his finger. That boy is as good as dead.

  1. I’m presuming the guy is actually dead? Matey doing the examination didn’t seem too concerned about flapping his mangled hand around and sticking his finger in the hole in his arm!

    But the blood on the patches on his feet looked fresh and he seemed to place them back with a purpose?

  2. Omgosh! It’s the Incredible Melting Man!
    You know that pain was just as horrific as those injuries.
    He probably has septicemia., blood poisoning from the infection. You hard and swollen the back of his arm was? A dog pissing on him would have been better than no treatment at all. Bless his heart.

  3. Maybe there was maggots, and they’ve washed it all off,,

    The wounds actually look very clean, and red, so yes, must have been maggots,, plus a very distinct lake of blood, I think his only just died, as his heads tilted back etc,, but they look like they are in scrubs, so maybe his knocked out ready for an operation,, hard to tell, his got a drain in his arm, so deffo was alive at some point,,

    Would love to learn the translation on this,,

    1. Supposedly a shell fell on his house, this is Dara’a in Syria, and the doctor says they’re going to operate and try to save his limbs.

      Looks to me like he was ‘working’ with explosives and forgot which wire was live. There’s more from this hospital, search for ???? ????? ?????

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