Older Man with Eyes Eaten by Maggots Gets His Scalp Cleaned

Older Man with Eyes Eaten by Maggots Gets His Scalp Cleaned

Older Man with Eyes Eaten by Maggots Gets His Scalp Cleaned

I don’t have any backinfo, but damn… I can’t help but feel for this man. I mean, I think that’s a man, right?

The individual is shown with maggots in his eyes and it sure seems like there’s not much of the eyes left. The maggots ate them, but the eyes have probably gone necrotic anyway, which is likely why the crawlies settled in there in the first place.

In the video, people attending to the neglected man are cleaning his scalp, which also seems to be infested with maggots, though not to the same extent.

Props to Best Gore member @shehuinihaoge0122 for the video:

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151 thoughts on “Older Man with Eyes Eaten by Maggots Gets His Scalp Cleaned”

      1. Look at the damn healthcare they receive. Doctors and nurses laughing at their demise… It almost makes me sick… keyword being “almost.” A lot of us are lucky we aren’t forced to see subpar humans for our health.

    1. That’s how my brown eye feels when I hear right wing propaganda, because I know I’m about to get fucked. But really, anyone who is truly paying attention doesn’t choose a side. Right wing, or left wing? Doesn’t matter. Both wings belong to a bird that constantly shit’s on you from above, and can’t wait to feed on your corpse.

          1. Haha. That’s ok , I’ll kick out that boozy -bastard Cheney next time and take you for the drive across the US. I’m sick of his farts and shitty “I was the real Prez” stories . Just get a Hall Pass from your woman and you’re in. I’ll pick up repete in the west ,swing by and pick you up ,then with seraph in Missourah ,dildo in the Gulf Coast,pick up HonkeyAss in Tobaccoland and then up the coast and get illegals ,then pigsie in indianland and party!!! On the sound trip.

          2. @hopingfornemesis
            You didn’t use a colorful adjective for the area that I reside.
            I’ll give you something to work with.
            We have Koch Industries.
            Boeing and Spirit Aerospace (contracted by Boeing for 737 fuselage)
            More tractor symposiums that fine arts productions.
            And that nasty four letter word, “conservatives”.
            Ok, GO.

    1. I don’t know. There’s this alive guy at the Auto-Zone who smells like death. If you look closely there are fattened bugs relaxing in his rot holes with tiny little toothpicks in thier mouths. I think they are eating him.???

  1. That’s a man. You can see some long stray bugger laden whiskers.
    WTF is up with the people responsible for his care, I mean, how many maggots do his eyes need to fill up with before they think maybe it’s time for the hospital.

  2. What in the actual Fk!?

    Egg Laying and Hatching
    8 to 20 hours
    When it’s warm outside, maggots can emerge from eggs laid only eight to 20 hours earlier. Resembling tiny white worms, maggots eat from the site where they emerged for up to five days.

  3. Ho Lee Fuq!!!!!
    I feel for this man.
    Rotten teeth, maggots eating eyes and scalp!
    The things which the 3 billion citizens currently under house arrest (coronavirus) take for granted, like
    eating, watching a movie, take a shower….this guy cannot do!

      1. Confucius say: Man who go to bed with itchy bum-hole, wake up with smerry finger.

        Confucius also say: Man who go to bed with smerry finger and rub sleep from eyes in morning, one day wake up with maggots in eyes.

  4. The crossroads of where Eastern and Western philosophies of medicine meet.

    And I bet that tickled and smelled bad. Rotted skin and hair coming out in chunks. Looks like someone pulled the hair and tore the scalp open. Is healthcare so hard to come by in communist China people have to get this bad before a doctor will see them?

      1. Idk Nems. Paying health insurance premiums, even with co-pays and deductibles, is still an affordable way to get quality healthcare. I say QUALITY.
        A nervous and unskilled commie doc standing over a patient while 3 Chinese soldiers aim thier rifles at him saying, “You now heal man for Country and Flag.” seems a bit sketchy to me. But, yeah, as long as it’s free.

        1. I hear your point and I agree. No one wants a useless inexperienced doctor. Yet, I believe you still believe in outdated and exaggerated stereotypes of Commie China. China has more glitz /glam ,skyscrapers ,cool cars ,etc than america has. It has tens of newyorks etc. In any case ,its socialized medicine has been leading- edge for decades as had all commie countries. China is now where we the lucky countries were in the seventies apart from one party rule and social credit scores. China is now a capitalist -commie state as is Vietnam as I have said before.

          Nothing but love ,Lust and loyalty can be had for free. I pay for everything. It is called taxes and I expect top -quality care and usually get it. Even if you are right about commie China I believe you are not getting any better or cheaper care than those of us with socialized medicine in the West ie almost ALL of us in Europe or its Euro ex-colonies.

          The US is the only country where live span and my mortality /morbidity is all becoming more and more unfavourable year on year in the OECD. That should tell you something.

          1. You forgot to mention the majority of Chinese who never saw a flush toilet, or cell phone (or any phone), and live with their animals in their huts
            I know you dislike America , but don’t use bis confirmation to solidify your facts.
            I remember in the 80s Japan was going to over take the US economy, look where that turned out.
            As far as China leading in healthcare, the US has the most drug patents awarded each year, and is number one in medical innovation, followed by the UK, and Germany.
            In a country that is putting thousands in jail like Muslims, and the Falun Gong (if you haven’t heard of them you must check it out, it’s incredible) Do you really think all Chinese have access to “free” top medical care in China.
            Contrary to the liberal mantra, everyone in the US has access to healthcare. No one can be turned away from an ER, and county hospitals (I’d say over half the patients I’ve seen in county hospitals were “self pay”), for primary care there’s Medicaid for the poor, and if you’re lower middle class the gov will subsidize on a sliding scale. The people who don’t have insurance are the ones who choose to buy a boat, or mobile etc instead . I’ve seen it many times, typically the younger folks.
            So I don’t know what you’re basing your argument on but if you have some facts, or cite some references I’d like to see them.

          2. Re “American mortality decreasing” The major factors are suicide, and drug overdoses according to the CDC. There has also been an increase in chronic liver disease, and Alzheimer’s and socioeconomic influences including homicide.
            States like Hawaii 81.3 has a rate comparable to the Netherlands, where as Mississippi at 74.7 looks more like Kuwait. You can see the correlation with the increase in black population and the socioeconomic impact, including ignorance, not seeking pre or post natal care, drugs, alcohol, and crime to name a few.
            So this is a little more complicated than it appears on the surface.
            The liberals like to blame our system as a selling point for votes to achieve or maintain power.
            Most Americans however are too independent to fork over more than half their earnings to a handful of elected officials and untold faceless bureaucrats who will make health care decisions for them.
            I’d really like to here back from you to get more of your perspective.

          3. Lots of material to work with there . I actually agree with almost all you say. I can’t mention everything in one post . Falun gong and Oghur Turks? Who cares? They are like your prison population and have as much care as yours do? Rural Chinese ? Of course ,just as much care as your rural population do in West Virginia or Mississippi.

            Medical patents? Who cares? Mostly stolen from people via genome projects or natural products in the jungles or bush of Australia. Didn’t Trump try to monopolise vaccines from Germany and was told to fuck off? How does that help the average American or the rest of the world,if they have to pay through the nose to get it?

            I am not an expert in exactly how your medical system works. I can only go by what I read in media and what I was told when there. No,it wasn’t only progressive media ’cause I read the other stuff too.

            India fought legal battles for nationalising the pharmaceutical industry there and refused to pay Americans exorbitant royalties . It thus helped its people and now is helping the US! Its model of appropriate returns to Big pharma has worked and is helping save the lives of average Americans.

            I never said that the US is dumb ,all I said was that China has similar care for the average person.

            Re doing what your told? @organikhispanik .what is the diff? You do what you are told there as well ;by a plutocratic corporatocracy dressed in a semocracy’s clothes.

            I castigate America like I would a wastrel druggie brother ; not because I hate him but because I love him and want him to be better. As I have said before , it is nothing personal . When China or Russia affect the world as does America now ,then I will castigate them . You may be surprised but I actually ylauded lisrael and ameri a once upon a time. I hope I have answered satisfactorily . I hope you respect me enough to still remember that I do change my mind when the evidence is there.

          4. Allowing bureaucrats to handle Medical? Why not? It seems to work in all other countries? Bureaucrats are not allowed to work in isolation but must work with med/science experts anyway.

            Afraid of healthcare being weaponised? Then Whip your conservative politicians and corporate plutocrats . They are the ones that love having Latina maids,Latino gardeners and cheap labour. Close down those borders and jail those that have the maids and gardeners ILLEGALLY . Why haven’t you collectively demanded and enforced that. I keep hearing how people want to chase out Latinos,yet those same people never seem to turn on their own politicians /business leaders ,who keep bringing them in.

            Japan,I agree. The Japs are not a creative race. They are innovators but not creative (originators) . They are martial ,and yet servile ,but not makers of civilisation. To make a civilisation you need brains and brawn. Not one or just the other. China was a maker of civilisation- then -and all Japan ever did was copy and perfect. I could go on and would love to debate it more with you at a later date.

            Ps, you still didn’t answer my “do you know or have you treated a covid person” question yet?

          5. “Contrary to the liberal mantra, everyone in the US has access to healthcare. No one can be turned away from an ER, and county hospitals (I’d say over half the patients I’ve seen in county hospitals were “self pay”), for primary care there’s Medicaid for the poor, and if you’re lower middle class the gov will subsidize on a sliding scale. The people who don’t have insurance are the ones who choose to buy a boat, or mobile etc instead . I’ve seen it many times, typically the younger folks.”

            Can you please give me more detail? Assume ,I have been to my gp and I have a cancer . What happens next? Here in Australia ,your initial tests ie blood panels are “free” ie taxpayer paid if you see a doc via the public (bulk-billed system) . Your gp or MD then can send you to a public hospital for free (taxpayer)paid treatment or scans ,medications etc. If not free ,it is subsidised on a sliding scale. You will be seen and treated “free”.

            If you have private health insurance and wish to have a ” faster ” treatment ,you can ask for a specialist of your choice in the hospital of your choice.

            In Australia , a universal system cares for all and if you want more choice you can go to your own if you have private insurance but you must pay the whole way.

            Maybe put it up on your private page or in a forum ,rather than here ?

      2. The best solution for a problem is never get into from a head…
        Life are still good in America..
        Just dont eat junk with e202 and e 300 and e 400 and more crap
        In my coutry its free… You need to be a chameleon that change color to fit the field…
        But i still agree that medical services are way much expensive
        You pay not less tax to deserve more…
        But if you got into hospital, treatment is fine..
        If doctors did worng you can have millions….
        In here , if you dont watch..
        They can send a crap stazer young doctor , or do mistakes..
        And you wont get pay high as in the u.s…
        Couse then…no doctors will remain…
        Dont kill your self with extra work unless you like it
        Or eat ordinary crap. …….
        You will feel best…

      3. Or finish their lives in a deesh in a restaurant, as unknown meat…
        They don’t care to kill 100k or 200k people….you rich= you go to highest hospital..
        If you are not = you go the a vet…..

    1. If you combined the two, as least he’d be presumably a bit grateful for the expedited exit, AND he couldn’t see it coming his way anyway.

      Bet neither pictured how their life’s demise would be so fucking brutally ugly.

      What will each of ours look like?

  5. I don’t know what’s worse. Living in a gook infested part of the world where they can’t even handle the simplest hygiene. Or having to quarantine myself from the damn world because the fuckin’ chinks sneezed their way across the fuckin’ planet with their COVID 19. Either way, that scalp ain’t coming the fuck back. And he will never look anything close to being a normal human again. Time for the hydrochloric acid!

    1. His future is bright. You know those assholes that walk around at the restaurant shaving cheese onto your plate? That’s this guy now only he puts his head over the plate and smacks himself on the back of his head.
      “Happy accoutrements for egg roww? You riiike?”

  6. Mmmm…I can’t help but feel arousings in my swimsuit area. Those eye holes bursting with maggoty ecstacy. It would be like making passionate love to a million tiny women. At least maggots are honest about thier intentions, unlike thier larger counterparts, women and Jews. Sexy!

    1. So many maggots in the eyes ? No way ! Why so many ?? One should never allow more than say, 15-20 maggots to live in each eye socket (max total of 40 allowed). How does he not know the rules? And I’m not even going to go there with his scalp. Obviously dealing with a real smart Alec with this guy………

  7. Be careful about saying damn. That’s the state of those eternally dammed. Other vulgarities are fine just not the Lord’s Name that’s a mortal sin requiring absolution from a Catholic priest not to suffer the the loss of the life of grace in the soul hell eternally.

    1. Oh mate, do a maggotty search. There are hundreds of awesome and very sick maggot videos contained in the ischeamic bowels of BG back posts. If you loved this, there’s lots of other shockin shit you’ll be drooling over……….

  8. It’s no wonder this dirt ball got to where he is at. His fucking teeth have been rotting away and he looks dirty as fuck. Guarantee this is one of the many stank asses that spread their crud all across the world. Too bad it hasn’t helped the world by taking more of them permanently out. Trade the good ones that are passing in the western countries for these maggots over that way. In particularly Asia and Africa.

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