Older Man with Eyes Eaten by Maggots Gets His Scalp Cleaned

Older Man with Eyes Eaten by Maggots Gets His Scalp Cleaned

Older Man with Eyes Eaten by Maggots Gets His Scalp Cleaned

I don’t have any backinfo, but damn… I can’t help but feel for this man. I mean, I think that’s a man, right?

The individual is shown with maggots in his eyes and it sure seems like there’s not much of the eyes left. The maggots ate them, but the eyes have probably gone necrotic anyway, which is likely why the crawlies settled in there in the first place.

In the video, people attending to the neglected man are cleaning his scalp, which also seems to be infested with maggots, though not to the same extent.

Props to Best Gore member @shehuinihaoge0122 for the video:

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151 thoughts on “Older Man with Eyes Eaten by Maggots Gets His Scalp Cleaned”

  1. Clearly this guy was homeless and was living and rooting in the ally ways, looks like he was legit just getting eaten my insects and maggots for years……. giant holes on the top of his head, all his teeth are falling out and his eyes got eaten out by maggots. First time I thought put him out of his misery and just end it for him. so fucking sad and just discusting

  2. Think about how long he would have been sitting outside and getting feasted on by bugs and insects…….. we need to know more info about what happened. Also why are the workers laughing when cleaning him.

  3. They’re “cleaning his scalp” while his eyes are rotted and being eaten by fucking maggots?

    Isn’t that kind of like waxing the rims on a car that’s on fire? Fuck it, it’s a write off, you’re trying to pretty up an insurance deduction.

    1. i’m not sure about this exact senerio but ik some places use maggots to clean and eat away dead and infected parts of ppls body because they’ll eat all the decayed and infected bad flesh but will ignore all the healthy stuff so mabye they want the maggots to eat it away?? not sure

        1. Thought you might have been having a secret party with friends as you did say a while ago it was your birthday soon. Don’t be breaking social distancing and house-arrest rul…..err…I mean, lockdown rules now, will you? The lives of 47 million old dodders depend on you staying indoors. You might give one of them a cold and it’ll end up killing all 47 million within a week. It must be true, Uncle Donald said so.

          Joking aside, I hope you’re okay now 🙂 @janiel

          1. I’m basically under house arrest. My roommate’s coworker tested positive so I was quarantined. Got my results on Friday – negative, thankfully.

          2. Ah, the perils of having another person in your home. I tend to avoid that happening to me. You know….the old ‘An-Englishman’s-home-is-his-castle’ routine! I was very fussy who got into my home before all this CCP-virus bullshit but now there’s no chance of that happening. I have a sign on my front door that in effect tells people – politely, of course – to fuck off!
            Stay safe….and use a cattle-prod on your roommate to maintain distance between the both of you.

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