Open Brain Surgery in Tribal Africa

Open Brain Surgery in Tribal Africa

A medicine man (witch doctor) from a remote part of Africa performs an open brain surgery on a patient without any use of anesthetics. The operation is proceeded by a tribal ritual during which the patient and the surgeon prepare for a challenging task at hand. The patient remains fully conscious while her skull is cut open and brain messed with. This is all done out in the bush, not in the sanitary sterile conditions. The cranial cavity is then closed with the use of banana leaves but the hole in the head will remain, leaving brain unprotected by the skull for the rest of the patient’s life. Still, the success rate of this open brain surgery is 96%. Video is below:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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17 thoughts on “Open Brain Surgery in Tribal Africa”

  1. Trepanation is a fad, just like tattooing your eyeballs. Plenty of people do it here in the West, they get a bit of their skull taken off and form some sort of direct connection with nature through the hole in their head. Some stupid shit like that.

    If you Google for it, you’ll find local clubs in your city where they’ll do it for you. It’s fast and painless, and after a while the skin covers the hole.

    96% rate of success? They mean 96% of the ones going through this procedure don’t die. That’s success for you.

    1. I perfectly agree…. I’d take my chances without the surgery, I was bron and raised in Africa, they expect you to deal with pain in a way I can’t…… but still it’s pretty impressive!

  2. What in the fuck does this fucking primitive ape think he is doing? Modern, Western medicine still knows very little about the brain today yet this ape is going to heal this woman’s problem messing around inside her skull?

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