Open Heart Surgery On BestGore Member Father45

Open Heart Surgery on BestGore Member Father45

One day people will look back on the time when open heart surgery was performed in all but the most extreme of cases and marvel at the crudeness of our current surgical techniques. Many procedures have become more sophisticated over time, and heart surgery has similarly moved toward methods which limit the size and invasiveness of incisions. But for the time being, some procedures, such as coronary bypass surgery require a big cut and the prising apart of bone.

So, the way to avoid this kind of surgery is to avoid a lifestyle which will necessitate repairing the evidence of our excesses.

Things like smoking, over indulgence in alcohol, high fat diets and lack of exercise are prize tickets to heart disease. Frankly these are all the best parts of a good weekend. Urgh…What’s the point of living?

Well let’s see what BestGore Member Father45 has to say about it.

In May 2013, at the age of 44, Father45 suffered a heart attack completely out of the blue. With no prior family history of heart disease, and with a physique many Americans would be entirely satisfied with, Father45’s unexpected near death experience was attributed to his thirty year pack-a-day smoking addiction.

Smoking is partly habitual and partly a chemical addiction, which is why people struggle to quit. However, when your mortality is presented to you through the draining, sapping of life as your heart splutters with the erratic distortion of an untuned engine, it suddenly becomes much easier to cast aside your habituals. So kudos to you Father45 for ditching the cancer sticks and keeping some of your hard earned money out of the tobacco industry’s coffers. Unfortunately that wasn’t all there is to this story though.

The heart attack was caused by a blocking of Father45’s left anterior descending artery. This particular blood vessel is colloquially referred to as the widow maker artery on account of its propensity to kill you if something goes wrong with it, such as a lump of lard getting stuck and blocking the blood flow.

Father45’s arterial blockage and a subsequent rupture were treated with an emergency coronary angioplasty, where stents were placed inside the artery to open and strengthen the vessel. This worked well for eight months or so, but then symptoms returned in late January of 2014 and it was clear to the surgeons that a more radical approach was necessary to save Father45’s life, with bypass surgery being performed on 6 February 2014.

As you can see, Father45 had his chest opened to expose his heart. Our body is designed to keep our heart from ever seeing the light of day. A lot has to go wrong to expose it and it is always going to be fatal, unless performed in the sterile environment of a surgical theatre with very competent surgeons. Even then it is sometimes fatal, but fortunately for Father45, his wife and seven children…yes, seven children…he recovered well from the surgery and went home three days later.

Although the pain and discomfort of surgery lingers, he is recovering well and has been very kind to provide us with images from his surgery. We all wish you well, Father45, and thank you for sharing a very personal reminder of your mortality for others to hopefully learn from.

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  1. Excellent for sure. I as well had an emergency stent implanted through the artery in my right leg. 5 yrs ago i suffered a 100% blockage in the same major vessel. I was in the intensive care unit at the Ottawa Heart Institute after my heart attack ! The first night i stopped breathing twice setting off all the alarms on the nursing station. I have detailed films showing the before and after the stent placement.I also have 3 other blockages , one is 35 % the other 70 % and the third,,, i do not remember. I still smoke though i will quit soon . 2 mts. later i was back at work. Thanks for sharing @Father45. B.T.W. i was only 43 yrs old! SUCKS!

    1. Believe me i tried EVERYTHING to quit smoking before my first heart attack, after that i was scared which was a big motivater but honestly i still had a few cigerettes when i got out of the hospital, Chantix was the one thing that got me off of the smokes and i used E cigeretttes to tide my addiction. My cardiologist says the E cigs arent nearly as bad because they dont have the carsinogens that cause the blockage. Give Chantix a try, its expencive but you can sometimes get a deal from the manufacturer if you sen letter about how your too poor to buy it.

  2. I believe parenting seven children in today’s America is as much of a cause for a heart attack due to stress as smoking one pack per day. Children are after all, cheaper to clothe than feed. And I didn’t even mention educating them until just now. This dad has a choice, either take better care of himself, or die much too early when compared to modern life expectancy statistics. It’s as simple as that.

        1. nah no powerball, we live week by week, paycheck by paycheck, never spending money on anything but the nessesities. The real hero in my family is my awsome wife, she is the glue that keeps it all from falling apart.

    1. The surgeon that worked on me was really good at his profession. He seemed like it was just another day at the office for him. He really made me feel strangely comfortable with the idea of havin my chest pried apart and my heart cut up, or was it the Valium….

  3. you lucky bastard! They wouldn’t even let a camera near me a few months back when a stainless plate was installed inside my arm (an “unstable fracture” is what they called my “broken arm”) and here you are having OPEN PUMPER work done……good pics, glad the more hardcore of the two procedures got captured as it should have been.

  4. Thanks by sharing your experience.

    Someday I was driving and saw on a TV news a guy who had a heart attack at his 34 years old.

    This woke me up. I have changed my lifestyle. With luck I will live enought to have my social retirement back.

    But who knows? Afterall, I live in Brazil…

  5. Wow, definitely a great article. Thanks for sharing!
    I always love looking at the human heart for some reason, it’s so…pretty?haha
    As far as I know, only my late grandfather has ever had heart surgery and that was a quadruple bypass o_o.
    Things like this kind of have to remind you of your own mortality.

    Ironically enough, I’m going to school to become a Mortician.I guess I just can’t get enough of this stuff.hehe

  6. Great job by the surgeons. I remember sitting through one of these during nursing school. longest day of my life. Still, very interesting that we can perform these procedures to save the heart and lives of many. Time to quit those death sticks, bro.

      1. Haha I’ve been lurking! haven’t really felt an impulse to reply, up until this post (must be the medical aspect of it haha), plus work has been relentless these past few weeks. Still here though! 🙂
        Hope you’re doing good!

          1. Totally! I had 9 patients today, thanks to a co worker who called in. >.>
            Yeah haha, I was just talking about that to a friend of mine, how nursing totally changes you as a person, and you make nerdy nursing jokes, love watching procedures even if theres gore, and diagnose people in public. Lmao.
            I sure will! 😉

          2. Those jokes only other nurses can understand and everybody else just thinks you’re crazy? Yeah, I know those lol. I do the same thing with people in public. I turn into a doctor know-it-all when I leave the hospital and start diagnosing everybody. You’re not alone, haha.

  7. @Father45, thank you for your candid information about heart surgery. Congratulations on quitting smoking, it isn’t easy but at the end of the day the priority was greater to quit than to continue. It sounds like you have the cholesterol gene, where your body metabolizes cholesterol that causes clogs when it otherwise would metabolize out. Stress makes it worse, and diet is really important. It runs in my family, too, it was the cause of death of my mom, and she had the blockage as well. 2 of my aunts had heart attacks, one died from hers. The other died from liver cancer. The sperm donor had a heart attack but its because he was a drunk for decades and a chain smoker. After the heart attack he died 2 years later from cancer.
    More often than not there are symptoms but they don’t fit the generic description. Indigestion is a marker but it gets written off as a stomach ache. Others there is pain in the jaw, this symptom is more common in women, and I can personally tell you that the pain is unbearable when it strikes, a 10 on the pain scale. A numb left arm is a symptom, so is a lower back pain. Cold sweat and the feeling of weakness, especially in the legs. The list goes on. People need to pay attention to what their body is trying to tell them.
    Unfortunately for me I was born with atrial fibrilation, a fib for short, as far as I know its always a birth defect. I first discovered something wasn’t right with my heart when I was a teenager but no one would believe me. When taking motrin in my 20s it caused my heart to fuck up on a regular basis. Significant tachicardia, inferior myocardial infarction (old), pvc, pac, etc. I had really shitty doctors and don’t you know thin women don’t have heart problems? Must be on drugs, right? No. So I moved to another city and managed to find better doctors. Prior to this no one gave me an accurate diagnosis, so it took 24 years to find out what was wrong with me. I was not given the standard spectrum of a cardiac work up until I moved here. Where I used to live this was standard treatment for women that have heart problems. My arteries are clear as the day I was born, though, because I would eat a lot of chicken and other white meat over time, and a lot of veggies. So my heart doesn’t have a cholesterol problem according to the last angiogram. It gives guys a reason to go fishing, too, for the fish you should be eating.
    What I’m getting at is I didn’t have a choice, I was born fucked up. Many on this forum do have a choice when it comes to diet, smoking, and party habits. I will never know what its like to have a normal heart. There are those on this forum who’s heart is in good shape and you are young. If you pick up good eating habits, quit smoking, and limit party activity you will benefit in the long run in very significant ways. We all age, but its up to us how we age. Diet, exercise and moderation will add years to your life. Stents only last so long, and there’s only so much that bypass surgery can do. His heart looked enlarged, which means its already damaged from the blockage over time.
    Thankfully Father 45 is healing well, even better that they caught the problem before it became fatal. Changing a lifestyle is very hard but worth it, especially when there are grand kids to spoil.

  8. Im not sure im shooting in right place rightnow, but i think if someone has cancer it needed to happen with them,
    Maybe you have bad habits, you live life with wrong thinking or principles and not happy with life, so you are forced to overcome this hurdle, which makes you evantually stronger and happier person, because you beat that evilness. Like giving middle finger to all those stupid people who are in power.
    It is maybe sign that change needs to happen in your life and you must start new chapter in your life. A better one. Dont surrender life, fight, and then you can die peacefully
    And it may help you by looking the world with a new eye, more open eye
    You cannot see the world without marlon brandos eye

  9. I wish him a long lasting life beyond existing..
    He just forgot to say how far the territory of damage in hart, what and how much medicine he will have to use for trying to maintain close to proper function which is allmost impossible to regain..
    Cigarettes , fat meat, and generally industrial food that contains lot of preserving and artificial materials
    Are just a legal drugs that approved
    By corrupted FDA to support the group of cooperations that belong
    To the power we all need to fight against..

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