Original Siamese Twins Eng And Chang Bunker

Death Cast with Autopsy Stitches

Have you ever considered or wondered where the term Siamese Twins came from? I can’t say I had ever given it a thought. It was just one of those terms that I took to be descriptive but with no inherent meaning. Until recently when I stumbled on the above picture.

Although conjoined twins have existed as a rare anomaly throughout history, their colloquial term came about in the 1830s when Eng and Chang, brothers from Siam (present day Thailand) toured the United States in a travelling curiosity show. They were billed as “The Siamese Twins” and the term stuck, being applied to any conjoined twins regardless of their ethnicity or birthplace, thereafter.

Eng and Chang were born in Siam to half Chinese parents, so ironically were known in Siam as “The Chinese Twins”. Their survival of birth is remarkable given it occurred in a village in South East Asia in 1811. But survive they did, as did their mother, although there is no mention of her sex life after the fact.

In 1829 a British Merchant named Robert Hunter saw them and paid their parents to contract them to a curiosity tour. They were a popular exhibit, and soon took over their own management. In 1839 they decided to purchase land in North Carolina, USA and become farmers. They took on the surname Bunker, purchased thirty slaves and became naturalised American Citizens. They retired from circus life save for a brief stint after the civil war.

I have this awkward image of the Bunker slaves turning up to local slave picnics and other slaves making fun of them because of their owners. I fear the other slave children wouldn’t have played with the Bunker slave children. Bigotry has many faces and children can be particularly cruel.

In 1843 the Bunkers married the Yates sisters, Adelaide and Sarah. They had a four person bed and the sisters had 22 children between them. Sorry, no mention of whether any wife swapping occurred, but I can’t help but think some funky shit went on. It was the South after all.

Eventually the sisters’ relationship became such that they could not live together anymore, so two separate households were established and the brothers alternated three days about at each house. I apologise again, but there is no mention of any sandwich activity in the official biographies.

In 1874 Eng awoke to find Chang had died in his sleep and summonsed a doctor to perform an emergency separation. However, the doctor arrived too late. A shared blood supply meant that Eng quickly succumb to poisoning, lasting only three hours longer than his brother.

The twins were joined by cartilage between their sternums, soft tissue and a vascular bundle directly between their livers. Their livers were preserved and are on display, the vascular connection left intact. Today their separation would be relatively routine.

Below are some pictures of the original Siamese Twins.

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  2. I guess Siamese twins don’t have “normal” sex lives. Imagine twin males on one girl…or twin girls on one male. What if they share one sex organ and two brains? Do they cum at the same time? And if they have separate sex organs do they fight over territory? And what about masterbation…fuck it, I’m getting a headache just thinking about it.

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  4. Great post! I’ve heard about Eng and Chang before. The article I read stated when they had conjugal visits with their respective wives, they hung a sheet between the brothers. Wouldn’t make for much privacy for their wives but the brothers weren’t used to having any their entire lives anyway.

    “It was the South after all.” Haha, I’ve lived all over the United States, the South doesn’t have exclusive rights on “funky shit” ! 😉

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  7. There is a great comedy panel show here in the UK called QI (Quite Interesting) which featured Eng and Chang briefly a while back .
    One of them got into an altercation whilst drinking which started a brawl with a fellow drinker which then led to a court appearance for the twins ….. however…….
    because sentencing either Eng or Chang (can’t remember which one was on trial) to a custodial sentence would mean his twin would also have to be sentenced he was let off !

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