Paralyzed Chinese Girl Whose Legs Started to Rot

Paralyzed Chinese Girl Whose Legs Started to Rot

Talk about having been dealt a shit hand. Not only was Peng Jie, a girl from Leshan City, Qianwei County of Sichuan Province in China born into a poor family, she was also born paralyzed from waist down. She’s never known what it’s like to run around with other children, chasing balls, playing games – all she could do was sit and look at them playing. Her whole life – stuck on a her bamboo chair with her loneliness as her sole companion…

Her parents are poor pheasants with no money. They couldn’t afford to take little Peng Jie to a doctor to see if someone could figure out what exactly was wrong with her and whether there was anything anyone could do to fix her.

As time progressed – whether from further development of the disease which kept her paralyzed, or from constant sitting, or perhaps as a result of something else yet, her legs started to rot. Foul smelling purulence mixed with dirty looking blood started to ooze from expanding holes in her thighs. If her life had started with a shit hand, now the shit took over much more. When it rains, it pours.

Week after week, the disease kept infecting more and more of the atrophied tissue over Peng Jie’s thighs and ass. Shame really, because other than the nasty rot, her ass looks perfectly tappable. The villagers also say that “her mouth is sweet” because she only says kind and compassionate things and is also exceptionally smart.

These photos were taken in 2009. I don’t know how Peng Jie is doing now or whether she’s even still alive. She reminds me of the Sri Lankan woman who had half of her face eaten by the flesh eating bacteria, only Peng Jie’s loss of tissue to whatever is chewing her off is much more significant. So pretty but so fucked over by the powers she can’t control. Life’s not fair:

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    1. She’s not a panda, so the Chinese government doesn’t give a crap. Human beings aren’t as attractive/profitable as endangered animals that can be loaned out to zoos around the world. We’re just not a good investment!

  1. Seriously bums me out. I hope God(Its okay. Go ahead and rip me a new one. Haha.) blesses the poor girl for having such a sweet attitude despite her shit hand dealt life. Whether she experiences relief in this life or the next.

      1. It takes good nutrition and a good wound care specialist to treat this type of advanced decubitus. They use enzymes, dressings and wound vacs if they can to try and clean away the necrotic tissue and create a good wound bed and facilitate healing. It’s actually a very interesting specialty. If she received proper medical attention she may be able to over come this, but I’m guessing not. Feces and urine break the skin down rapidly and I’m guessing she’s wearing both :-/

        1. It’s also interesting to note that even with the best of care these types of wounds can still occurs. I believe it was complications from a decubitus that killed my secret fantasy lover Christopher Reeve. Oh my god how I love that man. I would have licked his rotten coccyx hole clean daily to keep him alive. What a beautiful tall dark handsome man he was … Excuse me I’m going to go take care of some business. Flick a little “somewhere in time” bean perhaps. 😉

        2. Nurse Lou Lou is right. This is caused by continuous pressure to an area of the body. Since she sits on her ass most of the time that’s the area breaking down.. I’m guessing she was born with something like spina bifida. She could actually use some of the maggots from the head of the guy in the story above her. The maggots actually keep the wounds CLEAN. They munch away the nasty, rotting, infected tissue.

          Poor little girl. 🙁

    1. I’m afraid she’s beyond maggot therapy. Her ONLY hope would be extensive debridement (removal) of all the dead and infected tissue. THEN she would need surgery to close all the open areas. This would require moving whole muscles and skin, which are called flaps, to close everything up. Then in order for all this to heal she would have to be kept off the area. It’s not likely she would ever receive this level of medical care. Ubfortunately she’s fucked. And not in a good way.

  2. Damn, what a shitty situation. Of course, this could be karma at work, maybe she was a horrible person in a previous life and this reincarnation is her punishment. If not, then she should be in for a pretty fantastic reincanation!!

  3. That is so sad! So many stupid people these days are worried about being fat or not having big boobs and obsess over it but at least they can walk unlike this poor girl. I have two little sisters that are ages 9 and 11 who for some reason never grew in most of their teeth so they do not have any front teeth at all and they only have a couple of molars at the top and bottom and they get upset from time to time knowing they are different from the other kids because they are never going to have teeth like other kids and will only have to have dentures or implants for the rest of their lives. My mom is the same way, unlike my little sisters, she never grew a single tooth and she was toothless throughout her school years because she was too poor to get dentures. Now she only has dentures at the top and could never get any at the bottom because her bone where the gum is never fully developed. I don’t know what has caused my family to be born with this birth defect but I tell them that at least they are fully mentally capable, they have fully working limbs so they should be appreciative of what they do have and are not handicapped in any way like this poor girl.

  4. To all the guys and the sexual ass comments….ewwww, for one she has a shitty ass, literally. Number 2 the only reason it looks like she has a booty is because shes been sitting on it her whole life, so even when she tries to lay flat on her stomach its like she has an invisible chair strapped to her so she is constantly squatting. Number 3, she looks like shes 13….seriously guys…

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