Partial Foot Amputation Due to Neuropathy Followed by Cellulitis

First Surgical Intervention Required Big Toe Amputation

Partial Foot Amputation Due to Neuropathy Followed by Cellulitis

According to teh interweb, Neuropathy is damage to non central nervous system nerves, and Cellulitis is a bacterial skin infection.

The pictures were submitted by Best Gore member @wolfsend, who got them from a guy in his prepper group:

This all happened within a week. Neuropathy and then cellulitis. Pic one at ER where they just gave me antibiotics and sent me home. Day 3 pic, went to a different ER where I was admitted given IV antibiotics and told I should have never been sent home. Day 4 pic, they tried to save as much as they could. Day 6 pic amputation of half my foot. Now trying to mend.

Many thanks for the pics, @wolfsend. The guy doesn’t mention how he developed nerve damage and skin infection, but I wonder if diabetes could have been involved in some capacity:

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52 thoughts on “Partial Foot Amputation Due to Neuropathy Followed by Cellulitis”

    1. Are you diabetic? No is my guess and I am sure I am right… Sugar is a slow death if all you can think of washing the toes that he don’t have. You sound as if you might have a sign of weakness.. Until you know someone going through this and the pain that is involved then my advise to you and I know I am RIGHT… STFU BANN WORTHLESS PIECE OF SHIT…. My PARENTS died of diabetes with SEVER NEUROPATHY FUCKING ASSHOLE!! LITTLE BALLED MAN SITTING BEHIND A SCREEN TUFF GUY..

          1. I was gonna say, no wonder they had to cut his toe off, he never washed his feet. But i guess not now. Some things are no joke Brother. Yeah. Sugar is a bad thing. My mom was Diabetic luckily she never had problems like this. It was my DAMN Crack head sister that got her. All the worrying and bull shit she put mom through. Addiction is a Dragon all it’s own. It will drag you and your loved ones and friends down with you. If they love you. OH, And Niggers lives don’t matter.

          2. Did anyone stop to think that maybe his toes are that colour because of the yellow iodine they cleanse skin with before surgery? It will stain the skin and nails until it’s washed off and I would say he probably isn’t allowed to get his foot wet yet.
            Also I’d imagine major issues walking on that foot now – you don’t realise how much the big toe keeps us upright until it’s taken away. Good luck mate !

          3. @coffindodger

            Yes! That!

            And take care guy who lost his toes! Be safe!

            Yesterday two homeless black skinned persons wearing blankets over their clothes walked to me and asked me for a cigarette and money for chips. Ugly as you please with yellow eyes. God and his children.

      1. I get what you are saying from a personal standpoint and yes Diabetes is a horrible disease.

        But I would just like to point out there are a ton of diseases and a ton of other things that can happen to cause this. His two inner toenails are not damaged, so it looks like it is the result of wearing improper footwear (a size too small etc) as the only damaged nails are the ones in contact mostly with the surface of the inside of a shoe.

        I have seen many people have that kind of problem.

        Overall it appears to me if I had to guess, the person dropped something heavy on their foot and possibly caused the bone to crack and infection set in because of its location being a harbor of bacteria.

        Yes it does suck if caused by disease but until I have full context of what happened I will save my critique of the photos and people’s response to them because they are just going off of what is presented and the foot that is presented is one that looks like it wasn’t well taken care of. If the guy is diabetic then honestly other diabetics should be angry seeing it because they know care of extremities further from blood flow is vitally important and vigorously check themselves.

        My mom is diabetic and she always checks herself for small cuts or damage and still has all of her limbs. If the guy is diabetic then it shows a lack of responsibility on his part for not doing what literally ever diabetic will do to prevent loosing limbs and he would just be suffering the effects of something he had control over changing for the better.

      1. Diabetes is a completely manageable disease if you take it seriously. I say this with personal experience having previously been a fat fuck who because of lifestyle developed type 2. I got my shit together and for the past eight years have never had an A1C above 7.2. All my digits are intact and no neuropathy.

        I’m guessing if both your parents succumbed to diabetes and its comorbidities it was likely because of shitty habits and their shitty lifestyle. Should have stopped shoveling Frito Pie down their gullets.

        1. Well done Andy. How did you get your weight down, meths or crack? just kidding. I would say don’t be so hard on clown’s folks but he did bring them into the conversation and after all, this is bestgore.

  1. I had a nerve removed from my left foot.
    The damage was an injury, not diabetes, etc.
    I contracted MRSA from the hospital.
    4 months on IV antibiotics pumped directly to my heart from a line in my wrist.
    In the end, my toe next to the big one is fused and numb and of course, doesn’t bend.
    MRSA/Staph/Cellulitis cannot be overlooked.

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    1. Let me get this straight?
      They looked at these swollen ass feet, prescribed ORAL ANTIBIOTICS + SENT HOME? WHAT THE FUCK. Modern medicine at work, too bad you didnt have COVID. Youd have the entire hospital running circles around you, seeing how much money they can make.

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  5. It does indeed look like diabetic neuropathy.
    Type II Diabetes is, unlike what most people believe, not caused by eating too much sugar, but a diet high in calories, especially from fats. Once you have Type II Diabetes, yes, sugar is your #1 enemy.

  6. Sigh! Diabetic neuropathy for sure.
    This also happened to a very close friend with diabetes Type 2, but he had oxygen treatment.
    Day 1 Into the hyperbaric chamber for high pressure oxygen therapy.
    Days 2-30 More therapy.
    Day 31 Go home cured, start paying off the hyperbaric fees, AND GIVE UP SUGAR FOREVER.

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