Pelvic Fracture Causes Distended Bladder

Pelvic Fracture Causes Distended Bladder

A woman was involved in a car accident and when she was taken to the hospital, she had developed a noticeable mass in her lower abdomen. Seriously looks like she’s pregnant with stretch marks and all occurring almost instantly. Subsequent examination revealed a pelvic fracture which had caused the woman’s bladder to fill beyond normal capacity in a very short time.

This was remedied with catheterization which removed 3000 ml of urine from the affected bladder. Holy shit. Why didn’t it just cause her to piss all over the place? Why did it just lay in there? Nurses of gore, I’m looking at you for answers.

I wish they had a picture of the urine that was removed…

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    1. If the information is true and it’s urine wow fair fair enough. However pelvic fractures is potentially life threatening it is most likely blood in her stomach. Very hard to stop internal bleeding from pelvic injuries and have seen that a person that seems absolute fine can die in minutes. You can actually see the stomach get bigger yourself with the blood!

        1. I would have thought that was bleeding, too. People can lose massive amounts of blood from pelvic fractures, especially the “open-book” type. That’s from fractures on either side, causing the pelvis to lay open like a book.

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  1. The pelvic bones form a ring to protect the bladder, intestines, and other lower abdomen organs, when a serious fracture happens to one or more of these bones damage to these organs often occurs. In this case the urethra could have been twisted, swelling around the urethra could have “pinched” it. There are a number of possible causes…. @yournexexgirl anything to add here this is more your department than mine….

    1. There could be damage to the nerves that control how the bladder contracts and relaxes, or damage to the bladder wall. Sometimes bladder injuries can be caused from a deceleration injury, where she had a full bladder when the accident happened and something like her seatbelt/steering wheel/dashboard could’ve caused it. It could be a couple things. Or.. it could just be that an alien raped her.

  2. I can’t believe a bladder can hold 3 litres of urine! Without bursting! We all know it’s not pleasant when one is ‘busting’ to go to the toilet, imagine having that much waiting to be released, I would just wet my pants, I know it. 🙁

  3. The extent of injury to the bladder depends on how full the bladder was at the time of injury .In this case the woman may not have felt the urge to urinate for a long period of time while travelling and may have been controlling it much prior to that blow to her pelvis region which was severe enough in to breaking the bones. In this case, bone fragments may have penetrated the bladder wall. Less than 1 in 10 pelvic fractures lead to bladder injury

      1. @blucon let me expand on my statement if you were to take an average adult empty human bladder and begin filling it with water much like you would do a water balloon the bladder would be able to expand to hold 600ml of water before the bladder walls begin to rip and tear….. Does that make a little more since now hun?

          1. @AmOur, thanks for that, 600ml is quite a lot really, imagine piddling out a half litre of pee, lol! Ahaha imagine if the human bladder could hold 6000mls – 6 litres! It sounds like that much in the mornings at my house!

  4. Doubt that was pee. The human pelvis has about a liter of blood in it at any one time. You can’t just instantly make 3 liters of pee. You can, however, bleed 3 liters very quickly from a pelvic fracture and that blood can and will collect within the abdominal cavity and push intestines and organs out of place and further the look of distention. Considering the back story is the woman was in a car accident, and yes a severe impact can cause the seat belt to fracture the hip or even tear holes in the intestines.

    There are cases of people with very large bladders – truck drivers and other such types who because of their job have to hold their urine, but 3 liter bladder if freaking huge.

    Skeptic but nice pic.

    1. Troll just saw your post now after I posted mine. Seems we are on the same page, I believe it is blood to. Very unlikely to safe someone’s life with a internal pelvic bleeding like that. I’ve seen that myself it is amazing, as the stomach swells up with blood it starts to come out the mouth to.

  5. I’ve been catheterized before. Horrible physical sensation going in, but it was the loss of control of not being able to hold my own urine that most disconcerting.

    It’s a shame they didn’t video her being drained. It would have been interesting to see that lump go down as her bladder emptied.

  6. I got a uti once and couldn’t pee for hours, it was terrible. There was so much pressure and pain! I ended up having to be cathed, which is completely humiliating, but when that pressure started going down I didn’t give a fuck about anything anymore.

  7. The urethra is occluded…it’s insane just how much a bladder can hold without bursting. I had a patient once who had told staff all day before I came in that he needed to take a piss and couldn’t. As soon as I took report and told the dumbass handoff nurse she should have done a bladder scan, I put a catheter in the guy and took out 3300cc of urine from the dude.

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