Penile Implant Surgery Video

Penile Implant Surgery Video

Penile Implant Surgery is a procedure during which the surgeons implant a self inflating device into the patient’s penis. The implant (Penile Prosthesis) would typically have a switch (pump) somewhere within a ballsack (scrotum) which when pressed, it would inflate the prosthesis inside the penile shaft to simulate erection. Obviously, since implanting prosthesis into a penis requires an invasive surgery (surgeons would cut your penis open), I’d say it’s a last resort in treatment of erectile dysfunction.

There is also a cheaper penile implant option – it still requires an invasive surgery, but the device is not inflatable. That means the patient would be walking around with permanent boner ad would have to find the means to properly fold his hard-on for normal day to day existence. Otherwise, the prosthesis is entirely concealed within the body (even an inflatable one) so no one should be able to tell that the erection was achieved with help of an implant inside your penis. Penile implant surgeries are not the same as penile enlargement surgeries. Implants don’t make your penis bigger, only help you if you suffer from erection dysfunction.

Check out the video of the penile implant surgery below:

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21 thoughts on “Penile Implant Surgery Video”

  1. Wow, I bet his dick is going to be really sore after that surgery. Wouldn’t some viagra just be a lot easier? Maybe it doesn’t work, I don’t know, I’m not a guy. And I personally don’t want to think about it…

  2. Is that ‘going-in, or coming-out?
    I remember the one from years ago on Rotten, that showed the stainless-steel rod from the underside, right up into his dick.
    Guess this was before Viagra?
    Second thought, wasn’t Sheryl Crow married to nutless Lance Armstrong?

    “”Lance Armstrong Blames Sheryl Crow’s Biological Clock for Split””

  3. ‘Implant surgery’?
    Or trying to save it after she cut the SOB off!
    There was a recent story out of India, she cut it off and no one can find it. SOo not he might be able to pee like a 1/2-a-man, if he is lucky?

  4. No, this wasn’t before viagra; if the ‘valves’ in the penis doesn’t work anymore viagra won’t do anything.
    Second: people who suffer from their heart can not take levitra or viagra; it could kill them.

  5. This puts me in mind of those Reebok shoes from the 90’s, the ones with the pump inside. It also puts me in mind of just how easily those cheap pieces of shit popped. Let’s just hope that the pump they are using is of better quality. If not, I hope the pictures get posted.

  6. Hi guys
    First time post. I actually have the first implant mentioned, otherwise known as penile prosthesis.

    There are varying reasons for guys needing them. Old guys who are just impotent, veterans with PTSD, people who have had injuries in a car crash that damaged their genitals, and people who’ve been stabbed or shot down there.

    Mine was a rare case – the artery that goes from the heart to the pubic region? Well Mine didn’t finish growing when I was young. So it stopped short, sort of near my navel.

    It’s not too bad – you can have it hard for as LONG as you want until you decide to release the pump. So there are definitely positives 🙂


  7. So They say after 50,your sexual peformance goes down hill,(i dont know any stats,or facts,or other records from doctors) so i got some magical Vitamin “V’,I went about preparing it one night for some good sex,(so i thought)The Only Thing It Did For Me Was That My Dick Turned blue!

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