Person with Face Partially Eaten by Necrotizing Fasciitis

Person with Face Partially Eaten by Necrotizing Fasciitis

The video depicts a person whose face has been partially eaten by Necrotizing Fasciitis, also known as Flesh Eating Disease. Part of the left cheek, and for the most part both lips, appear to have been eaten away.

Whereas Necrotizing Fasciitis is a bacterial infection, administration of proper antibiotics may help to stop the spread of the disease, and/or eliminate it all together.

I don’t know where exactly the video is from, and couldn’t reliably pinpoint the language from the chatter. Those Chinese signs in the corner don’t necessarily mean it’s from China. Either way, the person likely lives in an impoverished area with limited, or non existent access to health care facilities, which is likely why the disease was allowed to get this far.

Props to Best Gore member @african-angel for the video:

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  1. Could’ve had him say a few words to his admiring audience here at BG. Would like to see how that new face of his is working out for him. Keep your chin up dude ….errr I mean keep smiling …errr shit, forget it!

  2. Yes I saw this video a while ago. I wonder if the dude is still alive? Would that just keep spreading and eat all the skin and muscle… Ehhh …? I read something before that said it started with a tooth abscess. I just can imagine the pain. Can you feel it spreading across and destroying your face and nerves? That’s a horrible thought. Poor bastard is probably dead now though.

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  4. Damn, how long does it take for the disease to come this far and can this be transmittable via saliva or particles in the air? If so, then we may have a potential zombie virus outbreak if this mutates and affects the brain as well. I might just be overthinking this whole thing…

  5. Ha ha. I love the bewildered look in this fuck faces eyes. Like dude this didn’t happen overnight. I would hope that by the time it started and you realize what was going on that you would have checked into a medic… I hope he is surrounded by milkshakes and fruit roll-ups that shit eating grin mastered. Fuck him in his stink hole….

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  9. There was another video getting around a few years back (BestGore?) it was of a young girl, about 12-13? with the same affliction, I think hers may have been even a little worse! The video showed someone cleaning her ‘face’, this girl had lost nearly half of her face, including an eye. I’d like to know what happens to these poor people.

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