Photo of Large Breast Cancer Tumor after Mastectomy

Photo of Large Breast Cancer Tumor after Mastectomy

Woman who was the owner of this breast severely neglected the cancer tumor that has developed on her breast and allowed it to grow into an unbearable size. Doctors were still able to save her life with mastectomy – surgical removal of her breasts, but still… she should have been doing her due diligence and checked her breasts regularly for any lumps or knots. Obviously, even after proper self checks have been neglected, this woman also neglected to have the lump looked at when it grown beyond hard to find size. When mastectomy was performed, her breast cancer tumor had overgrown the breast itself.

The photo of this large tumor is from the medical book that students who study to be doctors learn from. I’m assuming cancerous cells must have spread further into the tissue as surgeons removed a whole extra chunk of tissue during mastectomy that seems to reach far away from the tumor itself. Either way – the woman who allowed this breast cancer tumor to grow this big can count herself lucky that the cancer did not metastasize into other body parts so it was possible to save her life with mastectomy. She’d lost her breast, but she’s alive. Hope this was a good enough lesson for her and she’ll pay more attention to her body from now on. Breast cancer is second most common cancer in the world, after lung cancer. It should not be taken lightly.

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  1. That chick was either lazy or had an terrible HMO to let something like that get out of control….it has it’s own zip code for crying out loud!! Yeah…AND I was eating a cupcake. Ugh

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