Photos of Ronald Poppo After Reconstructive Surgery of His Eaten Face

Post Plastic Surgery Photo of Ronald Poppo Two Weeks After Rudy Eugene Ate His Face

Ronald Poppo was clearly not by his senses when his face was being eaten and ripped off by Miami Zombie Rudy Eugene. I wonder what it felt like for him to come to for the first time after the attack. All these lights and tubes coming out of his veins and nurses in miniskirts and fucking bandages all over his face… WTF? The moment of realization that your face was eaten by a zombie and you had to undergo a reconstructive surgery but will never look the same must have been shocking.

Yesterday I posted new photo of Ronald Poppo after his eaten face was cleaned up by the hospital stuff and today I have two more showing his face post reconstructive surgery. It looks as though flesh craving Rudy Eugene also chewed his right eyeball off, but bandage over Ronald’s left eye may imply that it had been saved and is in the process of healing. Eyes are tough motherfuckers.

Props to ablownmind for the pics. Update – Trooper72 sent the pic too, though I didn’t see it until after this post was made:

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99 thoughts on “Photos of Ronald Poppo After Reconstructive Surgery of His Eaten Face”

    1. Considering to what it was before a mass lump of flesh to what it is now is somewhat of an improvement but yes i agree its gnarly alright, “ok what happenened to your face?”, some cunt ate it lol!

  1. The way I heard it from Gore Grish is that the guy ate both of his and did in fact consume his flesh. But aside from that I dont see much of an improvement. I would have stuck with the ghoul look.

    1. hhah dude that iiiss a mark, can you imagine that? there he was thinking shiii… i’m homeless how worse can it possibly get…. and now….well…..we now know that being homeless is not hitting rock bottom just yet there’s mucch worse shit that can happen to you

      btw did they use the hair he had on his head to make him a mustache??? whahahahahahhah yeah….i’m definitely on the high way to hell after this laugh

          1. For starters…

            Baked will be forced to eat an appetiser of Baked faeces in a menstrual ‘jus’

            Then… He shall sit in a bathtub whilst we all take turns spaffing into the tub…

            I can imagine him rubbing that shit in like suntan lotion.

            Hey have any of you guys ever heard of ‘facial abuse’?

        1. Damnit…. I really thought it was that hideous monster from Evil Dead, you got me there lol. Well, it looks pretty similar if you think about it since the films “Drag Me to Hell” and “Evil Dead” were produced by the same director: Sam Raimi. Just though I’d throw that out there. 🙂

  2. The hospital is taking care of him for now, gave him reconstructive surgery and medication. How will he be able to pay for any long term treatment if he’s homeless? Then again he’ll probably become lost in the streets again soon after being released, just hope his left eye is functioning properly by the time that happens.

    1. Even though I am relatively ‘small state’ in comparison to other Brits.

      I am extremely grateful that we have a comprehensive safety net their, designed to catch me if ever something like this ever happens.

      I am unsure as to the USA in this regard… But nobody in the British Isles is left homeless for a particularly long amount of time unless they truly want to be out on the streets.

      The NHS and Social security in these nations is perfect. It is just the large amount of spongers and leeches that drag it down.

      I wouldn’t get rid of them for all the Tea in China.

        1. Yup, I never take it for granted that I was born in the U.S.A. So many opportunities and most people don’t take advantage of them even though they are there for the taking. As for Social Security, its a temporary solution which unfortunately will come to an end in a few decades because of a lack of funding and the weak economy we currently have.

          1. Some draconian measures are needed to preserve your social security system.

            Firstly, I would reactivate the ‘new deal’ program. So people are put to work on public works instead of languishing doing FA.

            Secondly, I would tighten border security. And have a nationwide crackdown on illegals and their descendants. And kick them back to wherever.

            Harsh measures are needed. None of this namby- pamby, touchy- feely lib stain bollocks that has infected the West.

      1. @Troops, same as Australia, the street people, homeless etc. CHOOSE to live that way! They get given accommodation, meals but they prefer to go back out and ‘rough’ it with other like-minded souls. Some have huge bank accounts, family that love them but they like to get drunk with their buddies and sleep on a park bench! Its a dangerous life to live these days.

        1. It’s the same here, the homeless people want to live their life that way. If you don’t want to live on the street, social services will help you. Those are the people that need and whould recieve help, but as you mentioned the system is abused.

    2. he could start a broadway career as the phantom of the opera, should get him enough income.
      on a serious note, i agree with trooper on his behalfs about U.S health care. i’m glad to live in switzerland, we got a pretty solid health system. the insurance is a tad more expensive than in other countrys, but it covers almost everything, so it’s definitly worth it.

  3. tell you one thing mark…..there is a LOT of underage people on this…i know you cant check but in the last 3 weeks ive had about 47 friend requests on fb from what i would call kids…they look no more than 15 years of age……starting to piss me off grrrrrr………think ill take my link down

    1. Yeah razor that doesn’t surprise me, with all the publicity mark’s received a majority of them will be kids, you look like the kind of chick i could get along with, but i don’t blame you, be selective and especially you don’t want trolls or kids on your friend list, there was a time i used to run facebook pages that attracted alot of trolls and kids but recently deleted the page as i was sick and tired of randoms trying to add me..

    2. I am no Grass.

      But it is that sort of shit that can land Mark and the Site into trouble.

      If they left their BG username/ email with you. You should report them to Mark immediately.

      Rant over.

        1. Never…

          I have polished my old man whilst the computer was (coincidentally) on the f’book of some little tartlet. My intention was to clean the screen. I have read somewhere that semen dos wonders for computer screens.

          But I have never masturbated to any image on facebook.

  4. Here I was thinking it was the bottom of his face that was chewed off? In the post yesterday(?) it looks like you can see the old guys chin in the 3rd pic (the ‘bad’ one!) Its even got what looks to be chin hair?

    1. Your right, he did have almost his whole face chewed up. He’s old and saggy so had skin they could pull up and over to cover most of his face. He may have a lot of scarring,but he will look younger.

  5. Hmm ive got some questions…lol

    1) whos payin for this surgery? He is a homeless man.

    2) which talk show host do you think will pick him up first? Lol

    3) also, does anyone else agree that this guy will prob become rich off of this incident? He is, afterall, famous ha

  6. Where did they find his face bits? He was reduced to nothing more than a fleshy skull and now he has most of his old face back, how is this possible? The skin on his cheeks and lower face look unscaved.

  7. free surgery? all you need is to have your face eaten by a crazy naked black guy on bath salts. sounds like a deal to me.

    i have viewed bestgore for about a year now, my boyfriend and i love this site, i just registered and instead of reading everyone’s comments like a internet stalker i have decided to speak.

  8. Ronald Poppo with grandson on his knee 10 years from now:
    “Grandpa .. tell me the story about your face again”
    “OK little fella … it was a sunny morning in Miami and I crawled out of my cardboard box and decided to get my first can of Steel Reserve… I feel upon some good luck panhandling and 17 beers later passed out by a wall ..

  9. I hope he is not being sent back out on the streets when he leaves the hospital. That would have to be traumatizing for him. Hopefully someone steps up with an offer for a place he can live. Poor guy……

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