Pilonidal Sinus Caused by an Ingrown Hair

Pilonidal Sinus Caused by an Ingrown Hair

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member Manchesterboy, who has a story and picture gallery involving his brother which he would like to share:

Hello, I’m a big fan of bestgore.com and so thought I’d make contribution. My younger brother has had a piniul sinus (gaping hole of the top if his ass crack) which amazingly is caused by an ingrowing hair. I guess some people would like an extra hole But this is a good for nothing rotting hole for which he’s had 7 minor surgeries and most recently saw a specialist which hopefully has done the job of permanently sewing up and healing this extra stink eye . I’m told that on occasions the smell of death coming from this extra ass hole is pretty disgusting and isn’t particularly nice to look at, or is it? lol. The pictures are a before and after surgery.

Apparently this isn’t that rare but some people are interested in this kind of thing, something so bad can come from a hair. In some cases it can borrow as deep as the spine, fortunately for my brother it was on a slightly fleshy area, they was worried at one point that it had gone as deep as the bowel but a camera up the ass soon found that not to Bree the case because that is a bigger problem because of fecal matter and open wounds. On one picture after having it cleaned, the hole was 6cm deep..Thanks, Manchesterboy

PS. Love the site, not just for gore but you are straight shooters and I believe I’ve learned more about what’s going on in the world than I ever could watching msm.

Thanks a lot Manchesterboy for your contribution.

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          1. Yep i feel your pain. I too had one about 12 years ago. I remember it feeling so sore for days but never went to docs then went toilet for a crap and the straining caused it to burst! Black puss everywhere. Ambulance was called, they took me straight to hospital and they operated immediately. Like you guys they left the gaping hole there and plugged it with a seaweed based dressing called Sorbsan. Had to change it every day and remember pulling out the old dressing and the stuff had turned pussy and green, the smell was horrendous! Took 6 weeks to heal. Luckily not had another one since.

          2. Ya first time I let it swell till it burst and brownish black fluid that could Gag a Maggot and it hurt so bad there was no position I could be comfortable the doctor said that when your in the womb your tail you have starts to absorb into your tail bone and sometimes it makes a tunnel ie sinus that hair and junk gets stuck really weird he told me that

        1. A response to all the replies…I’m an RN…and being the person trying not to gag when doing wound care, and re-packing the wound is so difficult. But most of us try to be incredibly respectful and considerate…I always do all possible pain control that I am allowed to per MD’s orders before the ordeal.
          What I don’t get is why people don’t get it taken care of sooner. Things like that aren’t little whiteheads on the side of your nose that you can literally scratch open, and never come back. These sinuses are almost like a MRSA abscess that won’t die without an I&D, (incision and drainage), and hardcore antibiotics. We “pack” the wound to keep it open; otherwise the skin would heal and close and keep all the continuously accumulating pus, blood, and bacteria inside and start you right back where you began. That could be what happened to your bro, or possibly he had a huge mass of hair and if even one strand was accidentally left behind that would be all it would take. But that’s why we keep them open…so while they’re healing they can continue to drain through the intended opening.
          It does smell Godawful…like buttcrack sweat, infection, and poop, all nice and warmed up by body heat…something almost impossible to describe…like going through labor with no drugs, because I’m not a p#*%y. 😉 One of the few times I don’t love my job or feel like I earn enough money; and def can’t speak for ANY other nurse aside from me, but even nine years later my compassion is still exactly the same, and I do everything I can to make it bearable. I always think it could be me, or a loved one on the table.
          Please get these taken care of right away though guys! Doc visits suck, but this is worse, trust me! Keep your backside clean, and if you have an exceptionally hairy body/booty, stay extra clean and talk to a doc about anything you can do.
          They can become septic, and that means your bloodstream has bacteria in it, and can kill you.
          Women avoid docs too, but men more so for some reason. Any answers why? My dad had a huge, black, irregular, raised, multicolored, bleeding MOLE on his shoulder in ’87. By the time my mother nagged him enough to go, he had stage 4 malignant melanoma. That’s the worst stage. He found out it had metastasized to his lungs and brain by an 8 pm phone call 12/14/88; and died the afternoon of 4/6/89. Two months after I turned ten, and four months before my brother turned 13.
          Don’t wait to check this stuff out. If you don’t do it for you, do it for the people/even pets <3 that love you. 🙂
          I'll get off my soapbox now, and I hope not to have annoyed anyone. But who knows? Maybe even ONE person will take my advice and not get sick or die. It would be worth it. Good luck to all, and God Bless, for those that want it. 🙂

          1. Thank you for that post. I really enjoy when experts share their specialised knowledge and perspective, it really adds to the conversation. That being said, I love all the sick jokes too.

      1. ***The 3rd pic kinda looks like an eye lol

        …my thought exactly Dawn!!

        Something along the lines of “lazy eye,” is what I had in mind…

        But with all that white stuff around, it also, kinda reminded me of an ex-girlfriend I had, who loved oral sex…

        …but I’ll try to keep this comment, limited to the subject matter at hand

      1. This is true, I once fucked a horny octopus and it fucked me right me right back with its tentacles. Inked in my mouth, on my face and in my asshole. I sploodged but failed to hit it. The lads now call me octofucked or ink boy.

          1. You wanna go find a tentacle monster? It’ll be like a date =)

            Just don’t get mad when I knock you out so I can have the monster to myself.

      1. @manchesterboy, In that case it’s fine. It is a hell of a disease caused by a single hair. This condition used to be called ?jeep seat? as it was common in army jeep drivers probably due to many hours driving and bouncing on a hard seat which caused friction and pressure around the crack ass.

          1. i know a few people who have had one other than myself.
            non of those people really had anything in common regarding work / activity etc.
            i think its just one of those things – but definitely (as youve seen here) quite common

          2. The ‘ol piolonidal sinus in the arse crack trick – yes, fairly common but very nasty. My sister had this too as a teenager, and she too had to wait for her wound to heal by secondary intention – from the bottom up! The community nurse had to drive to our property, taking two hours, each way, every day at first and then every second day, to come and pack it for a couple months.

            I remember her telling me the doctor said it is most common in taxi and truck drivers……….

      1. @manchesterboy

        mine was in the same place, but more central, right on my “tail bone”

        first came in 2002 and was treated much the same as your brothers – foam “bungs”, each one moulded smaller as the hole healed.

        dont want to scare you bro – but mine still fills with pus sometimes (every 12-18 months) but easily empties via a small hole in the scar, which heals easily after it lets. Dr says that if i can “live with” this happening, it is easier than having the op again (i agree with him!)

        when it first came in 02, it was deep with no outlet – the pain was absolutely excrutiating, and when cut open during the op (i had a local) the smell was unbelivable.

        give your bro my best wishes (seriously, from the heart!)

          1. yeah, when they say “INgrowing”, i think it is exactly that – grows straight in from the folicle- never breaks surface.
            what they actually said to me was it COULD have been caused by an ingrowing hair (didnt say what else)

            as for the coming back – small comfort, but when it has filled again – it has never been anywhere near as painful or smelly (or full!) as the 1st time.

            shouldnt worry about the typos mate – youre not gonna get silly twats jumping on you for it like on some sites

  1. I would like to take this opportunity to tell a long time BG member and supporter (you know who you are) to reconsider his decision and return to us.

    Due to recent events, high levels of stress and dissent have arisen but we cannot allow a single break in our armor, brother.

    our name is legion.

    1. Obli , I have never adressed you personaly , Or many people for that matter . I dont post that much at all . But i have been here for years on the fringes , I know who the good guys are , I also know who the trolls are . Just so you know , I come here everyday and read all the comments. I feel like im part of somthing even though i have never been accepted as such . There must be thousands like me who although never post , Have strong feelings towards this site and what it represents . And also to its members . Thank you all for keeping up the good fight . We are stronger than some may think . Peace out . Stay stong mark if you find someway to read this

    2. Obli, sometimes people just need time to themselves, to take a few months out of the game in order to relax and re-examine their external reality.

      On many occasions I have said “fuck it” and walked away only to return to fight another day, it’s the natural response when life leaves us feeling disillusioned.

      In fact it is only when we reach the point of disillusion that we actually start to question our external reality because happy, contented people very rarely question the concept of life as they are too busy enjoying it.

      My conclusion, disillusioned people question things and time out allows them to reflect and find answers on their own, which allows them to grow as people and come back much stronger and determined as a result.

  2. Actually I knew someone that had this exact thing happen to him. He has a scar there now.
    It sucks that a single hair can do so much damage.
    I wonder if hair removal laser surgery is really popular now.
    Under arms and bikini line areas can be the worst with this sort of thing. Ouch!

      1. I was thinking the same thing because even though the hair is below the surface, the laser kills all the melanin it finds starting from the root. Plus his skin type is perfect for the procedure. Id say he should give it a shot…if the doc says it’s ok of course. 😉

  3. I have one of those. This is 10 years. That I’ve had it. The worse part of it. Is the smell. It doesn’t hurt so much only when it’s inflamed but it smells awful all the time. I’m afraid of the surgery

    1. Go for it bro.. My kid brother (he’s actually 30) has had a total of 8 surgeries in 12 months but our local hospital is rated one of the worst in the UK..the first 7 surgeries weren’t done by a specialist in this field.. So ask to see the specialist off the bat. Goodluck

  4. If it doesn’t want to heal you might want to try a ketogenic diet. If you remove carbohydrates then bacteria have a harder time of living and feeding on fat alone. A lot of people I know here in THailand use this method to ‘detox’ from bacteria and more likely parasites. Trolls welcome 😀

  5. Thanks for the stroll down memory lane @manchesterboy, I’ve had that shit happen to me, twice. Once almost in the same spot, more centered though, about 20 years ago and never had an issue with it again. Then it happened to me in the center of my back. First time I didn’t need “surgery” per se, but a doctor did cut me to let all the infection pour out. Second time I thought the doctor would do the same but the infection hadn’t “consolidated” yet so he prescribed me antibiotics and sent me home. After about two days of taking them it opened up and starting to drain itself but then closed up again. I woke up one day after dealing with it for about 5 days and the pus sack was bigger than ever. I got into my bathtub and decided I was going to open myself up any way possible because it was a Saturday and my doc wasn’t around until Monday. Long story short, I grabbed the ingrown hair between my fingernails, got it with my off hand on the first try, still don’t know how I did it, and pulled out about a 4 inch hair. The pus poured out of me all at once and I immediately felt better. Brutal fucking experience.

        1. I don’t even have a hairy back @HThompson, just a few loose hairs here or there. It must of burrowed its way in there over time and then got infected. I actually thought I was just going to open up the scab that closed but grabbed onto the hair itself, freaked me the fuck out when I managed to pull it out.

    1. No it wasn’t him, however it was through that program that he got to see the specialist as he told his Dr about the program and procedure and his go referred him to the specialist extra ass hole stitcherupper because the hospital just kept packing it hoping it would heal from the inside out, which it did but came back a month or so later. This last time (about 2 weeks ago) they didn’t do that. They basically cut away any infected flesh n removed the sinus and stitched it up. He had stitches out a few days ago and it looks like is healing well. Hopefully it’s gone for good.

    1. Its always the weird ones that catch you out. Baby circumcision is the only video on best gore that got to me. One of my first videos was the Dagestan Massacre beheadings and that didn’t bother me nearly as much.

      Anybody else see a video that affected them unexpectedly?

      1. I feel bad that I’m not affected by too many of them. Maybe because i’m an ER nurse and see plenty of gore in real life. But the Syrian dude who gets his hand cut off for stealing. Ugh, that is the only one that gets me. Any videos of people getting their limbs chopped off intentionally makes me cringe.

          1. The goriest was probably when a 19 year old girl was brought in from a car accident. A semi hit her Volkswagen Beetle and she was almost decapitated. The one that got to me the most was a 14 year old boy who had been shot 8 times, blood pouring onto the floor and he wouldn’t let go of my hand. He begged me to stay with him and he was repeating over and over that he was scared to die. So I held his hand and rubbed his head while they were getting him ready for the OR. He died a few minutes later. That was a hard one.

          2. Fuck. That sucks. Did it trigger depression or anything like that? I imagine mental health problems are common for people in your field?

            I assume you are from the states? Do you get alot of gun shot victims in your hospital?

          3. There’s definitely some breakdowns in the break room sometimes. You just have to leave your emotions out of it, suck it up and take care of the next patient.

            When I worked in Houston we had a lot of gunshot victims. Where I am now is a smaller city, so not so much.

        1. @YNEXGIRL

          ***I feel bad that I?m not affected by too many of them.

          ***The goriest was probably when a 19 year old girl was brought in from a car accident.

          ***So I held his hand and rubbed his head while they were getting him ready for the OR. He died a few minutes later. That was a hard one.

          I called these (3) of your comments to you’re attention, because I am curious, on how you will respond to them.

          First of all, I am in no way, trying to corner or cage you in any way, shape or form. I myself, have experience in drug addiction/counseling. Mental, emotional, spiritual and physical roadblocks, always come in to play here. So caging someone, is something I use to do to myself, as well as my loved ones, when I was actively abusing drugs. In addition, my comments and questions to you, are not to try to corner you or anyone else, to admitting a drug problem. That’s you’re business, not mine!! I’m always here to listen and to help (and learn for Christ’s sake)

          …but I’m not anyone’s God!!

          …ask my wife and ex-playboy bunny o.k?

          This may sound too obvious but here it goes…

          Do you use BG as a guide, crutch or any form of mental, physical or spiritual nourishment, in dealing with the job that you do?

          Do you use BG as a way to possibly not desensitize, but to “disconnect” your emotional feelings from your patient at times.

          My mother was in emergency admittance at our local hospital for 24 years. She was right there with the Doctors and Nurses, when the shit hit the fan. My mother is a strong woman, who doesn’t let too much stuff get to her. However, I never talked to her much personally, about the “mental maintenance” side of her job.

          Oh yes, we would talk about the tornadoes that ripped through our community, or the smell of burning flesh. But I never went through that “dark side” with her.

          My experience with addicts who have made the decision to turn their lives around, is kind of the same, yet different.

          All addicts have their stories and skeletons to deal with. And even though the stories may be different, I can usually give them good advice, simply because…

          A) They have already hit bottom, and any kind of re enforcement, is usually music to their moral and spiritual comeback

          …and most importantly

          B) I’ve already been there…

          I think we both have something in common. We both have experienced the dark side of humanity. Both a gory death from a car accident, or someone who has simply “lost it all” through drug abuse, can be a moving experience to say the least. And just as in your case, death, as well as drug addiction…

          affects many, many, many people!!

          When I read your experiences with dying people, the first thing that comes to mind, is if drugs were involved. If they were, then how far along were they, in their drug abuse/addiction?…

          so on and so forth!!

          What I’m trying to emphasize here, is I see the good through the bad, when dealing with “recovering addicts.” Simply because I’ve been there, and can see hope, from the people I talk to.

          I’ve always wondered from professionals such as yourself, how you mentally, physically or spiritually “realign yourself,” when death stares you right in the face?

          Only my wife and ex-playboy bunny knows, that I’m not religious at all. However, there is a spiritual power out there, that I have witnessed with my own recovery from drugs.

          …but setting this aside for a moment (and I think this bears mentioning)

          My personal spiritual strength, come from being alive at the moment. It has nothing to do, in regards to when I die. I personally, have never been afraid of death.

          I think organized religion is better geared toward the dead. I think spirituality is better geared for the living.

          So after throwing some of my own thoughts, concerns and even questions towards you…

          How do you deal with such tragedies?

          Does courage, serenity come into play here?

          The 12 steps in drug addiction, also includes strength. However, I’m going to consider this one “a given.” I believe this attribute is general enough, that we can set this one off to the side for now.

          But what about courage? How do you use this attribute, to keep it all together for yourself, in your field of work? Is it important to you at all? If you can mentally disconnect from the emotional side of the tragedy, then is this a sign of courage on your behalf, or are the two separate, and can be flipped on or off like a switch? Does disconnecting and courage, play a key role in your acceptance of serenity?

          …simply accepting the fact, that this is what will be, or will be from now on

          Sorry for being “mentally nosy.” I framed this post in such a way, that it may touch on the “Spontaneity” of what you go through from day to day…


          1. Those are some really personal questions I’d rather not answer on a public forum. All I can tell you is that I do what I have to do. I have no other choice. Personal experiences have taught me that. I do know how to shut my emotions off when I need to but I try to keep a sense of humor the rest of the time. That keeps me going.

            BG is a website to me. Simple as that. And there is nothing about addiction that you can tell me that I dont already know or haven’t experienced. Do you think you are superior to addicts still using? Do you think you have all the answers to give them?

        1. I’ll take that pain any day over having an alien/vampire/werewolf growing inside of me and draining my life force @mama. Even after you manage to push it out after 9 grueling months it’ll still clamp on to one of your titties and drain your life force even more, fuck that shit.

          1. Yeah for the rest of our lives!!.. Ugh!!.. Although I do have to say I agree with mama amnyc!.. I’ll take the alien over two stinky hairy assholes… lolz 😛

  6. Maybe if i lived in England or any first world country like you guys I’ll go get it cut out but i don’t. So i just fold a piece of toilet paper there to catch the puss and I’m good. The smell is the worse part other than that I’m living with it pretty well.

    1. I’m no longer inclined to class the United Kingdom as ‘First World’.

      We may have nuclear missiles, but we also have families existing through food-bank donations and a revenue system that seeks to extract money from individuals rather than multiple-nationals.

      The United Kingdom; where the rich get ever more wealthy and the poor are exploited.

      A return to Victorian values.

        1. @nasty.
          RE Glaucoma / Ocular Hypertension ?
          Very much appreciated, but I know my mam well enough to know she won’t deviate from what’s been prescribed.
          I’ll have a word with her though, if she’s receptive to something different, I’ll get in touch.
          Thanks again fella.

      1. @nastypersuasions,

        For a long time now the UK has been competing in a race to the bottom.

        Cheap imported labour via an open border policy has been great for private enterprise who have never been richer but for the indigenous population it has meant massive unemployment and for those of us lucky enough to still be in work it has meant stagnated wage levels in a society with an ever increasing cost of living.

        This of course directly impacts the UK economy because the over supply of cheap labour and the large amounts of unemployment reshapes the employment market from a negotiable, employee focused market into a market where all the power lies with the employers hence job creation becomes dominated by low wage positions.

        Those on low wages however could never survive in an economy with an ever increasing cost of living and so the state sector has to top up their wages via social security benefits and child support ect, hence the taxpayer ends up subsidising greedy private enterprise thus making sure the cycle of low pay continues and in doing so the taxpayer is forced to promote their own wage slavery.

        Now, the foreign workers are smart and send their money back home where it goes further but the low waged indigenous cannot do this and so they are forced to live hand to mouth, the end effect is the same in that no one has enough money to be consumers in a capitalist society.

        So we have a situation where people are only buying the bare essentials in order to survive which means more companies close down due to lack of consumerism which means more unemployment which means more social security payouts.

        The state sector is subsidising private enterprise which means the state sector has to make more and more cuts which means more unemployment which means more social security payouts. An open border policy is also burdening the state sector more and more every year therefore more cuts means more unemployment which means more social security payouts etc.

        Make no mistake, not only is the UK a third world country at this point it is also a badly damaged ship at sea which keeps taking in more water as time passes.

        My conclusion, The UK will soon break apart and sink and the rich are the only ones with a life boat.

  7. Just the thought of this on my ass makes me cringe.. sitting or lying on his back while sleeping is a difficult task I guess..
    A pain in the ass.. literally 😐
    Thank you for the sharing your brother’s pictures and story with us @manchesterboy..

  8. Oh my @manchesterboy!! your poor brothers ass!!..I hope he’s okay now!!.. I have myself an ass abscess once by rubbing Nair off on my butt cheek, after not being able to sit right for two months, huge buttcheek hole, and disgusting butt puss, I’ve never used Nair since!!… I hope your brothers all recovered now!!.. Thank you for sharing his story with us!!

  9. Goddamn there are so many ways your asshole can betray you! Asshole Cancer, Hemorrhoids,Klingons, and now gaping ass pussy stench wound!

    I wonder if your asshole is judgmental and tries to teach you a lesson every now and then to make you change your ways.

  10. I had exactly the same thing about twenty years ago in the very same place..and I can tell you that this is excruciatingly painfull..and then having the old dressing taken out and a new one put back every day was all so bloody painfull..but worst of all is having the couple of stitches taken out my god I nearly shot through the roof and the nurse didn’t mind one bit about my screaming and swearing at her lol..good times.

    1. My brother’s came back about 8 to 10 times ( I forget the exact amount) until he got a real surgeon to operate on it and not the local butchers.. I mean dr’s at the local butchery, sorry I mean the local hospital and the dr’s who work there.

  11. It feels good to be able to post on my original account after having my account reinstated and not having to lurk anonymously.
    I’m also happy to report that my brother’s unwanted mangina has healed and hasn’t returned in the year is so since I posted his UN wanted growler. Peace to all.

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