Polycystic Liver Disease Photos

Polycystic Liver Disease Photos

Polycystic Liver Disease is a medical condition characterized by growth of multiple cysts throughout the liver. People who have Polycystic Liver Disease also usually have Polycystic Kidney Disease. Genetic predisposition is the most common cause of the disease, however sometime Polycystic Liver Disease develops sporadically – in people with no one to inherit it from.

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    1. Mr.hawk, though this is quite off topic, I am interested in your ideals. We have not converse in the past months since I have joined. Disregarding my satirical expressions towards such conspiracies , I feel as if I must learn both sides of the argument. What’s your take on NATO/rothschild/Zionistic regimes? Do you believe the Third Reich further on advanced in secrecy to form the NATO alliance? Or did it die out under the grips of the Zionist backed allies? Enlighten men if you will.

      1. Hello baked,
        I have to be honest, I followed the Conspriracy theories and wars mongers of “Disinfo ” Agents like Alex “ZOG shill” Jones and David Icke for about a years, they helped me wake up to the situation about my nation America, but their disinfo and lies could not contain me.
        And now I have rised up from the Conspriracy level to the reality level of saving my race and honoring the Man that the NWO fear the most and continue to demonize… Sir ADOLF HITLER, the most significant man that has ever live.

        …. Now to your NATO question, America was taken over by the FED bank on in 1913 and enslave, BRitian was ENslaved after the battle of Waterloo in the nepoleanic war.

        We are in a BANKER dominated, MONSANTO GMO dominated, Main StreamMEdia dominated, ROthchile Banker money dominated and controlled, Cultural MTV dominated, and Government Dominated, society all controlled by JEWS…. (Research it, David icke will tell all about his MOON theory but never that Monsanto and the FED/ROTHCHILD is dominated and Owned by the JEWs.)

        NATO was an organization that was created to control bt the JEWS to oppose their counterpart the JEW CONTROLLED USSR. WWII was the only time White People got to fight against the aggressors of their VOlks and HITLER had to fight against the COMMMUNIST EAST and the ZOG controlled WEST…. given that the enemy of white people were other white people AKA Britain and America and now all White nations are suffering the same fate of Multiculturalism…
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        And oh Yeah the NATO thingy is just another Jewish creation that lead us and our “allies” into fighting the Enemies of the Jews AKA Iraqi and AFganistan… us GOYIMS have to fight for the JEWS…. I enlisted in the US NAVY so (honestly) I have joined the Jewish War Machine….

        As member of the US “ZOG” NAVY I doubt many of you will read my comment with any seriousness… I understand that enlistment in the US navy means that my Loyalty in is to the NAVY… but forever in my HEART and for always… my Honor… my Life …. is to my IMMORTAL RACE… my PEOPLE,…. my European blood…

        Thanks for Asking Sir “Baked”

        ,,,,,, Sry for any Typo Mates….. I just got back from meeting with my Navy Officer…and I (my weakness) just want to relax.

        1. That’s fuccking wisdom right there, Big respects to you. I never sow it that way. very true about the federal banks control and the imperialistic natos plan of total control and elimination of our race…. I’m going to look into this stuff. Thank you sir..

    1. Hey, Does bile get metabolized in the lower intestines? it has always fascinated me how the body works, so many organs yet the season never change it’s aspects towards the living… maybe I’m just another man lost in the desert of wisdom…

          1. Just the thought of liver sounds disgusting to me. It basically detoxifies the blood, among other things. Same as eating kidneys..yuck kk, want some piss with that?

      1. I will give all y’all crazy kiddies a huggy wug.

        Liver is cheap over here in the UK as well… I used to buy it at about 40p per lb not so long ago.

        I would never eat Horse, Human, (my own) Dog, (my own) Cat or Monkey.

        I would rather starve. Everything else is fair game.

  1. Hello y’all.. Long time Lurker-(roundabout a year).. First time posting.. Tired as hell, bout to blaze my meds & relax.. Y’all get me through my days.. Especially All you regulars.. Thx for picking up the tab this month Fiend.. P.s. my hat goes off to Mark for all his tireless efforts to keep us satiated with quality news, & a cozy place to shoot the shit.

    1. hey yall, i been a lurker for about a week myself, only because i just discovered this site a week ago, and so i hope to become a new regular. This is the greatest site ever, and i am totally addicted, but ive been too busy reading to post. Well, i did post a couple other comments but the gnomes have the munchies i think. Anyway, hope to become a regular with yall, the BG family, and Mark, I love you for bringing this badass site to us, where we wierdos can get a fix and meet other non-sheep humanoids.

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