Post Abdominoplasty Complications Result in Necrotic Tissue

Post Abdominoplasty Complications Result in Necrotic Tissue

This video shows the process of cleaning an open wound which developed after a patient underwent Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck). I was told that serious post abdominoplasty complications are rare, but do occur from time to time. The patient in this video developed deep tissue necrosis and faced long and painful treatment which left her with a hole on her abdomen.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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      1. You would be surprised how quickly something like that goes from a little red spot the size of a pin head to something like what we see in the video. I know from experience, I had an infection not long ago that went from a pin head size to the size of a quarter in 8 hours. 12 hours after that, even with starting treatment it was the size of the bottom of a wine glass.

        1. And of course you wouldn’t notice something straight away if it is covered with dressing. I had a surgical wound that was ok in the morning, later necrosis had set in and bits were falling off by the time I checked in the evening.

          1. @Whitechapel, I hope you are ok now? You bring up a good point about there not being pain or you would have noticed something earlier. The same happened with me; because there was no pain (overnight) I didn’t notice anything until next morning when there was some pain.

  1. Why do people have tummy tucks to begin with. Is it that difficult to stop stuffing your face with pie and exercise a little, maybe I’m just commenting on a subject for which I have no experience but still, can it be that difficult that you have to resort to surgery, possibly putting your health and life at risk.

    1. I’m on a path to self destruction right now. I’ve been stuffing my face like a bear. I need to get back to working out before metabolism slows down at 30 and it becomes even harder to lose. I wonder if there have been any labiaplasty related infections? Yummy!

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        I expect that labiaplasty related infections mostly come about from what the perverse doctor gets up to while your unconscious.

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  2. I’ve noticed that the majority of post operation infections always occur in the same are where the incision and stiches are made, and I think the reason for that is that most people are either to scared to mess with that area so they don’t clean it right or as often and they leave the bandages on for to long which cause the area to sweat a lot and develop bacteria, leaving bandages on for to long is a real big no no that most doctors don’t really seem to emphasise on, after a couple a days your suppose to get rid of the bandages but I guess most people think the longer they leave them on the better but not so in fact its one of the worst thing you can do.

    1. After my spine surgery my bandages were changed every day for the three weeks they were on and I still had to deal with an infection. Good thing I was in the hospital for two months recovering so I got my antibiotics through i.v..

  3. I saw this thing on Taboo last night about a lady who was addicted to breast implants. She was never happy, and kept going back to Brazil for operations. She got an infection, and the US doctor had to go in there and remove the implants and clean up the mess. She had doubles in there, two balloons in each boob. She had a serious deep tissue infection that could have ended up with a double mastectomy or death. She made it, but was depressed and was planning her next trip to Brazil. They also had this thing about a country in Africa where obesity is a sign of beauty and all the women over eat and really pork up. Which is cool if you are an adult, but those fat bitches force feed their little girls cow or camel’s milk just like they force feed geese to get the big livers for pate. (Pat-tay-Still need to figure out how to get the squiggly line). That really sucked, watching a child forced to eat like that. They put the kid’s feet between two tree branches and squeeze them to torture them into eating. Dammit that show really pissed me off.

    1. You think thats bad, in some countries including Jamaica the women take animal steroids, usually for plumping up chickens to try to get bigger and more hour glass. I’d hate to see someone give those to her daughters.

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