Post Surgery Photo of Elbow Shattered While Skateboarding

Post Surgery Photo of Elbow Shattered While Skateboarding

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member WhiteArab. There is only one pic he was able to get of his injury, but it ooks pretty brutal. I’ll let WhiteArab explain what happened:

This photo is of my right arm and elbow taken in 2005, when I was 14 and was taken to the ER a few days after major orthopedic surgery. After shattering by elbow and completely fracturing my humerus in a skateboarding accident, the doctor installed 2 plates and 15 screws (to hold the upper arm and the elbow together), and 2 pins and a wire (to set the smaller fragments of elbow).

After my arm got itchy and I got curious, I took the bandage off to find this, my wound looked like a stapled-shut pussy. As well, I discovered very thin-skinned cysts lining the periphery of the incision, which I had great fun draining after the ER visit (those are two of the bigger ones on the left). I think this is compartment syndrome, but I forgot the diagnosis – was smoking a lot of weed during that time.

All this happened from just going off of a curb. I always sucked at skateboarding. Arm functionality has been restored to 100% thanks to great doctor and some hard physical therapy. I still have a nasty scar though.

I think the condition is called Edema. I remember them saying I was “edemic” right after my surgery when they saw my swelled arm.

Thanks a lot for the pic and story, WhiteArab. I think scars are cool. They are a proof that you haven’t spent whole life being pampered.

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    1. No, everything at that point in the healing process was fine. Only problem I had came a couple months later when my physical therapist felt one of the pins poking through my skin. Went strait to the doctor to have him numb me up and yank it out with some pliers. Could actually feel it in my bones. Crazy.

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