Pregnant Woman Pulls Her Pants Down and Shits Kid Right on Road

Pregnant Woman Pulls Her Pants Down and Shits Kid Right on Road

A woman in the late term of pregnancy apparently could not keep the kid in her anymore, so right where she was standing, she dropped her pants and shat that creature out of her without making a sound.

It looks like the video could be from China. There are Chinese characters on the rice bag that she was provided to sit on, and the people do have that Chinese flair to them. I like how she just leaves the kid on the road as it rolls around, trying to catch its breath.

The kid will have a story to tell: “Where were you born?“, “Oh, my mom just squeezed me out standing up on a road.

Props to Best Gore member @truepinoy for the video:

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180 thoughts on “Pregnant Woman Pulls Her Pants Down and Shits Kid Right on Road”

        1. Exactly!! This video showed me all I need to know about shit hole China. This woman must have been birth shitted by her mother as well.
          She showed zero emotion with that creature.
          And so did all the other countless old cunts standing in the crowd.
          All of them were acting like if the baby was a little monster and didn’t wanted to touch it.
          Shame on this woman, shame on all woman in the video.
          I wouldn’t be surprised if mother is as ignorant as they come and didn’t knew she had a baby inside of her.

          1. My sentiments exactly, @hommicydal

            That woman has no mothering instinct whatsoever. She showed about as much emotion as Mr Spock solving a quadratic equation. She didn’t even attempt to pick up the child, never mind planning at least some dignity for the birth, ie getting another woman to catch it before it plops to the ground like a turd.

        2. Yeah John the mother didn’t want to do anything to comfort the baby. Didn’t the baby go head first into the concrete with such a soft head at birth I home it made. At least it was moving and crying good sign. Dam bitch mother

    1. I’ve heard of work ’til you drop, but they didn’t mean ’til you drop a baby in the street.

      And what about the vast and overflowing love shown by mom? The only thing she seems concerned with is not getting fresh baby juice on her crappy purse. What a lovely culture she must have. Awesome.

    2. Another sufferer expelled from the hole between the urine and the feces: Shat unto this disgusting world only to experience pain, melancholia and isolation like the rest of us. At least he knocked his head against the concrete on his way down, so at least he wont have to deal with having the sufficient cognitive capacity to truly understand how horrible this life is, if he is unlucky enough to survive.

    3. I love the way she looks at her child……
      Ho!!!!, what a big shit…….how come it’s got limbs…?????
      Welcome to the world ……. says the concrete floor……!!!
      I Just hope they are not sending me to China…..
      Next life…..!!!!

    1. See this is the shit that makes me log in to reply to dumb mother fuckin idiots like your poorly uneducated self.
      This doesn’t mean she’s lose. It means the baby was already crowned and on its way out. A woman dilated 10cm to push the mfer out.
      Just because the bitches you fuck are worn out doesn’t mean all women are you prick.

        1. If it was her second, third, forth baby (sometimes even the first) – women don’t always know they’re in labor because they just think they’re cramping and don’t experience the pain most of us do. She very well could not have had time to go somewhere more “appropriate” to deliver the baby. Not quite like in the U.S.A. (Thank God). We have access to incredible and vital prenatal and postnatal care. Can bet that isn’t the case in China or wherever that is.

  1. Remember the video when the chick popped one out in her back yard whilst her other fourteen children played. That’s how I wish I was born instead of in a freaky hospital. People poking at ye, shining lights in yer face, getting wheeled around an hospital.

        1. Broke, you don’t mind if I call you Broke do ‘ya? With regards to Asian females and especially Chinese, do you reckon that their eyes are slitty to attract the opposite sex, so that when a man looks into the eyes of a Chinese female he is in fact seeing two small vaginas, much like what a sexy naked arse does to tits? Just wondering.

  2. Pointer OVERLOAD!!!
    Poor baby, poor thing was barely out and already getting head bashed. The lady didnt even fucking flinch, i thought childbirth was painful and all, this woman ran through it like a champ, didnt faint or nothing. Starting to doubt the validity of this childbirth pain, or maybe its because its an asain area, with their propensity for dumpster babies, this is just a regular day.

  3. Having watched near all the videos on best gore….and having worked in an East London A&E… department….I thought I’d seen it all…..but I have no idea why this video above all others has affected me,… the poor poor baby crying and no one is doing anything about it…such a sad way to enter the world……..

      1. It’s amazing that she didn’t collapse when it was almost birth time.
        This woman had to had been fully dilated at the time of dropping baby.
        The little that I know at that point a woman should be in extreme pain that she can’t walk or hold herself in two feet.
        I could be wrong. Like I said whatever little I know about this cases.

      2. Theres all kinds of class here in Fla,lol,let me tell you,I’ve walked up on quite a few chicks pissing outside of their car,w the door open, instead of using the bathroom at the bar.On several occasions,I wouldn’t have even known to look,had I not heard a woman arguing on the phone,while pissing outside their car.LOL,I just think, if everybody just decided to piss outside, It would be horrible trying to get back to your vehicle you know?

  4. Love it, bitch drops the kid then moves that cheap Chinese knockoff designer purse out of the afterbirth without picking up the kid.
    On a side note, looks like it happened in a open air market, I wonder how much Yuan she got for the placenta. Makes a great soup!

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