Public Display of Gore by the Canadian Government – Obscenity?

Graphic Image on Cigarette Packages - Should Canadian Government Face Obscenity Charges For It?

In a bid to curb the tobacco smoking epidemic which is known to have adverse effects on general health of the population, the Canadian government made it a requirement that cigarette manufacturers looking to sell their products in Canada put warnings on cigarette boxes advising smokers of severe health problems their habit may lead to. Because mere words failed to deliver, the warnings were later upgraded with graphic images of possible complications smokers of tobacco products may develop.

As of Tuesday June 19, 2012 packages of cigarettes and little cigars sold in Canada must carry graphic pictures, such as gory close ups of cancer-infected mouth or the heartbreaking images of Barb Tarbox who, at the age of 42 died of lung cancer caused by smoking. Canada’s Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq made it a law that 75% of the cigarette packaging contains warnings with in-your-face gore.

Canada’s Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq also expressed that this new law is “part of an ongoing federal effort to inform Canadians, particularly young people, about the perils of tobacco use“. In other words – this new initiative by the Canadian government involves flashing of gory images in everyone’s faces, but especially the faces of young people. Free gore for everyone, regardless of age, brought to you by the Canadian government, paid from the money by the Canadian taxpayers like myself. Is it by now clear to everyone where I’m headed with this???

According to Statistics Canada, 25.9% of Canadians aged 12 and older smoked tobacco products in 2001. By 2011 the number dropped to 20%. Granted, it would be foolish to assume that use of gore on cigarette packages was the sole reason why there’s been a decline in the number of smokers in Canada, but fact of a matter is, the decline did start to occur after these images were introduced.

This tells us one thing – even the government is well aware of the fact that warning campaigns are much more effective when accompanied with graphic images. It also tells us that when it comes to delivering the message, the government is more than willing to embrace obscenity. So since Canadian government threatened to press obscenity charges against Best Gore, shouldn’t the Canadian government face the same obscenity charges for making it a law to have equally obscene images placed on cigarette boxes? Or are we all supposed to take the sheep way and embrace the double standards?

How come I don’t hear the Canadian sheep bleeping their stupid snouts over the images of bed ridden lung cancer patient Barb Tarbox being used? Her family suffered a terrible loss when she succumbed to cancer to have the images of her last moments in life, in which she looks the way they surely don’t want to remember her as, exploited all over the country. Oh wait, so all of a sudden the sheep realize that what I said before – that there are people who realize that the loss of their loved one cannot be reverted, but their death may be used to help prevent it from happening to others – is true but refuse to retain me in the equation I originally brought up.

And how about the Canadian authorities implying that they were gonna press obscenity charges against me and Best Gore? Should I press obscenity charges against the Canadian government for doing exactly the same damn thing and publically admitting that “young people” are their primary targets, with children as young as 12 year old being part of the target group but anyone, regardless of age being offered unrestricted view of the gore?

Just as the use of graphic images on cigarette packages is proving to be effective in reducing the number of smokers, which in turn reduces the health care and disability (cancer treatment) care costs, so does the use of graphic images on Best Gore continuously prove effective in deterring reckless behavior in many other walks of life. Over the 4+ years of running this website, I’ve received thousands of emails and saw hundreds of comments posted which contained confessions from random people for whom the breaking point was the exposure to real life content on Best Gore.

Best Gore literally does exactly what the Canadian government is doing – uses graphic images to show people what happened to others so they can take charge of their future well being by making more educated decisions. If Best Gore is guilty of obscenity, then so is the Canadian government. I’ll see you in jail, Mr. Harper!

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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140 thoughts on “Public Display of Gore by the Canadian Government – Obscenity?”

  1. Mark: It’s only bad until it’s for the good of the people. This imagery is just for shock value for the sheep. People who want to smoke are going to smoke. I used to smoke cigarettes with the image of a camel on the box. A CAMEL!!! I know. I know!!! That didn’t stop me. What makes anyone think that pictures of emaciated cancer victims is going to change anything? Camel humps… Organ lumps… Meh… We’re all fucked, dude.

          1. Loony!

            You bring smut into this conversation I was having with Whitechapel!

            Which rarely for me. Was totally devoid of smut.

            I don’t know whether to piss myself laughing or sob heavily whilst in the fetal position.

    1. I agree FD.

      We are all going to snuff it anyway.

      I don’t care whether it is by Cancer. Gun Shot or Car crash. As long as it is dying an old man. I don’t want to have to suffer the indignity of not making it to the W.C. On my own.

      1. My mother died five years ago from breast cancer, silly pictures don’t really show the pain of the patient or the family, I will kill myself before I go through the shit my mother did. Its not cancer that will kill you, its the keemo and radiation that kills you, look at the people who died after the US nuked hiroshima, the people who died from the fallout, that was my mother, she looked like a corpse way before she died, it was so bad I was happy she was gone, her pain had ended. Hard times.

        1. I am sorry Glenn.

          All I can say. Is that she is in a better place now mate.

          No worries. No shit.

          Me and my Brothers have a pact. That if one of us fuck ourselves up so badly. We end up in a wheelchair. Totally paralysed. Or so ill we want to take our own life. But can’t.

          We have agreed that one of us brothers would do it for one another.

          None of this fighting in court for 20 years.

        2. I got to watch the same thing happen with my mother, she died from a combination of ovarian cancer and bone cancer. Chemo basically just kills the organs and makes the cancer laugh then you get to watch the person wither and die. My mother actually went insane first, once the cancer got into her brain.
          I still miss her every day, and I’ll never forget those last days and moments.

      2. I’m guessing you must be still relatively young. Life gets more precious as you have less of it left and there are no guarantees even in today’s world that anyone will reach “old age”. There are so many ways to die whatever your age and not all of them are curable or preventable.

  2. It’s pretty hypocritical of the sheep to show commericlas and still ads of what happens when you smoke/drink/take drugs/jack off too much e.t.c but if i wen’t into the street with a poster of a person being run over from this site I’d prob get arrested under some stupid law.

        1. Someone, somewhere, is benefiting financially due to the nonsensical actions of Big government.

          And it isn’t the hard working people.

          Here in the UK. We have a lot of problems with the government subsidising highly inefficient wind farms.

          Then I find out that David Cameron’s father-in-law gets over ?330,000 gross profit each year due to the fact he has wind farms on his country estate.

          It stinks of something rotten.

      1. Look where all the Government’s tax revenue goes.

        You will find that the people who pay the most tax, rarely use Government services.

        The people that use government services the most (illegal immigrants/ criminals) rarely if ever pay tax. Either in consumption taxes or direct taxes.

        I don’t have a problem in paying tax per s?.

        I just have a problem where the money goes.

        Illegal wars.
        Subsidising crime.
        Paying for the world’s freeloaders.
        Implementing the libation agenda.

        If government actually looked after the people it was elected to protect. Fair enough.

          1. I hear ya Sir,

            We have the same problem. Only the difference is. We here in Britain already had a brilliant Rail system. Until a full third of it was axed in the 60s.

            Now the government seem to be happy concreting over our precious countryside (what little we have of it anyway).

            CORRECTION: in my last comment. It should read “implementing the LIBSTAIN agenda”.

          2. Yeah, when they take a perfectly good stretch of road, tear it up for no reason, then rebuild it while forcing every one into the same tiny lane makign rush hour oh so fun. Not to mention how it take 4 weeks to accomplish as well.

    1. Well said! If the sheep don’t like what the Government do and/or don’t like what’s done on this very fine site, who are they going to take the moral high ground with? A Government? I think not.

    1. Last time I heard, they were trying their darndest to be able to add the pictures, but that would just be obscene… Not like the busses with pictures of aborted fetuses on the side that the anitabortion people can park just off school property.

          1. Sorry… The point of what I’m trying to say is that this argument is really neither about obscenity nor tobacco nor abortion. It’s about money and power. Anti-abortionists can park their busses outside of schools where little children can look at pictures of aborted fetuses because it is free speech, but pictures of sick people can’t be put on cigarette packs sold only to adults because it is obscene? If it were about obscenity, then the pictures of fetuses would be condisdered more obscene (in my opinion) and stopped. But this isn’t about that. It is about money. Tobacco (as well as hunting and state lottery) provide most of the money our state brings in. Tobacco also brings in lots of money to our country as well, so no matter the moral status of any of those activities, they will allways have legeslation work out in their favor (either by banning pictures that could hurt sales or by allowing the stuff to be sold period). Antiabortion lobyists are also very much so in power and have a lot of money backing them. They want people to see aborted fetuses, so they show them to people, regardless of the moral status of the act. People may throw around the word obscene, but it really doesn’t mean anything (at least in a country where it is not defined well). While I am delighted that Mark isn’t throwing massive amounts of money at the govt to get them to shut up, that may be the reason that they are calling this site obscene. It is not monitarily powerful. Or perhaps it is, but is not sharing.

          2. No problem, @Trooper. My jaw is dropping that that hasn’t seeped it’s way across the ocean to infect your media yet. Awesome. I hope you are spared oodles of mind-numbingly aweful rhetoric and drama queens sobbing (literally) over the state of the immortal souls of the inhabitants of the USA.

    2. And not trying to piss off all the smokers here… but in the US we have a long track record of denying certain products (sometimes life saving ones) the right to be on the market for even the slightest hint that it might one day in the future kill one cell in your body, no matter the benifit to the rest of you, while letting others go by without even properly testing them. Here we are having a discussion on the lengths to which we can go to discourage smoking, a pastime that undoubtably causes health problems, and the only common knowledge restrictions placed on this product are by age (to buy and be marketed to), pakaging, and trade with the reservations. Yes, the government is being hypocritical… both in its actions towards BG and in its “persuit” of the health of its population. If BG gave as much money to the Canadian Govt as Big Tobacco gives to the US Govt, then they probably would be just fine since it is restricted to 18 year olds.

    3. @pato, yep we have had gorey pics on cigarette packets for years, next I’ve heard the packets have to be all a drab green colour? Giant tobacco companies are fighting it, apparently. Doesn’t bother me, no way would I waste my money on something so foul! Smoking starts from peer(sheep) pressure, its a sheep habit for sure.

      1. I have to disagree I started smoking at 19 I turned down cigs as a minor. The sheep thing is puting down smokers as a nonsmoker. I for one really enjoy having a few cigs every now and then I say just live and let live.

        1. @SpankmyMonkey, not that long ago people could smoke in airplanes, hospitals,restaurants, supermarkets where ever they desired. Now its time for non-smokers to have THEIR way -fresh air! It’s even banned in hotels, pubs etc in Australia (so barmaids, non-smokers don’t get cancer?) 600,000 people die every year from passive smoke. I smoked for about 10 years (from 15yrs old, baa!) now I haven’t had one for coming up 10 years, trust me, non-smoking is better. AND its very hard to stop (for some).

          1. @tiger,have tried for years to
            give up,obsessive compulsion,
            am glad you managed to quit,
            not sure its a sheep habit

            Did you see the size of that
            wombat/diprotodon they
            found in queensland???
            size of a rhino!!!

          2. @odgoso, I heard something about the wombat on the radio, now I’ll have to go ‘google’ it! The ‘mega-fauna’ fascinates me, I think they were around not all that long ago, ( only a couple of 1000 years ago, NOT tens of thousands )The aboriginals were certainly on the continent, did they EAT them ALL? or was it climate related?
            Smoking-I gave up cold turkey! I smoked a whole packet the day before (Winfield Red- very high tar, 16mg’s!) I thought I had cancer already as I had a very painful shoulder (lung cancer symptom) but really I always regretted smoking and it was prob. just an unconscious decision – I was ready to quit! I have never even snuck a single ciggie, not a puff! Good luck giving up @odgoso, you know they are about $20 a packet now?

          3. Apparently, this woman – Barbara Tarbox couldn’t even give up smoking after she was diagnosed with cancer, that’s how hard it is for some people.

          4. @tiger,read there was a large
            number in a pit,and some big
            assed croc teeth there with
            bite marks on the wombats,
            also a large poisonous lizard.

  3. the govt. says do as WE say not as WE do because WE are your overlords and masters and you sheep must be managed because YOU do not know what is bad for YOU and need US to control YOU. from the beginning it has always been so and nothing will EVER change.

    1. I have to disagree Mouse.

      I think that this ‘nanny-stateism’ is a relatively recent thing. It being implemented after the social revolutions in the 60s.

      I believe that we are extremely close to breaking point in western nations. Maybe in a couple of decades we will finally wake up to the reality of what we are doing to ourselves.

  4. Fucking people fucking suck. I’ve just read that Magnotta’s first hearing – only a HEARING – will be in March 2013. So for nine fucking months, Canadian tax dollars will be going to him – and ironically that could include Mark’s tax too.
    You know what, I’m fucking angry. Rotten pieces of living flesh like to make my life miserable, and I can’t stop them unless I want to go on a murderous rampage.
    Why am I even positing a comment. I come on BG and see at least 200+ comments on each post now thanks to the boom of new people. Who the fuck is going to read mine. And why the fuck would they care.
    I hate this world. I hate it so much that I want to leave it. Just. FUCK. UGH.
    I want to rip my insides out. I have never felt so completely trapped by the whole fucking PLANET.
    Fuck it. Just fuck it.

    1. @redredkroovy… Cheer up… Not sure what it’s like in Germany or Canada (depending on where he is), but if it were the US, this would be a good thing. Long waiting periods give the police more time to collect as much evidence as possible while also making it harder for the accused to remember things that could help him get off. Besides… since this isn’t Texas, he probably isn’t going to be exicuted any time soon (or ever), so keeping him for the extra year will be one more year that he is not roaming the streets (assuming he is not found guilty.)

      1. @lunatic, did you see the video of him getting off the plane into the car etc? It looked like he was trying to suppress a snigger? (nerves?) anyway I bet he was upset he didn’t have access to any ‘slap’ (make-up) his skin is terrible!

        1. @Tiger, I noticed that, too. I think he couldn’t hide his delight in having the cameras there. The media and ‘sheep’ talk about gore sites being obscene, sick, blah blah blah, but they are the ones telling everyone where to find the ‘dreaded and THEY are the ones giving Luka the infamy he wants.

          1. Actually, the camera of him getting off the plane was a cop camera, to make sure the little sick fairy didn’t have anything to say as far as rights infringement. He’s refused a psych evaluation and has a “team” of three lawyers. One new one in from Scarborough, and two from montreal. Legal aid isn’t picking up the tab, wonder who is? The press weren’t tipped off of his arrival in montreal until 1 hour beforehand. He’s getting press, but he can’t see it….and its only articles about how sick he is…

    2. I often feel the same way @Red.

      And don’t worry about the influx of new members. All will come well.

      I make a point of reading everybody’s comment. Even if it is just a quick skim… As @Razor says… I need to get laid.

      Maybe you do too? Get rid of this pent up anger.

      If I can put 2+2 together…

  5. Yeah that’s pretty gory. Seems like a slow painful death, sad to reflect on. Sue them for emotional pain and suffering. Barb looks like she was a looker before she got ill. At least here at BG most of the dearly departed usually check out quickly and spectacularly. What’s up with these politicians? In New York City, Mayor Bloomberg want’s to stop supersizing soft drinks. How is a guy supposed to wash down his double cheese bacon burger and curly fries? Damn!

  6. It’s really sad what they’re trying to do in regards to bestgore. But the SOBs will stand by your side Mark. You have planted the seed that will not wither away. I have no doubt that someone will pick up the torch where ever it’s left and continue to educate us. I have been a student for a while now. Don’t remember exactly how long but I do remember the first pic I saw here. The Mexican with his face blasted off in the car with a woman equally as dead (I kno pretty vague) and while I must admit that I was a lurker until just recently (I couldn’t post comment since I was viewing the site on an iPhone) I strongly support you, and this site. The sheep will eventually self immolate themselves once they open their eyes and see the truth, and we SOBs will be there with the marshmallows.

  7. I couldn’t agree with you more mark, but as we all know the government (doesn’t matter which one or where at) is never wrong. They can break laws,make laws,bypass laws all to prove a point. But when someone like you comes along and outdoes the government by using effective measures all of a sudden all shit hits the fan and your now the bad guy. But what can you do people like that will never admit to being wrong or give you the credit you deserve

  8. We’ve had these warnings on cig packs for years in oz, “smoking causes lung cancer”, “smoking cause gangrene” , ” smoking makes your dick fall off” I used to be selective and get the pack that said ” smoking causes harm to others” . Seriously though I didn’t give up until I started coughing up phlegm and feeling like shit all day. I think they should be consistent though and show mangled bodies and beaten up people on the cans/ bottles of alcohol which causes more problems then cigs.

  9. it seems these days everything causes cancer…..a picture on a box wont stop me smoking… of fat kids on the box my quarter pounder comes in wont stop me eating….and i wont stop going out in the sun because it causes skin cancer……they need a new plan

    1. You are absolutely right Razor.

      EVERYTHING causes Cancer. It is a natural disease. As Darwinism teaches us. As we evolve, our predators will evolve to kill us easier.

      I once read a study that came to the conclusion that drinking hot tea increases the chances of Mouth Cancers. Yet at the same time. Reduces the chances of Stomach Cancers.

      The elite are made up of Silver- Spoon Oxbridge/ Ivy league graduates who believe they have a God given right to rule us stupid commoners and make sure we don’t end up killing each other. Because we can’t be trusted you see.

      I have lost my original point here.

      A lot of pent up anger.

      I must be giving the denizens of BG a bit of a headache now!

      1. @Trooper, in the early 1900’s 1 in 83 got cancer, NOW it’s 1 in 2/3 get cancer, just doesn’t SEEM natural? In a 100 years we’ve done THIS to ourselves? What is it, car fumes, pollutants, preservatives etc. combinations of all these things? It’s like a rust or rot for humans, and unfortunately its not pleasant to “die screaming of cancer!”

        1. God knows Tiggy.

          It just doesn’t seem proportionate. An awful lot of the deaths in the early 1900s can be attributed to other. Prevalent diseases e.g. TB, Rabies, Cholera, etc…

          Even then. As you point out. The increase in Cancer deaths seems massively disproportionate.

          It is a scary thing to contemplate. But I try not to think of it.

          My attitude is ‘Que Sera Sera’, whatever shall be shall be.

          1. this is true……but i find people live longer when they have cancer if doctors just leave you the fuck alone……as soon as doctors start operating on you the cancer spreads like wildfire

          2. I have always wo Derek what would be my reaction if I found out I had cancer…

            I think it would be my usual response to everything:

            “Oh well”

            I am not one to create a fuss.

    2. @Razor, WOW you guys get skin cancer from the sun – in Ireland? I thought only us Aussies get baked by the sun! I live in the South of Australia so its the colder part of Aust. but I swear the sun has a ‘bite’ I must have ignored as a kid? (I had a scab on my nose from the sun when I was about 10- I’ll probably lose my nose to skin cancer?) hope not I don’t want a rubber nose! hahaha

      1. I have heard about the Ozzie sun being particularly cruel.

        The thing is about Gaels. Is that we have an extremely light skin complexion. Unlike our continental Germanic and Latin cousins.

        Not all of us are Red heads, most are brown haired. But a traditional identifying factor is light skin and green eyes.

        1. this is true,,,,im so pale i almost glow in the dark hahaha…but while i like my pale skin and have no wish to tan i see people here doing sunbeds untill they are chocolat coloured……which is a shame because girls half my age now look twice as old as me

          1. I prefer to be pale over any other colour. As you said. It makes you look younger then you actually are.

            I only have two colours:

            Red as a Radish (When angry or done exercise).

            What colour eyes are you Razor?

    3. I read that the ink used to print the pictures in the cigarettes boxes can cause cancer.
      I stopped reading news like this because the ink used to print the newspaper can cause cancer.
      Thanks god we have BG!

  10. Honestly gore sites, originally and goregasm (which isn’t around anymore) got me to NOT be reckless and I discovered them at 15-16 years old. I’ve never had a speeding ticket or been pulled over. I never speed. It is too fucking stupid to do so. I’d rather be safe then sorry, don’t want to end up like Nikki Catsuras! Now watch, I get hit by a drunk driver and smashed to smithereens. lol That would be the irony.

  11. Started smoking when I was 14….stopped and picked up in college. Realized it was the reason I couldn’t run as long without getting winded. So I stopped. However I don’t think graphic images would have stopped me I’m way too desensitized.

    1. Anyway, the jist of it was I’m angry. So angry. And full of hate. I want to rip my own insides out and just quit this constricting world. Never have I felt so trapped by the own fucking PLANET.
      But why bother even writing this. I come to BestGore now and see 200+ comments on each post. Who the fuck would read mine? And who would give two shits? Just. UGH. Fuck.
      I need to break something or injure myself or something – I am too full of rage and loathing and hate and just fucking black matter probably.
      So cose to just saying fuck it for good.

      1. Yeah @red, like spank said, we all feel like that sometimes, punch a wall, scream at the top of your lungs, or a real good therapy for releasing is putting your fist through a window. It sounds great which is satisfying, your breaking something which is also satisfying, and chances are you will slice your hand open and there will be blood, which is just plain old great!

        1. Gah. Stupid delay in comments you post. I have ranted more than enough on this page already, I’m sorry for that. No point to it all, no expectations, I just can’t say this in front of any other kind of people because they’d look at you with either pity, contempt or “fuck she’s a psycho”. I know I won’t get that here.

          1. Hey Red, if you live in washington state we could have some hate sex, many of us know that feeling, I’ve felt it for the better part of ten years, I’m still not sure why I havent offed myself yet, today my family accused me of steeling a bunch of pills, I’ve been sober (execpt for a drink or too) for a year, I just cannot escape my past no matter what I do, sometimes all I have is my hate, the few friends I do have sometimes call me spock, cause I have no emotion except anger. good life to you my dear.

  12. The price for overturning everyone’s conceptions about morality and truth always results in someone becoming the scapegoat. Keep doing what you’re doing Mark, and never let the oppressors get the best of you because of all the corruption, violence and human flaws you expose. As for the cancer sticks I’ve always believed that it’s up to the individual to decide whether he/she decides to consume a little taste of death and take responsibility for one’s own actions.

  13. I’m kind of like Ring of Bloodlust and a lurker who recently drug my decrepit body from the shadows to show my support. I’ve been here for a while, eavesdropping on conversations and whispering from the voids, gazing caresses at the bodies, disappearing from time to time as other things consume my attentions, but always returning. Even as the sheep fall upon the site they will be met with the razor wire of the S.O.B.s and BG shall prevail.

    And personally, I don’t really think an emaciated body counts as gore, but then again I’ve probably been around way to many corpses to find emaciation disturbing. I kind of like that the governments are posting pretty pictures on cigarettes now. It’s just a good reason to buy more and keep the boxes. Maybe the sheep will one day see how beautiful death is and embrace it, but it’s not likely since they are sheep and some of the dumbest creatures on earth and possibly other planets.

    Oh well, lamb chops and leg of lamb for all!! And they’ve even been on a nice grain diet

  14. Ahhhh
    O’ world tis it be dumb and dull.
    Don’t know about Canada, But U.S is drafting an “internet bill of rights”
    It’s hard to think it would pass on the floor though, As majority of these law makers have “agreements” with corporate owners who pay them millions to be a puppet for their product.
    Fight on! Show no mercy.
    as for cigarettes, Gross.
    Gives me headaches and makes me depressed for 30 minutes. They do mix great after a couple bowls though.

    1. @baked, I NEVER mixed tobacco with weed (makes it taste foul) even when I smoked cigarettes, now I don’t smoke weed either (but I would probably admit that I miss that, NOT dirty fags though!) I think people mix it to make it burn better? or to make it go further (last longer)?

    1. @beargio2, wow brave to admit that, do you have a poppy plant? I’ve seen a big (ladies fist size) of ‘homemade’ tar before, I’m not sure what happened to it though? I think it was sold….

  15. Someone may have all ready mentioned it, but they have been doing this for a while in Australia and has it worked as well as they hoped? No, definitely not because everyone is just turning over the packages. All I see is advertisements, warnings, pictures and raised prices given to the general public from the government in an attempt to reduce the smokers. It doesn’t work. Obviously they need to re-think their methods.

  16. It may not possess any scientific bearings, but my contribution–personal experience (yes singular)–to defining/the parameters of–> ~obscenity~ … intended to evoke avoidance of health threats… is thus;

    I’m a former smoker. I quit smoking nearly half a decade before encountering BG for the first time. Warning labels, learning that prenatal cigarette smoking was responsible for chronic, severe, lifelong asthma and the mild birth defect of my having abnormally small lungs, and intimate knowledge of carcinogenic content did not deter me throughout the course of the habit.* These were powerful considerations, but not-so-enough that it trumped the physical addiction and acquired mental decompression. What prompted and empowered my permanent cessation was neither self-interest nor (at the time) visible; it was the endowment of safe-guarding the health of my unborn daughter.
    *as an aside–> a (albeit minor) testament to how ~addictive/difficult to quit~ cigs can be; I’ve had friends who’ve personally encountered lung cancer and emphysema in their families still continue/struggle with their habit. I’ve had friends and family with medical education/experience still continue on, unfortunately.

    A lifetime of verbal/textual warnings/recollections never registered half as powerfully as the visual illustrations of danger regularly featured on BG. I now fully appreciate the meaning of “a picture is worth a thousand words”. They have significantly altered my perceptions and self-conduct in virtually every aspect–many a daily occurrence–of life. From automobiles to home security to interpersonal relationships to health to travel to “stranger danger” to weather to bio organisms (parasites/molds/animals/etc.) to workplace safety to a million things more… I am a more aware, cautious, and skeptical person.

    My behaviors changed immediately and profoundly. That is not something any legislation/campaign has yet to accomplish as dramatically. Best Gore succeeded in the government’s task, and then some. It is supposed to be something criminal? A website–something intangible, not mandatory, not a civic requisite/duty, must be explicitly sought out and easily avoidable, not displayed to the public, and succeeds where the government fails–is, at-most, “in poor taste”.

    Even so, that concept is vague and ~highly variable~. Some people feel eating bacon, premarital kissing, sleeveless shirts, wearing shoes in the home, shopping on a Sunday, not extending a sleepover invitation to every visitor to one’s home, literacy in women, etc. are “in poor taste”. That is not valid criteria for prosecution.

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