Purulent Drainage from Muscle of Synthol Abuser

Purulent Drainage from Muscle of Synthol Abuser

So this kid wanted to have killer biceps, but couldn’t be bothered to build them up pumping iron, so he decided to take a shortcut and injected his muscles with Synthol. Out of the blue, he started to look pretty ripped so he got excited and continued pumping more and more of that Synthol into his muscles until shit hit the fan and a load of puss built up under his skin. This video is a recording of him having medical professionals draining this Synthol induced purulent buildup from his muscle. That’s a whole lot of nasty puss he had there.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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48 thoughts on “Purulent Drainage from Muscle of Synthol Abuser”

  1. i love the “medical professionals” statement. The professional is using a blade without a knife handle, no sterile drapes, no suction, and the patient is biting on a rag for the pain, and there is no anesthesia involved. they must be in the back room of the work-out place. I bet a rampant infection sets in right quick, and his arm gets the chop. oy.

    1. a knife handle is not necessary, stab blades are used for drainage. suctioning isn’t done for abscesses, they are manually expressed and flushed. Also you can see him injecting some anesthesia at the start of the video.

  2. Morons like these make me sick. Then again, people who over do the muscle building become ugly. Women included. So, why can’t this lazy ass just do what is natural and NOT USE SYNTHETICS TO MAKE THEM BUFF?! Stop being lazy and work for a change. Do some yard work. Go to the gym. Go out doors. PLAY FUCKING FOOTBALL!! (American Football, mind you. Not European football.) Stupid fucking people.

  3. yep that’s an intramuscular abscess, not the worst i’ve seen but still pretty bad. Bad news is that that stuff is gonna cause fibrosis of his biceps, forget working out for the next 6 months and aesthetics goes out the window. He probably got this from recycling the same syringe, the other arm’s probably shot as well.
    Abscess incision and drainage done, now for the anteseptic flush, jackson-pratt drain, IV antibiotics and a lot of pain meds. plus an ass kicking from his mom.

    1. It’s not just you! It seems pretty common, actually, to be more repulsed by infection and pus than blood and gore. I’m no expert but it makes me think…

      Perhaps our revulsion is instinct.

      The one-two punch of an abscess is the foul odor accompanying a visual lesion. Wounds alone don’t offend the senses quite as strongly, and are localized exclusively to their host. Generally, they don’t pose a threat to external organisms. Decapitation doesnt occur by proxy, for example. standing next to a headless corpse doesnt spell the same fate for the executioner. Infection on the other hand….

      Pus is the transport vehicle for contagion. It does, potentially, pose a threat via contamination. So, perhaps, that may be why pus disgusts more easily than the image of a red flesh wound.

      1. Indeed.

        Though, if it evolves into MRSA that odor will transform into one of the most offensive smells known to man. No kiddin’…

        The ex was very “western medicine is bullshit/a scam, and everything is no big deal/can be treated at home” minded, so this Captain Superior allowed an abscess to fester and spread into full-blown MRSA. He refuted every suggestion of medical care and patronized my concern until the pain was nearly crippling him.
        He went to the ER for treatment and came home with a massive wad of gauze and a small tube inside the gauze to allow further draining… Which occurred at bed-time.

        Throughout the course of my life, i’ve encountered sewage plants, skunks, paper mills, spoiled food, the liquified remains of a dog inside a trash bag dumped midsummer in a hot, humid ditch, road-kill/decomposing cow carcasses/other dead fauna, mold, un-tended/backed up lavatories and animal pens, a slaughterhouse, methane piping, urine and stool of every consistency, vomit, rampant body odor in the unhygienic and this abscess smell topped all of them by far.

        It was the most flight-inducing, nauseating, stomach folding, nose-traumatizing, throat contracting smell I’ve ever had the displeasure to experience. I couldn’t remain in the room until a strong cinnamon candle burned for a bit.

  4. You know… I feel sorry for this guy. I recently started an odyssey to get fit, and I lost over 100 lbs and have been doing serious weight training, and I’m happy about that. But people like this have trouble. They’re sick and they need to know that lines need to be drawn in the fight to get to perfection.

    Take me, I lost a ton of weight, and as a result, my body has that loose “melty” look, and I’m fine with that, because at least I’m healthier. Guys like this don’t do things for health, it’s all for vanity. They feel they have to look perfect, and they don’t understand how unneccesary it is.

  5. yes and no, they could have done better by using a kidney basin so they don’t soil the table as much. on the case of sterile drapes, this is just and incision and drainage of an abscess, that stuff coming out will always be more contaminated that anything that can possibly go in, so sterile drapes aren’t really a necessity. On the anesthesia part, local anesthetics don’t really penetrate abscesses (look it up if you want). So most abscesses are drained with some local anesthetic around the incision site, sadly not enough to numb the area. The abscess is surrounded by a capsule of dead tissue, this makes anesthetic injections useless. You could go with general anesthesia but that has more risks than benefits for the procedure. So, sorry to those guys with abscesses, but if its going to be drained, you might have to tough it out.

    1. Right you are bloke. I had 3 teeth pulled from an abscessed jaw and try as they might, no local jab worked. I would’ve had to wait to get it done at hospital (I was 12 and this was 1978 in Australia). I not only felt but heard every single fucking crunch as my teeth were pulled out in pieces.

  6. looks like an emergency room. If you’ve been to a trauma center before you’d know they can’t clean that often. The floor sometimes looks like they just slaughtered a beached whale. The table looks like one of those old delivery tables. This is probably a third world emergency room.

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  8. I’m very impressed that you accomplished that much weight loss. Good for you, I bet you feel better all around, too. My mom and my aunts had to have the old style stomach staples years ago because they couldn’t lose the weight. Extra skin or not, I bet you look great.

    Lucky for me I took after my sperm donor, a tall lanky guy. I get a little excess weight but thankfully I lose it well. I got the lanky but not the tall.

  9. The finger in the hole is to make sure that any infective reside is removed, and to make room for the insertion of the antiseptic soaked fabric wash and drain insertion.

    Usual kind of treatment for non-surgical abscesses

  10. G’day ephemunch. I respect Rugby, hate the fanatacism of Soccer and think Grid Iron a game for Pussy’s. Having said that, Australian Rules Football is No.1 for me. Bet you can’t guess where I’m from?

  11. GOD…!! Of everything I’ve seen on this site, this is the ONLY one that made me shiver and say “EEEEW”

    Ghhaaa..!! It’s really, really nasty..!

    Also, such a mooooron! It’s just.. Stupid, come on xD .. Dumbass

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