Pus Extracted from Infected Tattoo

Pus Extracted from Infected Tattoo

It’s the one thing as a tattoo lover that you hope never happens, your very expensive, time consuming skinwork becoming infected. Having many tattoos myself, I’ve always taken very good care of mine and most people are well informed about proper care for their new tattoo. This man here, doesn’t look like any tattoo newb, but something has clearly gone horribly awry. Whether from the process of the tattooing itself or through improper care, the tattoo on this man’s back has become infected. Infected to the point of building up an abnormal amount of liquid pus and blood of which must now exit…

I implore you to put down your dinner before viewing. Badass props to Best Gore member Kay for the video.

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    1. My youngest son… Yes he’s 18 😉 … Watched this video… He wants to get tatted up like me… Now not so much I think… 😀 LMAO!

      That was a sick, disgusting and putrid post @Obli and @Kay… You guys/gals keep up the good work… 😉

      1. You’re right, Gnat! Nothing short of sick, disgusting and putrid. Might as well skip lunch today. Lol.

        BTW, my college buddy who sent this video to me found your comment especially funny! 😀

    1. They do that to make sure they get the core out so that the pus doesn’t build up again. This is how my BG nane came about; I had 4 of them in under a year and had to get every one lanced! Anyway turns out I had MRSA caused by a problem with my imune system ehich I am now on med for and have not had another reaccurance 🙂

  1. Sometimes, the artist uses bad ink with metals in it that causes toxic reactions. Your body might not like the mercury, lead, nickle, arsenic or other poisonous material that’s been injected into your skin.

  2. This is a product of what is know as a “scratcher” in the tattoo community. I’ve seen this video circulating for a bit now. You get what you pay for folks, have your buddy do your tattoo for cheap in his kitchen with old boiled needles (IF they even attempt that shitty method of cleaning) and instead of that “awesome” design you guys came up with over a case of cheap beer you end up on an OR table with a doctor finger fucking the volcano erupting pus and blood all over your back.

  3. I got this tattoo sleeve on my arm it’s been there for years. Its on my shoulder to my elbow and at the shoulder it got infected after I got it but it was only in the tattoo line. It still comes and goes and I don’t know why but it’s not as bad as that.

  4. Mmm a gallon of gooey goodness…ahhh, just kidding how fucking nasty! And to think in prison they use baby oil and Cotten to make tattoo ink and put in in themselves! I have tattoos also and this scares me because I still want more. Just have to have to be sanitary. A tattoo is a wound and you have to treat it right so it heals properly.

  5. Eating mushroom soup while watching this …And gave me the idea of mixing a bit of cream of tomato soup into it to add some color. yummy yum yum looks like that bloody pus about to slide down my tongue XD

  6. I got my neck covered, part of my head, and another 40 or so tattoos on my body and many have become infected you just throw on a little poly sporin and it will heal with in the next few days.
    A lot of mine were spur of the moment i would throw partys and have a tattooist there to ink everybody all night for a flat rate we were high and drunk it was fun to say the least anyway, if you notice the skin becoming irritated or redden where the new tattoo is that is the signs of infection and you must deal with it immediately or you might end up like this person in the video :p

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