Removal of Ingrown Nail with Pliers

Removal of Ingrown Nail with Pliers

Pliers – preferably a few of them and of different sizes and a box cutter. That’s what you need for an at home, do it yourself ingrown nail removal. The dude from this video could tell you all about it.

I got to say he was being a trooper pulling that toe nail off without any whining, but poking your open, bleeding flesh with tools you find around a garage without first disinfecting them in some fashion – that’s looking for more trouble than an ingrown nail could cause. Still, props to the guy for no messing around and just getting it done. The “smell” commentary made me whiff that shit too:

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  1. Wow finally a video on here that I actually refuse to watch. Nail injuries are the only thing I can’t fuck with. Weird how watching beheadings isn’t shit to me, but removing an ingrown nail..agh..makes me cringe just thinking about it.

  2. Oh God, did I perform a lot of these when I was working as a medic for a basic training squadron. I still get queezy watching them. This one has some balls to do that alone, but then again it might just be me being sentimental about it. The smell on them upset my liking for cornchips for quite a while now. Its been 8 years, still no chips.

  3. I experienced similar ingrown toe nail as this guy as often. Let me tell you, IT FELT GOOD when you plucked the damned ingrown nail outta your toe. Can’t really feel pain that much because it hurts so much when the ingrown toenail embed so deep in toe so I’d just ignore the pain and get it done. I did similar method as this guy but I used a clean small scissor and tweezer and lot of hydrogen peroxide.

    1. I got them as a child. A couple years ago I just delt with the few Weeks of pain and wore flipflops while they grew out past the cuticle. So long I keep them as long as the tip of my toe the issue doesn’t come back again. It wasn’t minor pain and if I bumped my foot in that time I’d bleed like crazy. I wanted pretty feet so I put up with it.

  4. The problem with home removal of ingrown toenails is that the nails tend to grow back in the same direction. Foot doctors cauterize both sides of the nail close to the skin so that the nail will grow straight out. I had this procedure done and am happy with the results. I’ve discovered that a lot of home medical procedures are done because, unfortunately, lack of health insurance. I’m a “Pop that Zit” fan, which shows people taking videos popping zits, boils, cysts, etc. at home, but most of the “poppers” look like their hands haven’t seen soap and water for a month and have dirty fingernails. If you can’t afford latex gloves, at least wash your hands, dude!

    1. You’re right. That’s almost regular treatment for ingrown toe nail. It’s actually a very simple procedure, it just nice to have a local anesthetic, NaOH, a clean pair of scicors and some bandages. The root of the nail is actually just a lumpy extension of the nail you can see. If you cut through to about 0,5-1cm below the nail belt and tap the surrounding tissue with some NaOH (or other agressive substance), the nail will never grow back.

    1. Probably because this is fairly common. Everybody with feet knows how various types of foot, nail, and toe/finger pain feels. Not many people know, or can even imagine, what a knife or chainsaw cutting through your neck/throat feels like. It’s just closer to home.

  5. I have a toenail condition where either my toenails don’t grow at all, or if they do grow they are clumpy, incgrowing and come off very easily. Anyway I had all my ingrowings removed and at least now I am not in pain every day. I had mine done the right way 🙂

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