Removal of Parasitic Finger at Beer Fueled Party

Removal of Parasitic Finger at Beer Fueled Party

Removal of Parasitic Finger at Beer Fueled Party

According to the information I got, this was filmed in Rota 443 Pub in Nova Veneza, a municipality in the state of Santa Catarina, Brazil. The video shows an apparently beer fueled removal of a parasitic finger from a pinky of a beer buddy.

The guy with the extra finger looks like he’s maybe in his late 20’s early 30’s, meaning he lived with the parasitic growth for decades, and now someone decides to cut it off on a dirty pub table, using a kitchen knife and a hammer.

The fact that the butcher was probably himself a little tipsy doesn’t make it all any better. He literally butchered the amputation when he hit and missed the knife with the hammer three times, before finally striking the knife.

Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420media for the video:

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        1. You should live there and enjoy the dirt roads anywhere outside the cities. They are talking about taking Formula One out of Brazil because the country is a fucking waste. I hope the US cuts all your fucking trees down and wipes their ass with all the paper..

      1. Mel Gibson should do another movie about Brazilian gangsters called Gang Signs. It will revolve around the irony that they all wear swim shorts, but they must be allergic to water because they all look dirty.

        1. Haha! Funny guy! Did you see Apocalypto his mayan movie of First Contact? Well worth it if you are into thinking movies and i reckon you are. Those poor buggers were constantly slopping in mud and dirty!! Haha!

          Great movie,great actor ,great activist. No good deed goes unpunished!

          I keep saying to my loved ones. “I was an Indian in a former life! “. I am salivating just on thinking of hot steaming naan bread, rice, chicken and lamb and every fucking thing! Yumm!


          Where are all your peers, brother?
          Don’t answer if too controversial.

          1. Apocalypto is one of my favorite movies of all time. Braveheart was awesome as well. I like Mel Gibson. When the mainstream media starts trying to destroy someone, there is a good chance that speak the truth, and that is dangerous for the establishment.
            I was unable to log in for about a week, and apparently the site has been experiencing some problems related to cookies. It’s possible that other members are having the same problem I had.

          2. Cool . It was beautifully filmed ,great story and the colour was wild.
            He was going to do another such on the Christians of the Near East ie Turkey,Syria and Lebanon about the Isis -Like slaughters at the start of the 1900s. He was warned off by the Turco/Erdogan/zionist lobby ;very powerful in the Us.That movie promised to be as good if not better than Apocalypto. A pity.

            See you around.


        1. Nem that’s what war is about, you destroy a country by levelling every building in the place then the victors get the building contracts, it worked for the allies in europe and it will work for america again when they run out of money, they’ll trigger a war in europe with all those ragheads they let in, destroy, get the building contracts, rebuild, play the hero @hopingfornemesis

          1. @hopingfornemesis You’re welcome Nem. I’m not that intelligent myself, i sometimes call myself stupid from decisions i make. I’m destined to remain poor due to stupidity.

          2. @hopingfornemesis Well Nem i just want to tell you, off topic i know but last night there were some weird and strange thunder and lightning storms in London that lasted for about 2 hours, it was like constant flashing of lightning just like if a light bulb is flickering. Strange times we’re in Nem.

          3. Thanks Nem, Coming from you that mean a lot. Where’s our friend sookiex by the way? She’s hiding a lot these days.

  1. I’d have made use and been happy not bowing to pressure to fit in looking same as every other cunt, at least he could have held a beer and a smoke in his right hand while holding a taco in his left and used that little nub to rub a scratch card all at same time. Fucking idiot just lost a lucky finger tip

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