Rocketboy Suffers Severe Frostbites Getting Drunk in Edmonton

Rocketboy Suffers Severe Frostbites Getting Drunk in Edmonton

Earlier today an extraordinary thing happened. I took a walk to a grocery store like I do every day and saw a young Caucasian female driving a car in Edmonton and not texting. I don’t remember seeing that in at least 10 years that I’ve paid attention. It seemed a bit weird that she would notice a pedestrian as she was pulling out of a driveway cause they’re normally all too engaged texting to feel bothered by pedestrians.

Speaking of Edmonton – I got an email from a Best Gore member who’s a fellow Edmontonian. He sent me pictures of another Edmontonian who calls himself Rocketboy (he longboards). In early 2011, Rocketboy had a drinking experience go wrong in downtown Edmonton and would like his pictures to serve as a reminded to everyone “too cool” for mittens, that a misfortune like that could easily happen to them too. This is neither the first time for pics from Edmonton on Best Gore, nor it is the first time for pics of frostbites.

After drinking 8oz of vodka and 7 beers in about 30 minutes, the alcohol got the better of Rocketboy. He ended up passed out, face-down, in a snowbank Downtown Edmonton. It was -35 Degree Celsius outside. A passing tow-truck driver found him, after he was laying there for about 30 minutes. Doctors said if he was found 10 minutes later, he would have died.

Rocketboy sustained 3rd degree frostbite on his hands, 2nd degree frostbite on his ears, nerve damage, internal nerve damage due to the tibial pin in his right leg from breaking it 6 months prior, and an appreciation for wearing mittens. He didn’t lose any of his limbs, and healed surprisingly well, aside from the nerve damage. Thanks to some physiotherapy, he still has much use of his hands.

It’s hard to explain what winters on the prairies are like to anyone who’s never experienced them. I always laugh when Ontario ends up all paralyzed after getting its first inch of snow cause it makes the national news. Yet by that time Edmonton has been under 2 meters of snow for 3 months with blizzards and cold snaps they’ve never even heard of.

Alberta has very strong economy so we get lots of people coming from all over the place. Poor fuckers have no idea what they’re getting themselves into. It really doesn’t matter where you come from, when Alberta winter strikes, you’ll swear you’ve never been this cold. But that’s not all Alberta is known for. We also have snobby, gold digging bitches with almost universally ugly feet and hissing speech impediment driving around while texting on their cell phones despite the distracted driving law in effect.

Props to Best Gore member whatsyourbestgore for the pics and story:

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  1. Bet he won’t do that again..he is lucky too, my brother was in the hospital for an extended period of time and made friends with this girl who had frostbite and they amputated all of her fingers and toes….it turns all black and shit. This guy was lucky…

        1. I dunno Luna, I’d be too worried that all that blistery shit would pop and I’d wind up gagging and heaving all over him….naw, those hands too nasty. I may be a closet slut, but that doesn’t make me trashy…ffs. Well actually it does, but only with my partner…o never mind.

          1. Thank you @baked for finding my comment so beautiful. Even in my degenerate mind, I try to filter my filth. I am too vocal, so I have learned to try, I said try, put in effort to limit my juvenile wording.

    1. Pace yourself? wheres the fun in that?
      I say, know how much Alcohol you can take, and dont over drink that limit, and make sure your in a save drinking environment and not on a Snow-bank in subzero degree. Just saying.

      1. So Bitchwithaplan, what is your plan exactly???….haha,jk, great name, I think I’ll change mine to berkabitchwithahiddenagenda….It wasn’t that gory, but it was absolutely gross, those pus filled bubbles must have stunk, I’ve seen abscesses that have that shit in them, and they reek. Mmmm…yummy.

        1. Those aren’t pus filled. They’re clear fluid, mostly water. In more severe cases there may be some blood mixed in. (as we see above) The only time there would be anything close to “pus” would be if wet gangrene set in. That happens later and would result in amputation. Those blisters are severe but not pus filled.

          1. 7 down center, looks pretty not clear to me, but hey, maybe my screen is off. I had a blister when I was 14(many many eons ago)on my f you toe and my index toe, from those stupid flip flops and the water was anything but clear, the doctor sliced it open, and it stank. It was more than yellow though… was nasty and it may well have also begun by a splinter, and become infected, with the rubbing from the two toes on that center piece it made it worse, I dunno. It’s one of those things my mentalness has put a block up to….

  2. The kid looks barely 14. Surprising his scrawny frame could handle that much booze. Suppose it was a race as to whether the cold or the alcohol would kill him first. Did he drink all of that alone too? I’m guessing so, or he has shitty friends who would just laugh at their mate facedown in the snow then leave him.

        1. Actually, if he was drinking the standard type vodka of 40%, that freezes at around -27 degrees celcius. Mark said the kid was in -35c conditions – more than cold enough for certain vodka’s to freeze. Oh and it’s ‘froze’, freezed aint a word.

  3. That shit looks fuckin nasty. Glad the kid is healing & ok , thanks to that tow- truck driver he is still around . Man oh man that Sophie , pick of the day girl has the sexiest , natural , body i have ever seen in my life . Perfect labia & those horns of plenty are not fakes , wow…

    1. Labia, that is one of those words that used to make my M.E. class laughing(sex ed) Like vulva, scrotum and of course, clitoris. Funny how immature we used to be when we were in high school. Maybe it’s because most of us were in fact “high” Anyhow, I agree, those postules were disgusting(rough translation from french, sorry) By the way, I noted you are Ontarian…..hehe, I’m on the border, near vaudreuil/solanges. You are after or before Ottawa? It’s an hour from here/give or take.

        1. @ HMD good day my fellow ottawa homeboy , love your avatar man pretty funny. It reminds me the time we travelled to halifax ,nova-scotia and on the last day noticed a restaurant called BUBBLES MANSION . It is a fuckin restaurant owned by Bubbles himself. Man i was pissed . It was 6 am , and it was closed. Had no choice to head back to ottawa because the next day i had to go to work.

      1. @daweeka , I live about half an hour from south of (west end ) of ottawa. For me to drive to downtown montreal (crescent & mont – royal) takes me exacly 2 hours. I love montreal and travel there often. Last time was 2 years ago for the Sir Paul Mcartney concert. you are a lucky girl to live in such a diverse cosmopolitain city & of course also have the planets best smoke meat sandwitches . he he .As for where you live , i would say about one & a half hours. half an hour to the 401 and then one hour on the 401 to vaudreuil. We are pretty close by. Pretty cool if you ask me …

  4. many many fv remove themselves from this existance by indulging in various intoxicating substances. in my my youth i foolishly indulged many x in Scarface Tony Montana’s product which resulted in emergency room trips and near heart attacks. the feeling of immortality that comes with youth is very misleading. we can all die at any time and it doesn’t take much. once you blow your heart up with blow that’s all she wrote. lights out. end of game. the fat lady has sung.

      1. Ooooo…a CLAPPER!!! How about some crabs & public lice, yummy. Sounds like a healthy daily diet, your fats, protein and seafood. Oh and cheese/calcium. Vitamin D(isease) Perfect HLAM. Absolutely deliciouso..!

  5. I tell you, a province/country where the water frozes on you car’s radiator in winter is not right. Henry Ford would have never invented mass produced cars if born there.
    On the other hand, ULANBATAAR, capital of MONGOLIA and some russian siberian city are currently squabbing about who’s the Coldest City in the World. Looks like the ruskies got the upper hand in later years, but the mongols still hold several all-time-low temp records…

      1. @daweeka the only thing i remember is that I was rolling around the grass with my shirt off then I was taken inside my step brothers house and blacked out on the floor then woke up again and they were watching stan helsing XD they were all stoned this happend to me last year XD I was 17 I’m
        Not going to lie I like partying hard who doesn’t

    1. Hahaha, thats classic shit man…..good thing they weren’t emptying it, I woke up on a respirator after having a beer drugged on me, total blackout, thats what you get from accepting an open beer from a stranger…..I was 29 at the time. I still don’t remember(nor do I wish to)what the fuck happened that night. I was in a haze for about four days after.

      1. Bloody hell Lisa… Good thing you weren’t too traumatised by the whole thing!

        Or at least I hope you weren’t.

        Nasty, nasty business those sorts of drugs. My old mates used to use em.

        I was offered some to use on a night out. I refused immediately..

        A quick kneetrembler in a stinky back alley is no fun.

        1. Well rape, is rape, whether be it the woman is drunk, stoned, passed out, or you take her by beating the shit out of her. I am certain that was the outcome, as they found me, unconscious and barely breathing behind a mini mall. Why would some asshat who was driving me home, drop me behind a row of buildings. Anyhow, it happened a long time ago, so I will not attempt to probe my memory about it now.

  6. I wish we could get at least some snow down here, enduring through the worst heat wave in years isn’t any fun. Neither is losing a limb to frostbite but you know what I mean.

    Those hands looked with their bulbous appearance and those icky blisters, can’t imagine why anyone would think it’s a good idea to get drunk in a place where temperature reaches the negatives.

      1. @Kels- I live in California, the closest I’ve ever been to snow is from buying a slurpee at a 7-Eleven. I’ve thought about going up to the mountains in winter but I bet the sudden change in altitude would probably make me light-headed so I’ll just stick my head in the freezer for now.

        It’s currently 104 degrees outside and 92 degrees inside my apartment. I would gladly take snow over heat any day of the week.

        1. @NihlismGrave – I’ve never been to Cali but I can imagine. I’m a bitch because I don’t like the extreme cold or heat. But I’m glad to live in a city that has all 4 seasons. Fall is by far my absolute favorite time of year. It’s 92 in your apartment? You need an AC!

          @Tulio – shhhhhhhhhhhh..!

        2. @nihilism
          You should go! The altitude change wont make you lightheaded at all. Ive been up almost 15K feet above sea level and felt fine minus the thin air causing me to be a little exhausted.
          Plus you guys have some lovely resorts down there:)

  7. Ah yeah, this is my best friends buddy. He sent Mark all the pics he had assuming Mark would pick the best of the bunch, guess Mark has a soft spot for his fellow Edmontonians. Not the most graphic shit but it goes to show that Alberta winters are ruthless.

  8. I bet that guy didn’t learn anything from this. He’ll probably go on with his life and get drunk with his friends again and do something else stupid. This is a good example of “fleshy virus.” What an asshole.

    1. @buffsmom well guess what this stopped all consumption of liquor, I may still drink but solely beer also I no longer give a damb what people think of my stupid gloves and enormous jacket, this was the single most painfull experience of my life, also what wasn’t mentioned was the fact I had the first debridal (removal of dead/dying flesh) without so much as an advil and it is done with a scalpel and took about 20 minutes, so do you still think I didn’t learn anything?

  9. I think its time for an open post for discussing Alberta’s gold digging bitches with ugly feet and foot fetish in general.
    Regarding Rocketboy’s retarded experiences with extreme alcohol intake and temperature, I must say that Im very lucky to have spent my retarded youngster years in a place which rarely frozes in winter…probably saved my life 😀

  10. i had a similar experience, one sunday morning while working. I am a refrigeration repair man, and was called out on a weekend for a walk in cooler. I was in a rush and loosened a connector on the piping system which blew out and started pissing high pressure refrigerant somehwere in the range of 200 psi. This pissed me off greatly, so instead of using my hungover from the night before brains, i attempted to reconnect the fitting without gloves on and was very unsuccessful. i exposed my bare skin to this high pressure refrigerant for about 30-45 seconds, this caused my index and middle fingers to turn white with frost and numbed them completely. Once i realized i was not going to connect this thing until the pressure went down, i stopped. My fingers defrosted to a nice dark reddish hue. And i made the connection at around 20-30 psi. once the numbness went away, my fingers felt like they had been held over an open flame for about 30-45 seconds. They looked exactly like Rocketboys puss filled blisterd fingers. There is water in your skin and when they get frost bitten, that water crystalizes and expands in your nerve endings. Simply put, it fucking hurts like a motherfucker. But he will live, and keep his fingers, as long as they dont turn black.

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