Russia – Leg Amputation on Koaxil Abuser with Gangrene

Russia - Leg Amputation on Koaxil Abuser with Gangrene

Russia - Leg Amputation on Koaxil Abuser with Gangrene

In Russia, Koaxil is a common drug which can be purchased without a prescription. Because it’s relatively cheap and widely available, it became a popular drug of choice among Russian heroin addicts who could no longer afford heroin. The man in this video is a 26 year old male, heroin addict who switched to Koaxil and ended up with intravenous injections. His issues were probably related to the use of non-sanitized needless, rather than an intravenous abuse of Koaxil.

On top of a Hepatitis C, the patient also developed a dry gangrene of the foot and a wet gangrene of the thigh. Due to alleged contamination and ethical concerns, prior to undertaking regular surgical amputation, the patient had the lower half of his lower leg sawed off using Russian Gigli Saw without any form of anesthesia or painkillers. However because gangrene damages the nerves through necrotic processes, the patient allegedly did not feel a thing.

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44 thoughts on “Russia – Leg Amputation on Koaxil Abuser with Gangrene”

  1. I usually find it hard to watch ‘surgery’ gore but that wasnt too bad, how’s the nice white bone?! The whole freaking story is just incredible. Excellent stuff BestGore!

  2. This should have been done in an OR. Sawzalls (reciprocating saws) aren’t really used in medicine, we prefer the titanium toothed Gigli wires, one time use only and very sharp. The nice clean white bone is very dead bone. Healthy bone presents with a Paprika sign when exposed. This will most likely be an above knee amputation as the entire tibial and fibular medulla appear dead (no bleeding).

  3. Trauma, you read my mind. I was wondering about contamination around the person who had the amputation. I know the procedures in Russia are different but still….. Maybe its because the patient was/is already dying from hepatitis.
    Someone asked why this is on youtube, I can’t think of a better anti drug message. Nasty shit. I can’t imagine what it would be like to watch/feel/smell my hands or feet rotting off my body while I’m still alive. I’ll never understand needle jockeys.

  4. @Trauma if is an above knee amputation, he should have asked to keep the bone whole! imagine telling people “yeah, this is my tibia, fibula” now it’s only good for the dog

  5. Crikey!! I had to have a large amount of my intestine removed which had twisted and developed gangrene and believe me it hurt like buggery before surgery and after for months even with copious amounts of morphine.

  6. Dunno why they decided cut the bone there. I’d personally rush this as an emergency OR and cut everything from above the knee down.
    Not so sure about the koaxil thing, but there is a new drug called desomorphine they make at home in russia out of codeine tabs. I think they called it krokodile/krokodil/crocodil? if I remember correctly.

  7. Glad to see you back on the med videos enlightening all of us Trauma. Why would they have placed plastic around the infected area? I thought I have heard about desomorphine in anabolic steroids that causes the muscle to harden and shape oddly? My brother is a medic with the army and I asked him about bone marrow. he described to me that there’s two types. one is thicker and I believe he said yellow and another kind isn’t and more liquidy. Because the bone is dead down below his knee is that why I can’t detect evidence of any?

  8. Thanks for your information Trauma. I can’t imagine what this guy was thinking as the lower half of his leg is rotting off, the other about to follow suit. I guess he knew it was bad enough that he had to wrap it in saran wrap.

  9. the whole ‘let’s saw off your tib/fib in the waiting room’ is more than a little disturbing, but I am used to US ORs. I’ve seen gangrenous body parts (blackened shriveled toes, fingers, penii, buttocks) but never the gas gangrene. It looked like they had a clear ioban-type film wrapped around it just to maybe keep the stank down. They should, like Trauma stated, just whipped his butt into the OR and did a bilateral AKA. They would use a large battery operated saw with a one inch wide blade to saw through the femur/s. In my work, I’ve only seen the gigli saws used to make a hollow into a bone to allow for laying down a vessel used in by-pass surgery, as in a fem-pop, or fem-tib for example. If that bone was alive, there’d of been little droplets of blood flying all over the place. all in all, what a fucked up thing to watch your legs get whacked off while fully conscious!

  10. With all the medical people around, has there been any modern day cases to where they had to amputate a leg while the person was conscious and if so what were the circumstances that made the doctors do that?

  11. the smell of rotting human skin and muscle has a stank like no other. not your kinda musky dead animal smell; it’s quite indescribable. this patient we had was about 400 lbs., diabetic, had rotting decubitus ulcers on his buttocks and thighs, necrotic tissue, and did I mention he was homeless, a uni-lateral amputee, and wheelchair bound? I thought I was having a bad day-until then!!!! He was in pre-op for HOURS this way, and the smell was like no other. It’s all pervasive, cloying, nauseating, and ‘ORRID! and he was only 32. Let’s appreciate every good moment we have!!!

  12. How bad a junky do you have to be to let your foot rot the fuck off and just wrap it in a bag and keep shooting up? I believe the cure for his condition would be high speed transcortical lead injection, a therapy which should be liberally applied to all sub human filth of his kind.

  13. Id get that Wo-tang Clan tattoo removed too but damn. Also didn’t know they were big over there. In soviet russia ve don’t fuck around vith pussy little lazer tattoo removal ve kill and cut your leg oof.

  14. I’m a huge gore fan,and I’m also a “PTZ kind of thing” obsessed,and I never get…disgusted.
    But that was pure stupidity,and it made me cringed.

    C’mon,the poor guy has is leg wrapped in some kind of saran-wrap(*).
    The “surgery” was made on a hash tray holder for god sake.
    I will never understand.

  15. Having worked as a ‘Transfer’ Manager in the funeral industry I can vouch for the unpleasant stench that emanates from gangrene. As for the video,I would have preferred to have seen them saw his head off with the Gigli wiresaw. Haven’t seen that yet,although I’m sure a Mexican will think of it for a laugh sooner or later…

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