Scenes from China During Novel Coronavirus Epidemic

Scenes from China During Novel Coronavirus Epidemic

Scenes from China During Novel Coronavirus Epidemic

The video is a compilation of videos from China filmed during the ongoing novel coronavirus epidemic.

As all signs seem to point to the fact that the novel coronavirus is a bioweapon, keep in mind that China is one of Jewish greatest success stories. There is hardly another country in the world where the entire population is totally and utterly hoodwinked to worship the Jew and every thing Jewish. Maybe only India measures up, as they got that mutilated cock way down their throats as well and adore being on their knees, sucking it.

In China, the entire population has been successfully indoctrinated to see Jews as above everyone else, with book about how be smart, rich, and successful by imitating Jews flying off the shelves, universities offering Jewish Studies programs, and the Chinese slaves seen as unworthy of the holiness of the Jew, unless they worship the Jew hard enough to earn the privilege to lick the breadcrumbs from the side of their table.

It should come as no surprise that essentially all Chinese land is poisoned with Monsanto pesticides, and the population is used as the litmus test for what’s to come to less indoctrinated nations who don’t so readily fall into the line of Jew worship. Once China fully rolls out their social credit system, their circumcised overmasters will use the lessons learned making the Chinese fully controllable, to expand the system further afield.

Props to Best Gore member @anon3322 for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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154 thoughts on “Scenes from China During Novel Coronavirus Epidemic”

      1. Their just lucky all the choke collars have been sent to Hong Kong…amazing what these Orwellian fucks get up to…if everybody keeps buying their rubber dog shit from them instead of Taiwan they gunna take over the world.

      2. Wow,,, thanks for This @VincitOmniaVeritas or Mark, for this so-important write-up and lesson for all of us S.O.B’s As i was completely unaware of the level of indoctrination that The Chinese had succumbed to at the hands of their Jewish Overlords.

        Furthermore,,, i had my doubts that this Corona-Virus was yet another Jewish-Attempt to thin out the worlds population being to the next plague that i truly believe was another completely purposely spread & made-up Disease in order to kill as many as possible in a shot time.


        1. If you want to think like that, I can’t help it. The patrol on the street with a gun is completely to prevent someone from robbing. Listening to Western media brainwashing you all day thinks you are smart. We blocked 99% of the virus in China. Do you think any other country can do it? Each of us sacrifices our free space to fight the virus. In your opinion, it is a government brutality. It is really mentally retarded. I certainly don’t want to do this. Why can’t the virus spread to you at random, these white nigger, but unfortunately it’s not going to work.

          1. 我也这么认为,这个是最好的控制方法,疫情已经在2个月之内得到控制,我们地区以及没有出现病例了,反观意大利和英国以及美国,意大利已经出现混乱,英国已经开始放弃治疗,美国口罩已经开始供不应求同时隔离病房达到4000美金/天,你们拿什么东西来说我们??有本事你们把疾病控制做的更好,让每个人都进行一次快速高效的病毒检查,而不是纷纷顶着高昂的机票价格逃往世界各地未感染的地区??都快去格陵兰岛吧,那里适合你们(瘟疫公司梗)
            I also think that this is the best way to control the epidemic. The epidemic has been controlled within two months. There are no cases in our region. On the contrary, Italy and the United Kingdom, as well as the United States, have been in chaos. The United Kingdom has begun to give up treatment. The U.S. mask has been in short supply and the isolation ward has reached 4000 dollars / day. What can you say about me Who? Do you have the ability to do better in disease control, so that everyone can have a quick and efficient virus test, instead of running to uninfected areas around the world with high ticket prices?? Go to Greenland. It’s suitable for you

      3. …May I just say
        “oh! It’s a video showing police violence in China !”
        When I finish it , I feel my sexual interest has gone.
        You will never see the Chinese police shooting someone in the street. Sad
        Let me tell you why they use tether.
        1.China have too many people ! If the criminal want some American-rights .they should keep the law in the special time .
        2.You know the special time. Keeping distance between people and people is important. So they use it
        3.Yeah special time

          1. If really are
            You should thank China to make you be happy.
            Thousands of people dead in China because of the virus, really make you laugh.
            You are a fucking qualified member of Best Gore. Bitch

          2. It explains. That’s just to keep the distance, of course, maybe it’s ridiculous, as far as I’m concerned, but it shouldn’t be ridiculed, ridiculed

      4. As a Chinese , we could see that things not so bad like the editor said, you can see Italy, France and everywhere not in China, people are in panic and didn’t regard corona virus as a big thing ….such as don’t wear a mask and keep going gathering …especially today’s news in UK , let time proves, we surely don’t have much chance to speak, but 1.4 billion people could rapidly stop the virus and we share the medical resource ,got salary after all and don’t have to pay for the corona virus test.we will see , whether we are sucking for alive or you have to suck virus for democracy…

    1. The dude who owns the site , Mark is it , I find his explanations just fucking piss funny he is very awake , lol fucking jew cunts but I do enjoy reading your video exactly libations they make me piss , from the charred niggers to , leroy fucking chads and jew bastards it’s all very funny

  1. How befitting ! first they feasted and burped on their(animals) meat and now the virus is doing overtime feasting on ’em . Hordes of ’em know there is nowhere to run as six feet trench or a mass grave and heaps of mud is all that’s waiting to swallow them all in .
    Come one ..Come all .Come Deceased its Covid-19’s call to all chinky meat loving weirdos.
    c’mon c’mon …meat eaters don’t be shy none of the Bats ; have promised to bat their eyelids

    1. You think much, China is a peaceful country. No matter what happens, it will not violate the humanitarianism. We are all very kind. Even under such circumstances, the government is transparent and completely open to us. This country is trying to protect us. Even if some bad people use this time to sell masks at a high price, the country will give them to us for free. Our community is well managed. Even if we stay at home every day, we will not feel bored or complain. The epidemic will end in a few days. There are also some foreign friends in China who should know very well that China is good. As for chemical and biological weapons, I really don’t know. Not long ago, some people said that the flu in the United States came from China … but I want to say it is impossible. As long as they are Chinese or grew up in China and can be elected leaders, they are absolutely kind. Our parents often say that the motherland is a family. Perhaps you have heard a lot of bad news about China, but I believe most of them are false. China is safe, peaceful and beautiful. Welcome to China! I promise you won’t want to leave after two years. Ps: I am a Chinese, so English may not be very good,sorry~

      1. Americans will never believe you, they are completely brainwashed.
        Americans will either think it’s an entirely man made bio-weapon, or they’ll
        think it’s fake news.
        Too much listening to crap like Fox News, and Alex Jones.

      2. You are not alone. In this extraordinary period, I am also curious about how others think about what is happening in our country. But it is undeniable that the original keyboard party exists everywhere. What I saw, in addition to random speculation and slamming, is nothing else

      1. America had to change beastiality laws because there are so many non-white immigrants who love to fuck camels and goats and things. The military also had to change laws because of so many camel fuckers. haha truth hurts

        1. Those immigrants messed up things for you again eh
          Can’t even fuck animals in peace anymore, at least not
          legally, but having the highest prison population in the world,
          when have laws stopped you?

          1. LOL most of you savages have yet to invent the wheel. You could never in a million years run a high capacity prison system and all that it would entail.

            What’s next you’re going to tell me the crime rates are lower in Brazil/Africa than the USA? Your IQ is showing 😀

    1. Absolutely.
      I read a book by an ornithologist who went to study songbirds in China. He would show a picture of a bird to local people to try and get some advice on where it lived. The people he asked all had a great recipe for cooking whatever songbird they were asked about…Sickening.

    2. Speech aggression is not ridiculous. The funny thing is that you are still talking nonsense here without knowing anything about that country. Hehe, my friend, I suggest you go to China and feel it again

  2. Disgusting how they treat those pigs. Do what you like with the stinky infected human fleshy corona viruses but burying those pigs alive is just appalling………fuck the Chinese and their cruel cruel ways…..

        1. Yup, exotic chefs from upper class restaurant’s prepare prawns, cooking them alive. Only thing they do well, is raise cattle into wagyu beef.
          I sympathize with sea mammals caught by slanty eyed cunts, especially dolphins and whales. Anything that has intelligent, self aware, should be left alone. If not killed humanly, for food.
          I’d never eat a sea mammal, plenty of variety without being a dick.

        2. @janiel This chick’s entire 3 million sub channel is devoted basically to that – animal torture. In the linked vid she literally turns a gigantic 8ft octopuses head inside out while its fully conscious. She’ll bite off a squid’s legs one by one before chomping its brain in twain. All while laughing and screaming in girlish glee. These are the kinds of people who don’t blink at munching on live newborn rat pups. Don’t let any rainbow warrior ever tell you all cultures are equal.

      1. The video about pigs was caused by a plague from Africa, not this one,We just buried the pig.We are not as noble as Westerners. Westerners scold others for their cruelty and sell frozen dead pork to others. If you want to eat pigs with pestilence, I can deliver them to you

        1. There is a video of the pig pit where the Chinese burn the pigs alive. Most likely these pigs were burned alive. Find the rest of the video. The plague come from China, just like the Bubonic Plague.

    1. The video about pigs was caused by a plague from Africa, not this one. We are not as noble as Westerners. Westerners scold others for their cruelty and sell frozen dead pork to others. If you want to eat pigs with pestilence, I can deliver them to you

    1. I don’t know why this vid of the poor pigs being killed was included in a discussion of the novel caronavirus. Weird. The “pig stuff” comes from a months-long epidemic of African Swine Fever in China. It only affects pigs…so far. The disease has caused the Chinese pork industry to just about collapse. Since pork is the meat most consumed in China, China was obliged to re-open their markets to American pork that they shut down in the trade war.

  3. Classic example of oppressors oppressing themselves, and they don’t even know it. Karma has finally gotten around to doing her job on a collective level, it seems.

    I think this biowarfare thang is gonna backfire big time. . .in favour of the survivors. Less traffic, lower rent. . .

    I’m rather enjoying this, considering how much I hate this realm; in addition to the contempt I feel for it. Ah, the luck of having been through an NDE. No one should live a life without one.

    1. Thought so too. This “Corona Virus” look a bit way too “effective” than just any newly discover backwood virus out of nowhere. I believe China doing some naughty experiment on Bio-weaponary and somehow lost control over it. Probably tinkering here modifying there on regular cold virus and end up with this damn virus, copulate with China being “Chinese”. And this is what we get, a pre emptive epidemic.

      1. But the novel caronavirus is NOT very effective. It’s less lethal than seasonal flu and it only causes serious disease/death in older and infirm people. There have been exceptions to this pattern but most people who do get sick with this virus get a cold no worse than the usual colds everyone gets. MANY people who have tested positive for the virus don’t have any symptoms at all. That’s one of the reasons it’s so contagious; people carry the virus around and can spread it without knowing they have it.

        1. Effective as cold or flu usually does, That’s what I meant. The carriers can’t even tell diffrent from our usual colds or Corona virus. Hell, By now half of the earth’s popluation probably got it running in their system by now. Hopefully it will losing it strength and disperse over time.

      1. Travel at the speed of thought, telepathy, no need for outside sustenance, instant manifestation; which is really pointless, though there are levels you don’t want to see. Psychopaths gotta go somewhere, after all. Then again, on the other side of the coin; a mindshare with someone that loves you is beyond anything here. The ultimate high.

        In 1977 I got myself sideswiped by Southern Pacific. It was deliberate. But I was looking for something that couldn’t be, so I was still miserable; and I got kicked out of the Otherside, though not before getting a glimps of my Akashic Records, both past and future; which really doesn’t exist on the Otherside. (I had a choice on whether to stay on Terra or transit, and I couldn’t make up my mind, so it was made up for me.) I was shown that statistically I have nothing to worry about, and that I begged for this life. . .so finish up my damn contract with myself, and then I can stay in the next realm. Time is a construct for this realm, but any time, anywhere can be accessed from the Otherside.

        1. A train. Serves to reinforce my belief that it isn’t your time till work here is done. Brother passed in 2oo1 and the passing of my second brother 7 years ago shook what faith I had had. 6 years ago 4:3o am – I awoke from this , I’m standing in a void everything is brilliant white, I feel a presence at my side holding my hand. A voice says, (quote)”Look Verno ,you can talk all the shit you want about the church and organized religion that’s fine, but you leave my name the fuck out of it, because you walk a thin line as it is.”

          1. .Sorry I took so long. Haven’t logged on for a while. You have a contract. You leave when the contract expires, and you decided on what that contract was before you got here. You decided what to experience before you got here. In 1977, I was shown some of my Akashic Records, both past and future. What’s really funny is I saw my future in 1977 technology. I saw a computer in the apartment I was due to live in with these huge waist high disk drives as opposed to the compact thing I’m typing on. I saw I was going to be a musical success with no commercial success, I saw I was gonna be in data processing, and I saw I was going to hook up with a real cute thing destined to be a millionaire, and I was going to leave him for my soul mate who I would rescue from poverty. It all happened. No, I didn’t be a worthless bitch and milk the thing I used to be married to. I simply cut all ties. I was/am self-sustaining and didn’t/don’t need him. I also got in touch with my main spiritual guide and never lost it. Of course I can’t wait to get back to the Otherside, but I know I must. At least I know it won’t be too much longer.

            Organised religions are confining. As far as I’m concerned, the only one worth anything is the Cathars, which I’m aligned with, though there are some that are better than others. I think Shakers, Jains, Essenes, and Quakers are cool. Sikh, too. Those that teach equality of all and have respect for life as a whole, animals included. All religions have something good, but if anyone says their way is the only way, run. There are many roads HOME. Just some take longer than others.

  4. The amount of pigs they buried alive is insane, the scale and cruelty of these slant eyed reptiles is off of the charts. Some archaeologist in the future, maybe, is going to find a vast field of endless swine skeletons, millions of them, and they are going to wonder what in the hell this is all about. They will be shocked. Mike Bloomberg is a big fan of China and openly admits it. That little creature that is now running for president, yeah him.

  5. It’s so obvious this is Illuminati population control, and notice how soon
    it came after Prince Randy Andy’s failed TV interview about his pedo links with

    Notice Ghislaine Maxwell has just disappeared, but the last photo on the
    web was of her looking like a grub, in grey tracksuit eating KFC ?

    Out of sight, out of mind

    So the World will just ‘forget’ about Prince Randy’s sex crimes,
    how they had Diana killed, and how
    evil the Royal Family really is

  6. It’s so obvious that China used a chemical weapon against their people, they lied about the bat food, they are torturing and killing thier own people as much as they want, as long as the virus stays there I don’t give a fuck about China, but other countries should not let the virus spread, they gotta put the whole China isolated from the rest of the world. People always lived like crap in China, so there’s not much difference. This is what happens when people give up their weapons and give too much power to a goverment

      1. Apparently B Gates is heavily involved in funding the creation and
        spread of new killer viruses
        They target non-Western peoples of course
        Main targets are: China, AFrica, Indonesia, India
        Note they don’t do it to Japan, which has a shrinking population
        This is just the ‘tip of the iceberg’
        Stay tuned folks, there will be more of these ‘odd’ events to come
        Human population control has been on Illuminati’s agenda for
        at least 1oo years
        Back then, they didn’t have much scientific know-how
        Now … They do …
        It’s like James Bond, the Evil Version
        Coming to a supermarket near YOU !!! ….

        1. Oh yes. All those ancestry blood tests and blood checks go to research facilities for sure. I know people who have been in surgeries in hospitals to pickup tissue without patient permission. Bloodtyping,dna and tissue typing can all be done on it and sold for a fortune etc. I was in a med experiment and there was accidental passing -on of personal info so i pulled out and never did so again. Your info is only as safe as the dumbest or most sneaky person working there.

  7. I feel sorry for the education resources that your country had wasted on some people. I have been living in China for years, I’ll tell you what’s actually going on. Doctors, nurses are volunteering to the front line. Officials don’t even have a goddamn rest to protect the people and the community. And so far some of them have given away their lives. That’s how a government shows repect on people’s lives, which is the most important human right.
    And the people in black suit are the securities of the community. Generally, securities of communities in China are retired old men. What they holded are sticks and shields, because these are only protection for them to check out the suspected patient. Show respect, ’cause all someone’s gonna do is just posting bullshit online.
    Keyboard fix anything. And the bio weapon, seriously? The only one reason that makes sense for China to use bio-weapon is killing some idoits in this comment section which is actually doing a right thing for the human’s future.

  8. My God,,, I Cannot believe how these Chines are Walked/Paraded Through the city streets and chained-up like fucking animals. And that poor guy that was fighting them in order not to get into the ambulance knew that once he was sent to one of their Death-Camps.

    And he knew that once there,,, he was never going to come back out. Cause even if he only had a cold, and not the Coronavirus once there he would be exposed to it, and would end up dying from it shortly thereafter. God Bless Him, and Bless Us All Actually. 🙁


  9. i see nothing weird..

    guys with guns.. normal to avoid any crazy situations such as panic, thief, gangs war and else.

    all the rest is basic things done against virus.

    meh, why you dont directly compare this with the nazi’s jew exterminations while you at it ? LOL

  10. Quite interesting videos.
    The Chinese respect the Jews and just want to learn from them, since the Chinese think they are so successful.
    I think you make some conspiracy theories, but fun to read when you spice up the stories.

  11. I wonder how they got rid of the pigs this time I swear I tried to find a image or any news about the pig graveyard and found only old ones when the swin flu was a problem and they killed there pigs to but in way smaller numbers I would really like to see the after math of the pig pit yard .. :/ I guess I will never know what happens next I mean I will probably find out but never get to see it sadly lol DONT TELL PETA ON ME NOW ! lol im a BG fan too with you all ok lol XD but on a real note it must suck for these people now being weldied in there apartmens its like the black pague all over again it slike “wait here while we find a cure ok we will come back for you .. Hopefully you will still be alive .. K BYE!” lol like wth give these people a bucket list give them somewhere amazing to be in there final days and hire a bunch of body cleaners to keep place amazing you dont need to waste the gas on weilding lol

  12. Коронавирус – это дешевая разводка для тупорылого рабского быдла. Такая же как птичий, свиной, рыбий гриппы и эбола.

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