Video of Semi-Rigid Penile Implant Surgery

Video of Semi-Rigid Penile Implant Surgery

In this video, Dr. Franklin Lowe, MD MPH, Professor of Clinical Urology at Columbia University describes how a surgery involving implantation of a semi-rigid penile prosthesis is performed. Each undertaken step is explained with easy to understand language and is supported with visuals of actual penile implant surgery.

I’ve read on the internet that the penile prostheses have been used as a way of cheating the erectile dysfunction since the 1950s.

The semi rigid implants are made from silicone-covered bendable metal rods which are surgically inserted into the shaft of the penis, turning the patient from being an impotent to having a round the clock erection for the rest of his life. Being semi rigid, the implants keep the penis rigid enough for penetration, while at the same time flexible enough to be curved and somewhat concealed under most clothing so one doesn’t walk around with non stop uncomfortable boner.

Because penile implants permanently change the internal structure of the penis, undertaking the surgery pretty much guarantees that normal erections will never return, should the implants be removed for whatever reason.

Also check out this video of the inflatable penile implant surgery. The advantage of semi rigid prostheses over the inflatable ones is virtually zero chance of malfunction and significantly better price. But the ability to turn the penis rigid and flaccid with a flip of a button gives the inflatable prostheses clear edge over the semi rigid one.

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    1. Take this from the “been there and done that territory:” That works for a while, but then you get used to doing it and it doesn’t work as you described. If you switched up to a new partner it will be almost guaranteed to work again though.

      Through it and similar acts, I am pretty much convinced that at least half (or more) of a fellow’s sexual excitement is psychological. Pretty much the same as it is understood for females.

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    2. Wot? You should just need to look at her to get a response. If you have to go through that performance you have to be struggling…or have a serious medical problem. However…YOUR process can be (and IS!) entertaining…

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  2. My secret to a rigid and more longer lasting erection is to not get married, you’d be surprised at how well this works.

    Also, would not a constant boner and therefore a constant trouser bulge get you into a lot of trouble. I expect that other parents would look at you strangely should you go to school to pick up your children.

    Also simple day to day actions such as getting changed in the male changing rooms or using public lavatories could end up with you getting beaten up.

    On a plus note however, you will be able to impress your friends and family with your no handed push ups.

    1. My secret to maintaining rock solid erections is using a penis pump every day. All it takes is 5-10 minutes a day and you will keep the bloodflow to your penis in check and you will be “all that you can be” and then some.

        1. I’ve been using the same pump for the last 17 years and it has been very reliable other than the broken pressure release valve. Now I have to break the vacuum by inserting my pinky before my cock turns purple.

          1. @Brokeback You definitely don’t look it!
            I’m 19 but have looked into getting one. Another thing I looked into was medical leeches they really help increase blood flow, but getting a hold of them is a pain.

      1. where I work they use viagra to treat heart dysfunction, so I can get as much as I want and as many as I want, and never overdosed cause I don’t really need them, who want some ?

        1. Hey @ dojojo, I’ve tried Viagra but I found no difference. I actually don’t have any problem getting and maintaining a boner. That’s why it didn’t work for me, no problem no need for medication..

          1. in any case Cialis is much better than Viagra, Viagra is already old fashioned… I even tried once to make a penis injection to get hard to see what it made, well it was nearby a catastrophe, I had a boner for hours, got to put it in the ice, and almost finished at the emergencies, so now I don’t play anymore with all that stuff

  3. These surgical videos are always fascinating. I liked the first one better, because the doctor explained everything. Watching the second one I wondered how the man would “deflate” it afterwards. I’ll admit even though I’m a female, seeing both these procedures did make me cringe a bit. I can understand how it would be hard (no pun intended) for a man to watch them. Hope everything worked out well for the patients.

  4. Now, if the silicone was made of wooden fibers instead, it is guessed that you could say that you have a genuine woodie!

    On the other hand, having permanent erection would suck too. No more ‘tighty whites’ for sure. However, the individual could fuck forever! Either until his penis gets sore or his female partner does. I bet the latter would happen first.

  5. It must be such embarrassment for this guy every time he takes a plane… “what do you have in your pants sir?”

    Why Jews are such specialists of everything related to penis? Dr. Lowe knows his job…

    1. While the title of this post implied ‘half boner,’ the vid made it clear it was a full boner that never went down… ever.

      To me, that sort of sounds like making a deal with the ‘devii.’ He delivered, but there will be unintended consequences as well.

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          1. That’s the same experience I have. There’s something erotic about having a woman pick at your teeth while her boobs dangle on your chin.

          2. I too think my hygienist is hot! We usually get in trouble cause we talk so much while he’s doing up my teeth. Lol. I am thinking about BECOMING a hygienist! Lol.

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          3. I heard that the “ruler” was invented so that both male and female can agree on the same span of measurement. If you asked the male how much is a foot, he’ll extend his arms from side to side; ask a female and she’ll show you the distance between her thumb and forefinger.

          1. @brokey, last night I grew a zit on my cheek, so I am in need of your sevices.
            @misfit, sure I’ll measure your manhood! and while I’m down there……

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