Sepsis in Homeless Man’s Ass

Sepsis in Homeless Man's Ass

Ho, Ho Ho, Obli’s big sack isn’t empty yet! You say rot mouth wasn’t nasty enough? You want to see something worse? Ok then, you asked for it!

A homeless man bound to a wheelchair developed a second asshole in Gama, Federal District, Brazil. He was admitted to hospital on December 24th, 2015 after a hyperglycemic attack due to his diabetes. He had developed a huge sore in his ass which turned into sepsis due to such a long period of inactivity and poor hygiene.

Also, we’ve got it on video! Looks like there’s a tongue squirming around inside it. So curiosity seekers just keep in mind, some things cannot be unseen.

Mad props to Best Gore member, @gomes-antonio.


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          1. Thanks @boozer. Sometimes I miss your silly racial comments. Merry Xmas to you as well. As we are heading to 2016, I’ve got a lot of African gore shit you gonna like.

          2. Ok my @AA you say my racist comments are silly? I am the only one ?? but anyway you’er a cool person 🙂

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    1. This is stage 4 necrosis, a horrible pressure ulcers. You can see that his ass is soggy and moist from pissing himself. The dead flesh has been removed and it appears to have been sanatized. Must’ve been left to sit for a long time but the happen quick.

  1. This is very sick, how was even functioning , and sitting tobtake a shit, it must of been real painful. Fuck man shitting rotted second as hole, atleast he won’t have to worry about constipation. But what is that moving around in the whole???? Can anyone tell me????

    1. Looks like the video was of a second gaping hole on his thigh and the pics were of his ass before and after cleaning? I’m going to be optimistic here and say this is a former criminal who was shot by two men on a motorcycle, somehow survived but lost his pancreas which caused diabetes, and was left paralyzed from the shooting. So yeah, I guess he deserves his destiny 😀

          1. ??????
            No disrespect intended, not sure what you mean.
            Apologies — I meant that African Angel’s comment was a good one and it was not my intention to be any kind of rude. S.F.

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      I might try a nice hoisin or scallions under the skin next time. 😛

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  2. From the stories that i’ve read, the man’s name is Betihno Culo Grande Da Silva. He is a well known homeless prostitute who has recently profited immensely due to the fact that he can now charge double for intercourse with him.

    Betihno, quite emphatically, praises the lord jesus for blessing him with an additional asshole to profit from.

    I am very blessed, he exclaims, as two men position themselves behind him.

      1. Ha! Come to think about it, you’re right there, @boozer. But I still would prefer to be active and have a healthy diet and stuff lest I’d have myself a third hole like this guy lol. Happy holidays to you! 🙂

  3. I myself was once a mean ass gang banger, shooting people for fun , its a real long story. At the age of 8 i was jumped in to a gang called the Whittier vario locos & I bet @mamason knows what I’m talking about to make a long story shot. Now im in a big gang , find out witch one,,..

    1. Could be a burden though, most likely getting reinfections pretty often. And once the main colon is full, the shit’s gonna come to a fork in the road and just fall out of his ass cheek since he won’t have a sphincter in that hole.. might want to invest in a butt plug or two.

  4. This guy is probably dead now. That’s necrotizing fasciitis. Probably Strep B secondary to diabetes. How my dad died. Not from his ass though. From amputated foot. Infection goes into bone, then blood and takes the heart.

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