Septic Tenosynovitis and Osteomyelitis of the Left Index Finger

Septic Tenosynovitis and Osteomyelitis of the Left Index Finger

Septic Tenosynovitis and Osteomyelitis of the Left Index Finger – that sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? If you’re wondering how in the hell I could come up with a title like that… Well, I didn’t.

You may have noticed that for the past few weeks, many of the Best Gore posts were commented on by Trauma whose comments left no one guessing that this person is an MD (Doctor of Medicine, aka a medical doctor with degree from a medical school – in case you use different nomenclature in your country). Being a professional surgeon, Trauma deals with medical emergencies and various other issues involving human bodies on daily basis. And he’s sharing some of the cases he operated on with all of us reading Best Gore.

Granted, in order to protect the privacy of the patients, their identities as well as any other personally identifiable information will not be disclosed. Patient’s identities will be further protected by censoring out the facial features if their face is in the photograph (not the case of this post). These photos have been provided exclusively to Best Gore. Some of the cases are a few years old, but this is all brand new content that not even old school gore veterans would have seen. I hope you will join me in giving Trauma props for his unrivalled contributions to Best Gore – whether it’s through his educated comments or provision of exclusive content.

And since I am no doctor and most of the time I don’t know what the hell I’m blabbering about, any attempt of my own to describe these pictures would be useless, so I’ll just paste the message Trauma sent along with these images:

This is a 32 year old carpenter who scratched his left index finger with a nail. He neglected the wound and it got infected… badly. I did a ray amputation of the left index finger, also called a Mickey Mouse surgery since he now only has 4 fingers on his hand. Wound was not immediately closed to allow for infection control, once closed and healed, very few people will actually notice that he only has 4 fingers. The X-Rays have been included for reference.

Diagnosis: Septic Tenosynovitis and osteomyelitis of the left index finger, status post ray amputation

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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15 thoughts on “Septic Tenosynovitis and Osteomyelitis of the Left Index Finger”

  1. Oh, for a second I thought this was going to be another picture of
    someone storing a severed penis inside a guys arm : )

    ***On a serious note -I hope the guy thanked you ‘Trauma’,
    because he would have died if that was allowed to spread.

  2. @Atle
    nice observation for that, since that’s actually what I did.
    One of the parts of a ray amputation is an oblique osteotomy of the affected metacarpal bone (cut the metacrapal diagonally at midshaft). It preserves palm and hand function better, and also looks more natural once the wound has healed. Unfortunately he’ll still only be able to count with 9 fingers.

    Some people tend to think that “If I ignore it long enough, it’s going to go away” well congratulations, it does go away, sometimes it takes a body part with it.

    Thanks for the comments, I’ll see if I have more interesting cases to share.

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