Severed Achilles Heel Leads to Femur Tendons Detached

Blood Oozes from Slash on Achilles Heel

Severed Achilles Heel Leads to Femur Tendons Detached

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @janiel, whose severed Achilles heel lead to the detachment of femur tendons (it happens):

I fell in my bathroom and a metal basket got lodged into my Achilles. The wound was sutured without being checked by the ER doctor. I “walked” around of a severed Achilles and detached femur tendons for almost two months before an MRI confirmed it was in need of repair.

Thanks a lot for the pics, @janiel:

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58 thoughts on “Severed Achilles Heel Leads to Femur Tendons Detached”

    1. It took so long because the ER doctor just sewed up the wound and said I’d be fine (didn’t even bother to check for damage inside). I went back to the ER three times after because my stitches had burst from internal pressure and bleeding. On the third visit I was referred to a surgeon for wound closure. He took on look and said he thinks my Achilles is severed, so he ordered an MRI.

      Funny thing is, I have that metal basket still, but it’s in a cabinet.

      1. They should’ve. I couldn’t stand on my left leg at all and kept falling down. The ER doctor didn’t even want to let me leave with crutches. It probably didn’t look all that bad from the photos, but there was a lot of internal damage and at that point, the Achilles was completely severed in half. If it was properly checked out that night, recovery would’ve been easier.

          1. It’s most likely not going anywhere because I voiced my concerns nearly two years too late and didn’t document anything as it happened. Just figured I’d eventually make a video about the story and have a laugh.

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  2. That’s the saddest looking sliced achillies I’ve ever seen.
    I had 52 stitches and was 6 months in a full leg cast followed by 6 months in 4 short casts to fix mine.I got so sick off the casts that I cut the lat 1 off with a bread knife.Was told by the Dr that I’always walk with a limp
    That didn’t happen

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