Severe Frostbite Results in Huge Blisters on Hand

Severe Frostbite Results in Huge Blisters on Hand

I never would have thought frostbites could result in such nasty blisters and I come from an area where winter lasts for 8 months out of 12 and temperatures drop below -40 Celsius for at least two months of the year. When I first saw the video I thought the man surely suffered from burns, but these are in fact frostbites. Unreal.

I’m sure the doctor treating the frostbite knows what he’s doing so I’m assuming there is a purpose in him pricking the blisters. Weird how fingers swell like condoms filled with tap water while the rest of the body seems unaffected. I wonder whether frostbites of this degree cause physical pain. I remember someone once saying that patients who suffered from severe burns don’t experience pain on affected surfaces because nerve endings have been nuked. I wonder whether it’s the same with frostbites.

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33 thoughts on “Severe Frostbite Results in Huge Blisters on Hand”

  1. After emagining that thos were my fingers, I will hope that those nervers were nuked, to put it as ease. I wonder if death by freezing is an easy way to die. It sure doesn’t feal like it to me. Shiver.

  2. If you ever have put your hand on ice it feels like it is burning. This person could not open up the blisters due to infection. Needs to be done in a sterile room. The procedure is painless. But if they have to remove the old skin that will hurt alot. Then it is morphine time. Then skin graphs so on and on. Good luck.

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