Severely Malnourished Syrian Youth

Severely Malnourished Syrian Youth

Years of occupation by foreign taxpayers sponsored terrorists have left the most vulnerable Syrians in a desperate state. Whereas before the invasion most Syrians were doing just fine, the ongoing aggression that keeps the country at war turned their lives upside down, and plunges them ever deeper into bottomless misery.

Video below was filmed in the Gota part of Syria. It depicts a severely malnourished youth who literally embodies the “skin and bone” sentiment.

Jewess Madeleine Albright once said the deaths of half a million children was worth it for Zionist global hegemony. In 2012, for her support of killing hundreds of thousands of children, Kenyan awarded the Jewess the Presidential Medal of Freedom. She must really be getting a hardcore case of slimy cunt when she sees the suffering of children in Syria that her boys brought upon the country. What’s most horrific about it is that their suffering is readily exploited for the purpose of obtaining support for additional aggression against Syria, which would in turn plunge more Syrians into such desperate state.

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    1. Yes rayf : I don’t understand how the reporters are fine and this boy has no food. So, ten minutes after this video was filmed and the reporters go to dinner, why can’t the boy also get food from there?

      Seems something fishy is going on here………

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  1. blame Assad again..
    this guy at the begening, it’s the one who did the propaganda video with “kids in cage” kids in orange in a cage after the Jordanian pilot’s video was released. he is sick

  2. Those boat loads from Africa are never under nourished, and they pay the equivalent of ?20,000 to make the trip, which kind of makes one wonder why they don’t do something with that cash in their own country. I only have sympathy for the kids who have no choice in the matter.
    Anyway, our Government have informed Merkel and her EU cronies that we are taking no more, and soon, if immigrants do arrive, benefits will not be paid for the first 4 years. That should stop the majority of them coming.
    Now that’s progress.

    1. so that means they will infest street corners and caravans or try to sqaut in places for 4 years then when theyre in court they will just plead hunger etc until they are given benefits . england is fucked only war will set us free.

      1. They need to put them all in camps and let them know they will never be allowed out. All they do is hide thier passports and refuse to say where they are from, forty year old men with gray hair pretending to be fifteen , the goverment can’t throw them out. You have no ID then your stay in a camp until you decide to leave, simple.

        1. That would work.
          People need to be aware that most of them are economic migrants, not refugees. They pay traffickers enough money to be able to do something positive with at home.

          I have no grey hair by the way mama, just in case people think 40 means grecian 2000 is inevitable.

  3. I sort of feel like I look that way sometimes, but at least we women can get away with it easier. Kim kardashian is really undermining the whole heroin chic thing I’ve got going on.

    Seriously though, I find his legs pretty disturbing. there’s no meat on those bones AT all

  4. As POTUS I’m gonna smoke out whomsoever persons or group responsible for starving this poor asset to society and publically humiliate them on a shock site preferably by a stock and pillory with some doggy style involving canine males. Cough, cough, Jews… what oh nothing.

  5. What a miserable life I imagine that poor boy has. No one should have to worry about having food , that should be a given . I always wonder when I see these if those people talking and filming gave him some food. They would be complete friggen assholes if they didn’t.

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