Severe Myiasis of the Scalp

Severe Myiasis of the Scalp

You can always count on India to deliver the most diseased medical conditions imaginable. The guy in the video is suffering from such severe myiasis of the scalp it’s no longer a mere myiasis of the scalp. Much of his skull is literally rotting away.

When he started digging in his ear, I thought he was gonna start pulling maggots that chewed their way through the skull out. I think maggots have been applied to the wounds on purpose, to eat away necrotic flesh. I’ve asked this a thousand times before but I must do it again – how do you let something like this get this far before seeking treatment?

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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93 thoughts on “Severe Myiasis of the Scalp”

  1. Holy shit! Intentional or unintentional swarm of maggots, I would ask to be killed on the spot. Just watching all those maggots slithering on his head and forehead gave me the heebee jeebees, much less actually having that “treatment” or whatever the hell they were doing.

  2. Good thing he still has the use of that arm/hand, ’cause nobody else is gonna scratch THAT itch.
    This has got to be some of the worst head I have seen on a living human.
    That chink kid with the rotting skull infection was pretty fucked up as well, but the maggots that have burrowed through his entire scalp give this dude a bit of an edge on Squishy Boy.

    India..where life means so little, and even less is done about it.

  3. I’m such a fuck’n pussy sometimes, 10 sec in, I’m gone.

    On the other hand what a an absolute dipshit, how long does it take somebody to go ‘hey’ I think I had better have this seen to…….. RETARD.

  4. was he a ‘dune-coon’? a bush Arab? couldn’t believe that maggot crawled into his ear! move your finger, mate, I want to get back out! they look like they could be old machete attack wounds??

    1. Naw, just run-of-the-mill human garbage.
      Strange, how so many religions talk about equality, but if you have no jingle in ya’ pocket, (see that, I tried my hand at soundin’ Aussi, which should be sohrt for aussiesum…anyway, moving on) your just garbage and will be set aside to rot alive.

      1. good try! ‘no jingle in ya’ pocket’ that would mean ‘no money’? coins jingling? sorry RS, not 100% sure about that one, Hey have you heard that maggots only eat dead flesh? not sure about that either, what you reckon?

        1. Yup, broke as a joke with no smokes.

          Anmials are a strange bit of engenering, how they help us out.
          If you get your finger cut off, and they sew it back on, the best thing that you can have is a leach on the end of it.
          It pulls the blood through the newly attatched blood vesels and keeps them open.
          It’s literly putting a heart on the end of your finger.
          As for the maggots, yup. For some reason they will not, or can not, eat flesh that is healthy.

          (however, remember that one hindy-bindy with the maggots up his nose a few months ago? Don’t sopose he was a dead head with sinus rot)

          Anyways, that’s what I reckon.

          Did you read about that thing with Big Johnson and that train station in Canada?

          1. Oh wow, I was wondering about that, the exact time diffrence and all.
            It’s, 2:47 at night and I’m STILL on the computer (lappy;^) and really shouldn’t be.
            But, life goes on.

        2. Nope, no jingles about it, your aussie-ism sucks 😉

          I refer money to ‘clams’ or ‘biscuits’, I have no fuck’n idea where I picked up that vernacualr but hey…..

          Here it could be, cash, dosh, coin, spondooly (wtf) or MONEY.

          @tiger, I read your other maaaate post, I can’t tell you how many people including me picked this up from the new ‘7-mate’ channel, my middle name should be ‘sheep’ sometimes but not before I get my hands on gun…. mwahahahaha

          1. Of couse My “aussiisms” suck, never been there, nor have I had the opportunity to make some friends who are. Would like to, just as long as they’re unlike you, sport.

          2. (this is posted the following night)
            I passed out shortly after that last comment.

            Yha, long days and long nights.
            These days, I look forward more and more to being on here.
            It’s a good time, and a GREAT escape from the day’s events.
            Talking with You is equaly as fun, if not more.

            Like I said, I have never even had the opportunity to be friends with anybody from Australia.

            This is a first, and I enjoy it very much.

  5. The biggest reason why people let medical conditions get to a point of no return is because they just can’t afford the treatments. The second reason is because they think they’re fine and refuse to get help until they finally open their eyes and go oh shit… Third reason is fear of hospitals and doctors.

    1. And the fourth reason is they want to be featured on THE BEST GORE SITE ON THE NET, so they fester, and wait, and grow, and wait, and stink and wait, and ooz, and wait, and rot, but wait for it, then a camera rolls, and then so do we after reading what one another have to say.

  6. it prob gets that bad because they have no family, no food, are outcasts, etc. and he can not do any thing, he is only HELPED when becomes a unsightly mess and health issue for others. unreal… forhead/ ears too. wash em down with a frickin hose ! thats what i want to see… wow, thad be gory gross, and cool

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