Severe Necrotising Fasciitis with Superadded Infection

Severe Necrotising Fasciitis with Superadded Infection

Necrotizing Fasciitis is a flesh-eating disease. We’ve had many photos and video of this debilitating bacteria on Best Gore. Patient in these photos suffers from diabetes which as many of you may know, is a disease which can lead to a restricted blood supply to the tissues. Without white blood cells, bacteria can easily take over.

In case of this patient, necrotic tissue from his leg had to be surgically debrided. Because medical assistance was not sought quickly enough, on top of necrotizing fasciitis, the patient faces further complications due to a superadded infection by unknown organisms.

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55 thoughts on “Severe Necrotising Fasciitis with Superadded Infection”

  1. first off..gross. big rotting wang all in the face.

    The info is wrong though. Necrotizing facitis means simply dying tissue, fascia, flesh etc.. it is not a bacteria or disease. Diabetics often loose fingers, toes, and limbs due to lack of blood supply to these areas first. High sugar amounts in the blood stream act as shards of glass cutting the insides of the vessels and causing them to constantly heal (cut, heal, cut, heal..)& eventually harden until the blood supply can no longer get to the tissue to feed it the oxygen that it needs to live. When you cut off blood supply to any area of the body it will die. When body parts die.. they rot. This man is severely obese and bed ridden causing his problems from diabetis to be worse/uncontrollable and leading to the worst outcome of having diabetis.

    This dude was a fatty, kept eating KFC & twinkies everyday, and now his body is rotting away. Eventually the bacteria that is produced by rotting flesh will enter his blood stream and give him a nasty septic infection & he’ll kick the bucket. Personally, i’d be begging to die if I were in this condition. Cheers!

    1. Necrotizing fasciitis is a rare infection caused by strains of Group A streptococcus. These are the same family of bacteria that cause strep throat and scarlet fever. Another name for necrotizing fasciitis is flesh-eating bacterial infection. It results in widespread fascial necrosis but it is very much a bacterial infection. Learn what you’re talking about before you talk about it.

      1. I fret over something similar to this happening to me. I have Reynauds Syndrome with daily flares in my feet and hands. Now, after hearing Slicer, that worry is spikin’–I’ve apparently contracted strep in my bloodstream, and the blood work revealing that was drawn over two weeks ago. Dammit.

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