Severe Penile Trauma

Severe Penile Trauma

This is just plain fucked up. Balls ripped off – probably shredded by whatever caused this penile damage – tube shoved up the ass to drain shit and dick barely hanging on by a piece of skin still attached to the rest of body. Can’t even tell whether the surgeon is thinking of attaching this severed penis or amputating it completely. Hard to imagine any more severe penile trauma than this shit.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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26 thoughts on “Severe Penile Trauma”

  1. There’s a urinary catheter inserted (in the US often called a Foley), and it appears that sufficient tissue remains to allow for proper re-attachment.

    The tube in the rectal area is most likely for blood drainage, as it’s simply too narrow to support any fecal matter drainage – even diarrhea.

    Better him than me.. he he

    1. Agree that the guy’s been catheterized, and a drainage tube has been inserted rectally to remove blood etc that has more than likely pooled there.

      The penis looks “relatively intact”. however I would think it doubtful that he’d be able to get/sustain an erection.

      Yes, he’s going to be a eunuch for the rest of his life, but having said that there may be a role for testicular reconstructive surgery, if there is enough skin, muscle etc to permit it.

      Poor bastard; the Gods alone know how that happened.

  2. What the hell happened!!!!!

    I guess he is going have to be a woman for rest of his life.

    If I were a guy and this happens to me, I probably would want to have my penis to be chopped off…there is no fucking way my penis can get up after all this shit.

  3. Hey mark, you do realise that this is a repost as this picture already exist here on the site don’t you? I mean, I have no problems with a repost, and I certianly agree this guys is messed up for life, no doubt about that one.
    I just wanted make you aware that it had already been posted here on … Take care man, and I do hope things are working out for the best, concerning the plans you shared with us a while back, cocerning the future of this site. You have really done an exceptional job here in my humble opinion, in sharing with us and the world, the facts of the realities of life and the harshness that exist in the world in which we live. The facts that are left out and ignored by the mainstream media, in an attempt to paint their image of a fantastical eutopia that is not reality … these pictures, are reality!

    1. That’s a thing with traveling – I’m in a third world country with shit connection and poor internet availability so I’m trying to make quick posts and this is the result. But in all fairness, I no longer have a chance to remember what was already posted and what wasn’t. I need a break :S

  4. The other post of this was a ‘Caption Contest’, so it’s not all bad. Always thought this case could use speculation that was vacant in said contests anyway…

    As to the picture: one of those twiddle-heads that try to launch fireworks from their ass? Only speculation but I’m thinking the lower tube is in fact the upper tube coming out the bottom of his urethra (consider the anatomy) so as to salvage at least some penile function.

  5. Hole E Shit. That’s just…how THE FUCK did that happen?? It almost looks like someone did it on purpose because of how precise the damage area is….god..poor guy…can’t even imagine, hope he was under when they shoved that in. Every male out there, give your dick some loving, cause you could be like that, Damn.

  6. These types of injuries are common in motorcycle accidents (as seen on BG) as the rider is “dragged” across the gas tank and handle bars, instruments, etc ripping everything off. I call it a motorcycle injury.

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