Shattered Leg Held Together with Steel Rods

Shattered Leg Held Together with Steel Rods

The video shows a man, presumably a traffic accident victim (perhaps similar to this one), on a hospital bed. His lower leg is stripped off much of its flesh, and the exposed bone is shattered. Steel rods are affixed to the limb to hold the shattered bone in place.

I presume the rods were the first step in a long process of restoring his limb. Since some of the bone matter was lost, there will likely be steel plates put in place to hold the broken pieces together. How they’re gonna go about grafting the flesh over it – I have no idea.

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    1. This guy had some good health care coverage. That leg looks like a lot of work. I thought they would amputate like an HMO would want rather than try to save it.

        1. I don’t think it’s a matter of having the capability but rather the willingness to go through all the time and trouble of tying up a team of doctors/surgeons/nurses for “just a leg” when they can just amputate it quickly. After all time is money.

        1. @Dutchy & @blucon I did try looking last night but fell asleep. thanks for the videos guys. That is some really sick stuff, I can not even imagine why someone would knowingly do a drug that could do this and still use to the point of loosing their body part in such a way, sick sick

  1. Rest of the meat on that leg is gonna sit either from his arse or other meaty places which are gonna look as flat as a pancake …

    BTW the leg part looks a bit like a long shallow tray where as long as the surgeon operate on him can use it as an ash tray .
    About a 1000 long cigars are scheduled to be smoked up ; if the graft fails there will be enough to fill that tray over …….so no worries……..fellas .

  2. Since he has all the time in the world it would seem, he is a good candidate for laboratory grown human flesh and skin. They can literally grow a bunch of his own meat and blood vessels too but he’d have to be somewhere where they do this. I believe Germany is the center of this technology. Otherwise, I do not see where he is going to be able to harvest enough flesh to cover this wound. One lucky thing is that he still has the calf muscle or they would have amputated for sure. They can’t grow muscles in a lab yet but they can grow human flesh etc. Looks horrible but who knows…..maybe he can get some parts from an organ donor as well?

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