Skull Infection Eating Into Brain of Chinese Boy

Skull Infection Eating Into Brain of Chinese Boy

These pictures are from China, but unfortunately I didn’t get any background info. It’s truly unfortunate because this case of skull infection is so severe and bizarre, I’d be really interested in learning what lead to it and whether there’s been any form of recovery.

Truth be told, even though the boy appears to be alive in the photos, I don’t think he’s able to draw any pleasure out of his existence. The skull infection he’s suffering from is eating into his brain and even though brain is the only organ of the human body that doesn’t hurt (doesn’t contain any nerve endings), control over much of his bodily functions must be compromised which, no matter how you look at it, must equal a shit life.

From some of the picture it could be guessed that the boy was in a fire. There is extensive damage to much of his head, including his face, ears, lips, nose and of course the top of the skull. His hands have also been partially lost which could also mean that he was exposed to fire, lost a lot of tissue so the surgeons had to amputate parts of his hands. However, as they were patching him up, shit hit the fan, his skull injuries got infected and from there it went downhill. The result is what we can see now – nasty looking skull infection that’s turning the brain into a bloody hot cereal-like mass.

The above is obviously naught more than my speculation so the real story could be vastly different. Does anybody happen to know for certain what happened here?

Gallery of pictures of a Chinese boy whose skull infection is eating into his brain is below:

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  1. This looks to me like a child suffering from Trisomy-13 or Treacher Collins. The hands are indicators of some developmental disorder, and his brain may be exposed and infected after attempted surgery to close gaps or absence of skull growth common in both of these syndromes. Unfortunate for this young man.

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