Small Cut on Hand from Gardening Leads to Severe Case of Necrotising Fasciitis

Terminator Hand

Small Cut on Hand from Gardening Leads to Severe Case of Necrotising Fasciitis

The images for this post were provided by Best Gore member @wolfsend, although I understand it is not his hand that’s shown.

Apparently, this guy was working in the garden and received a slight cut on his right hand. The following day his hand swelled up and caused fever and heart rate so high, he ended up in hospital.

The tests confirmed he got infected with necrotising fasciitis – a flesh eating bacteria with a very high rate of mortality, much higher than the coronavirus – one in four people die from it.

The guy had to undergo extensive surgery requiring the removal of the necrotic tissue and the grafting of the new skin. He’s looking at months of rehabilitation to recover the use of his limb.

Many thanks for the pics, @wolfsend:

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        1. Not necessarily an idiot…. Considering how much of a scam medical systems are. Sure a doctor might help you but in the same act, will financially ruin you. I understand the hesitation someone might feel to seek medical help because I myself have been screwed for doing so. It’s a gamble to not seek medical help for something, but trying to learn about basic ways to clean wounds and treat injuries on your own will do yourself more of a favor than any doctor ever will…. Because end of the day you are the only person who actually cares about your own well being. To the medical system you’re nothing but a pay day…. Never forget that

    2. finally after dealing with the fatuous bad jonny’s monetarism,
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      Most people who are having a skin graft have a split-thickness skin graft. This takes the two top layers of skin from the donor site (the epidermis) and the layer under the epidermis (the dermis). that is why you can see through it, and there are small slits.
      i’ve seen this done live while standing in a surgery room, 3 feet away, and its awesome.

  1. maybe the manure? you got someone shitting in your flowerbed? Yikes!

    I instantly, after a wound, head for the rubbing alcohol 91% and then antibiotic. One day and it looks like that? hard to believe, mate

    1. the bacteria is like a little olympic sprinter with a jet pack on.
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    1. the bacteria is like a little olympic sprinter with a jet pack on.
      1 in 4 people die from it even with treatment
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    1. not to push but….

      if you want to be very suspicious about this, you can notice that the cut itself on the pic is not even at a place that is actually “eated” by the necro.
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      wich is the real suspicious thing, because on a necro, the first place the necro will spread is 99% the spot whee the cut is.
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  5. I knew someone who had the same thing happen and was dead in three days.
    The bacteria that causes this are everywhere, but our immune systems can usually handle them. Under the right conditions, however, it can happen to anyone.
    The cases I saw as an intern were generally old with diabetes.
    If you cut yourself wash and disinfect like your mothers told you.

  6. Necrotising fasciitis. is a nasty piece of work and I am sure this man will have his body parts dying a slow and painful death but still there is a hope to his overall survival if he only shoves up that hand in his neighbor’s ass.
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  7. Okay I have eczema and end up having open sores on anywhere on my body, I hope this doesnt happen to meee 🙁 btw: I have showers everyday and put ointment on after a shower and before I sleep! When I get an infection I go and treat it right away and cover the wounds!! Cause I know it will get worse!

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